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Fiona Ting
Fiona Ting

Winning combination of this medley: truffled mushrooms, sweet red onions, Kombu butter, sous vide egg complete with that liquid yolk-centre, a healthy shaving of Parmigiano. Umami flavour bombs with every bite and also leaves a roasted, almost coffee-like aftertaste. Major Delish!


Originating from Hongkong, this renowned chain expertly imparts the charred flavour whilst wok frying large chunks of fish into their congee broth, such a genius idea, I wonder why no one else does it. The YouTiao (dough fritters) are also a must-order item, takes a short while to get to your table, but comes out crisp and fresh fried every single time.
All their fish congees may contain bones, so please take extra caution if you’re bringing your children or older folks.
For a quick dining concept within a small space, their service was exemplary. Cheers to that @lesamisgroupsg!

Then grab some of their freshly baked loaves just before you go and you’re all set for the week’s breakfast.

They had more than 48 interesting flavours like Melon Yogurt, Kiwi aaand talk about #spoiltforchoice.
I stuck with my usuals and was a very happy kid. Mint Chocolate Chip, Bitter Coffee and Rum Raisin.
Melts fast in this 34C heat, so eat it up, double time!

Probably one of the priciest too, but we make it a point to drop by every time we’re in Bali anyway.
Our usual must-orders:
Skewered Squid, Ornate Emperor Fish, Grilled Clams with some super Sauc-ery and Fresh Prawns.
Served with Peanut Sambal, Sambal Mata, Ketchup Manis.
Take my monehhhh.
530,000rupiah for everything on the table + 2 Cokes

I haven’t tried anything else that comes close.
I used to love the sweet version when I was a kid but now definitely prefer the salty one. The salty-sweet bean paste encased within a buttery old-school shortcrust pastry and white sesame seeds.
If you’ve been there enough you’ll also notice that they have a ‘no waste’ policy and sell the broken/rejected/slightly overbaked pieces for cheaper. I’d go for those any day.


Juicy Trotter Poppers smeared with a punchy whole grain mustard and Jalapeño, housemade Nduja sausages, grilled Iberico Pluma (the area behind the neck, just above the arm joint; a very flavourful yet tender cut not usually found in many restaurants). Loved the char achieved on the Pluma.
That bright orange Romesco Sauce, YUM. Everything on this platter goes well with that Romesco. Should be bottled!
We had these as appetizers, should feed easily 2-3. Although I imagine it can also double up as a very greedy person’s Entree.


@primadelisg’s waffles still reigning as my favourite Pandan waffle of all time.

2.2bucks/duo spread waffle

Crust and crumb were fantastic, distinctive acidity of the dough itself well complimented the savouriness of the cheeses.

Fu Lin Tou Fu Yuan. They’ve been around for awhile now even opened a few branches, each claiming they’re the ‘original’, but this till today still remains the best tasting one.
I’m particularly careful when having Yong Tau Foo as most of YTF ingredients contain fish paste or bean by products which tend to turn sour if left out for too long. I’ve never had to worry about that here; they refresh their items regularly and everything looks fresh.

If you ordered too much (like we did), they’ll usually separate the crispy items from the rest and fill that plate with less meat gravy so it doesn’t turn soggy too quickly.
Favourites are definitely the crispy 斋鹅 and jumbo Cheese Sausage.


It’s sandwiched with not one, but two slices of cheese and that pretty much made my day. Im a strong believer that any burger should be served with two slices of cheese; extra cheese always makes an impact!

Also I love both @brawn_and_brains outlets, but there’s something about the spaciousness of this one that gives it a little more edge.

Simple yet executed with precision. We chose to have this variation with their handmade pasta; served with a good chewy bite, we loved how well seasoned and coated each piece was, perfumed by the occasional bite into a cracked black pepper.
Also, the only item I’ll reorder if we dined here again.

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