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Burger Shops

Burger Shops

Featuring Potato Head Singapore, Wildfire Kitchen + Bar (Evans Road), Omakase Burger (Picnic Food Park), Jack Ripper, Bergs Gourmet Burgers (Far East Square)
Mohammed Masrahi
Mohammed Masrahi

I have kept of trying this place for some time, due to the size of patties coupled with above average prices (the wagyu is at $26+). But since I saw a post with a 1 for 1 promotion for this burger on Wednesday, no more slacking. Ordered mine a medium well with Umami fries, and it was so umami. I still think the patties are small, leaving me wanting for more meat, specially that the wagyu patty was juicily melting in the mouth. The shiny layer of cheese was velvety and nice, and the caramelized onions added a slight sweetness that complemented but didn't overpower the meat. The $26+ is still on the high side, but with 1 for1, am gonna keep coming back for this burger.


This has to be the biggest disappointment so far in my search for the great burgers in Singapore. Ordered the Bergs with cheese double patty berg sizes. With fries and lemonade, it came for $23, which is good value considering that the burger is really huge which demands respect. The combination of toppings, especially the Berg sauce gave a balance and rich flavor. Unfortunately, the patties were a letdown as they were dry and contained unacceptable level of connective tissues matters with couple the side of a corn kernel. On a positive side, the fries were absolutely delicious with thin crisp layer cover a thick fluffy heavenly core. Still that didn't salvage the bad patties, and I can't stop thinking if the patties were good juicy, this would definitely become my regular burger fix.

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As the title mentions, I saw Omakase in the best 12 burpple list earlier, so when I and the family were shopping in Orchard and we passed by Omakase, we decided to try it and see if it's up to its reputation. We got different ones, for muself the Double Omakase original (medium well), single original, kids cheeseburger, and Deluxe for the rest. For the sides we went with different options, normal fries, cheese fries and onion rings. The short verdict, it was good but didn't give me the sensation of a "Best" list. The patties were juicy but the bun got soggy quickly, which didn't leave a good feeling by the last few bites, and the fries were more on the crisp with few that had a good fluffiness to them. That being said, the cheese fries were delicious, and we ended up racing to finish it 😅. We averaged $23 pax which isn't bad for a burger with fries and drinks.


Tried this on Wednesday 14-Oct. Ordered the Ripper Classic, with double patties and creamy guacamole sauce. During ordering found out there is only one way in cooking the parties, well done, which put my skeptical radar on alert as I don't usually go beyond medium well. Luckily the worry was mostly alleviated with the first bite, with juices still flowing, although not as I normally like. On flavors, the patties were slightly over seasoned, but the richness of guacamole gave a nice sensation that I just kept biting to figure out exactly what was triggering it. Fries continue to disappoints, with more crispness than fluffiness for my taste.


Tried the Four Floors (medium) after seeing many recommendations, and it didn't not disappoint. Juicy burger covered in a sheen of melted cheese, with fluffy buns that didn't get soggy. That was a fantastic sensation till the last bite. The naughty fries side was another story, although again the sauce and toppings were tasty, it was brought down with hard and almost burnt fries, due to the double frying of thinly cut potato strips.

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