Cafes With Cakes N Coffee Accompany By Friends

Cafes With Cakes N Coffee Accompany By Friends

Look at the uniques of the dessert. Is so tasty without trying it. The plating and the way its being presented just want u to finish it up. Is a must try. 😋
Lee Jia Hui
Lee Jia Hui

Price: $6/6.50 (forgotten the price)
Nice cup of coffee w a minty taste 😋 Refreshing hot cup of coffee to chill w friends/family.
Recommend to try their latte 👍🏻

Price: $2/pc for 6pcs
Description: Eat while is hot, the Baguette is crispy from the outside & the egg tart is soft & tasty 😋

Price: $8.50
Description: Is Mao Shan Wa g Durian w Gula Melaka, topping w lightly salted macadamia bits

Price: $12
Description: Is layers of authentic Mao Shao Wang w vanilla sponge.

Location: 71 Seng Poh Rd
Cost: $6+ (forget the exact price but
ard $6.5-7.5)

Description: Chocolate is rich in flavour
Just melt in your mouth. A good selection for dessert to have after meals

Venue: Chijmes
Cost: Average $5.80/ pc
Description: The cake are generally not too sweet. They are both recommended to try as overall is the sesame cake is unique & melt in your mouth :)

Venue: Shaw center, level 2
Cost: $10/pc cake
Drink: $8 for melon & rose cold brew
For the drink, is not sweet. It has a very nice bland w the rose aroma at the end.

The ambience is quite n a good place to chill.

Venue: Chijmes
Food, Price: Matcha Houjicha Latte Ice Blend, $6
Matcha Houjicha Milk Tea, $5.80
Matcha Azuki Cake, $5

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Venue: Haji Lane (Close to road side)
Price: $ 16.90

Description: Charcoal bun w deep fried soft shell crab 🦀Is the wasabi mayo dressing that make the best combi & is a good portion for 1
The tortilla chips has a salsa sauce that lighter the meal

Give it a try with friends or family :)

Between $6-$6.50 Cold brews that can be kept for 5days maximum.

Different flavours such as Dark Choco, Normal Cold Brew White.

A new flavour which is their matcha flavour.

During December they are having a peppermint flavour!

Their cold brew has a very smooth coffee taste. Is not too bitter taste for their coffee :) I will recommend cold brew from old hen.

Drinks ordered:
Sweet Little Rain: $9.80
Jasmine Cold brew Tea: $7.80
Energy Coco: $7

Cake ordered:
Galaxy White Cake: $8

The 2 signature drinks we had were something unique from cafes that you can find. The sweet little rain is actually cotton candy that will start melting & drop like raindrops. Is nice to enjoy the drip in a cosy cafe down Bugis Plus.

Jasmine Cold Brew Tea is their new cafe menu. They are having both Coffee & Tea Brew. Didn’t try the coffee. (If you like cold brew, can consider ordering)

Lastly, the Galaxy white cake, is a rainbow cake. BUTTT, is a layer of cheese covered w the rainbow layers. Is not too sweet & w the cheese being cover is just something you need to order w a cup of coffee @ mellower coffee (Bugis)

Cost: $12.50
Taste: 4/5 😋😋😋
Try it!!! The scoop
Of salted Carmel ice cream is the best combine to spread with the waffle✌🏻


Friends & Family are your best company to bring them for GOOD food & ambiance 🥳😋

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