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Must Try

Must Try

Featuring By The Fire, Labyrinth, Lokkee, 5th Quarter, Tanjong Pagar Plaza Market & Food Centre, Tim Ho Wan (Aperia Mall), Ichiban Boshi (Marina Bay Link Mall)
Slow Chomp
Slow Chomp

The prettiest lala dish I have ever eaten!
*P/S: corners were already chomped off! 😊😋

Egg yolk? is something that can help douse the spiciness and numbness from chomping on those juicy, deep-fried chicken meat stir fried with dried chillies and szechuan peppercorns


Here is one excellent reason why you should have no qualms hauling your ass out of bed on a Sunday. 5th Quarter has designed their brunch to be "a la carte buffet" style, so you can work your way through all 16 items on the menu if you have a hearty appetite. For the ones you like more, you can even get MULTIPLES.
At today's invited tasting, not a single dish disappointed. I do have my favourites though and here they are:
1) Smoked Maple Bacon and Apple: A hybrid of bacon and "sio bak" but minus the crackling, this slab of sous vide pork was wonderfully tender. In comparison with Artichoke's bacon chop—not that that's less tasty, just different—this was easier to chew and a lot less sticky and sweet.
2) Pork Hash and Poached Egg: Served in a cast iron pan with the promise of beautiful "eggporn-a-licious" moments, the highlight for me was the juicy pieces of pork found in here.
3) Fried Chicken and Pancakes: Though not quite the same standard as my favourite pancakes at Clinton St. Baking Company, this stack of mini ones were respectably fluffy and fragrant. Loved them most when they were drenched in maple syrup.
4) Grilled Prawns with Garlic and Chilli: An instant hit at our table because honestly, those prawns were enormous! The simple preparation style of grilling with minimal seasoning amplified the natural sweetness of these fresh-tasting, firm-fleshed prawns. Those of you who relish roe will find plenty in their heads too.
5) Clams, Garlic and Toast: Yes, the clams were juicy and decent in size but that cream-enhanced sauce almost stole the limelight. Into it promptly went all the pieces of golden toast that were served on the side - it'd have been a crime to not soak up every damn bit of that yumminess.
6) Chocolate Lollipops: Nothing too complicated, just well-crafted, pretty to look at as well as fun to nibble on. These came in two flavours of raspberry and chocolate, and both were polka-dotted with toasted nuts. I only had the former but it was enough to put a smile on my face. What a sweet ending to a very filling meal.

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This scotch egg is so good!! Imagine a perfect soft half-boiled egg wrapped with a layer of crunchy bread crumbs and tender minced meat - this was a delight till the very last bite 👍🏼 yum!

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