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Ice Cream/Soft Serve/Froyo Joints

Ice Cream/Soft Serve/Froyo Joints

All cool desserts go here. Always on the look out for good ice cream parlours!
Zi Heng Tay
Zi Heng Tay

As a lover of coconut ice cream, I feel embarrassed not knowing that froco has been missing my whole life! Super light and refreshing, froyos and coconut ice creams everywhere can take a backseat. The only downer was probably the wooden spoon, which feels like sandpaper on the tongue.


Torched marshmallow fluff, frozen yogurt and Oreo crumbs. Could be better with a bigger portion of froyo. I personally preferred the honey/graham cracker one (more expensive) over the Oreo. Would I come here specially for this? Definitely not.


Surprisingly light and milky with a mild savoury saltiness from the miso. I liked that it wasn't too sweet. Topped with crunchy Tao Kae Noi seaweed. Not one of their top flavours to me, but rather interesting. $4.50 per scoop.


The tiramisu was basically an icy milk powdered softserve, topped with bland cocoa powder and chocolate sauce. The Oreo froyo was slightly better, tastes a bit cheesy but the crushed Oreos bits made it more palatable. Honestly, I wouldn't come here again. You get to keep the cup as a token if that counts.


Tried the hazelnut soft serve which was light and nutty! It is quite expensive at $15 for 2 toppings though. The salted chocolate honeycomb provides a nice crunch and richness!


This amazing lava toast oozes all kinds of awesomeness! The Thai milk tea is on point, fragrant and not too sweet. Make sure to mop up all the delicious sauce with the crisp, buttery toast. I paired it with the White truffle ice cream which I loved too. It's a bit pricey, but go ahead and treat yourself.


Udders has a new outlet in the heart of Toa Payoh, right inside Jack's Place! Their alcoholic ice cream is one of the best IMO. Texture wise don't expect your artisanal creaminess; there is some form of mass churned elasticity to it. I haven't stepped into an Udders store for years, but the Rum & Raisin never fails to bring back memories of their first humble store!


Had the peach which was very light and natural tasting. Texture isn't the smoothest, rather icy but the taste won me over. Very lovely with the slight floral tasting longan honey ($0.10) drizzled on top of the toast ($1). Toast was nondescript - super crisp, hard and bland. Could do with a lot more butter! But I guess if you treat it as a biscuit to munch on together with the cool softserve all would be good.


Wasn't so impressed this time round. Got the passionfruit macaron and passionfruit marshmallows. Both were just alright with a natural taste of passionfruit. $6.80 for 4 toppings. $8.80 for 6 toppings. Not sure why but I was dreaming of Llao Llao while eating this. I would go for the royal parfait instead of customising though.


The cat's eyes seem to be hypnotising you to enter. And so I did, right after trying the less than impressive Ciel Patisserie. Place was empty on a sweltering weekend afternoon. Tried some flavours, the texture was pretty good but I felt the flavours were far too safe. Their most interesting creation to me was the Yakult Oreo cookie. I got the honeycomb ice cream featuring a milky vanilla base, hokey pokey and maple syrup which was delicious and satisfying. The cone is super crunchy which is a plus point!


I didn't even bother to try the coconut before buying because everyone has been raving about it. True enough, it was so good. Light and cooling, with bits of coconut flesh adding a nice crunch. Had the pistachio too which impressed me even more than the coconut. It was so rich with the roasted nutty flavour I couldn't help but compare if I liked this more than Creamier/Fatcat's. At $4.40 (premium flavour), I would say it beats Fatcat's just because the latter is more expensive for the quantity given. One thing about the gelato here is the use of less fats, which made my sister comment that she didn't even feel full after eating two scoops. However, the texture suffers as a result. The melon gelato was plain icy, crumbling under the touch of the spoon. The pistachio and coconut gelato was alright though, and the intense flavour more than made up for the lack of creaminess.


The perfect remedy for a hot day! The milk tea was thick, isn't too sweet, having a slight bitter and floral aftertaste. Very refreshing! Pairs well with the crisp cone, very much like dipping your biscuit into a cup of hot milk tea, just colder and better.


I cook too. Check out my instagram @zihtay

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