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Elyna Tan
Elyna Tan

The love of my life: Chickens. & chirchir made everything better. Good & Quick service by the waiter and waitresses. In addition, tools were also given to aid with our 'food tasting' (in other words, we ate the chickens without having to dirty our fingers!) The taste of the chickens is so delicious that i cant even find a word to describe it. Definitely worth the try! Whats more is that the receipt of the meal has both the total amount and the divided smaller amounts (according to the number of people present) to help with the calculations of splitting up the meal costs. love it πŸ‘πŸΌ


Firstly, appearance: 10/10 because it look so appetizing & i craved for it for days after having it. Secondly, portion: 10/10 its big portion and filling! Definitely recommended πŸ‘πŸΌ Lastly, taste: 10/10 ITS GREAT!!!!! To be very honest, im not a fish lover hence i dont eat fishnchips really often but i have to admit, its really good. Not the mention about the cheesy affair flavour with the cheese IN the fish.... love it.

by "all time favourite" i meant loved for many years. I have been here so many times till I have totally lost count of it. the food here is CHEAP AND GOOD, but there will be a tiny little disappointment if you're really hungry but you have ordered only their hotpot (because the portion for the hotpate might not be enough for someone hungry) however, if you are a spaghetti lover or a pizza lover, you will not be disappointed! my parents are a huge fan of thick pizzas and after years of trying different thin pizzas, they have never not complained about it being thin. surprisingly, they didnt complained a single word about this thin pizza yet even sang praises about it! TOTAL PRICE: $50+++ for a family of four, worth it! (just avoid dinners and lunches, there will be a long queue!)


really tooo gooood i loveeee the garlic one βœ”οΈ Louisiana is a good recommendation but my friend and i tried the hot one its not that nice should have chosen atomic 😭


i must admit im totally not a pasta lover (in fact i dont even have pastas anywhere) but i nearly finished the entire plate by myself!! these two dishes is what i recommend especially the mashed potato mixed with duck, ITS DELICIOUS!

you can choose boneless or with bones for the same price!! its really filling for two people and its better if one seek recommendation from the staffs they give really good recommendations (initially didnt have much faith in the garlic-cheese chicken but in the end it turns out to be the besttt) πŸ˜‰

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searching for goodfood is my kind of hobby ☺️

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