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Tastemakers Unite

Tastemakers Unite

Monthly Eatups & Media Tasting Events
Vanessa Kou
Vanessa Kou

Always leaving Burpple HQ on a full belly, this time round we pigged out to a homemade MAMA Hotpot inspired by the all famous Bangkok's Jeh O Chula and of course a non-spicy Seafood Hotpot catered for people like me who can't handle the spice. 😂 Of course we had too much food... a good 20-person portion for a 9 people crew to ensure we are all well-fed. And to finish things and work off some of that food with intensive rounds of Overcooked!

Thank you @gigglesandjiggles and @that_dex for feeding us and planning this awesome hotpot partehhhhhh!


Last week’s #BurppleHQHangout had us chomping down on magnificent cuts of dry-aged beef prepared by Jeff of An Ox Box.

Having never heard of the term “dry-aging” prior to this, I was skeptical at first to what the process entailed but the results were utterly amazing. Even side-by-side with a lovely fresh cut steak, the aged beef was just bliss.

Torched to give it that nice brown charred exterior and seasoned lightly with salt (insert salt bae), the slab was uhh-mazing - preserving that succulent texture. In a wonderful shade of pink, the meat was all tender, juicy and well-marbled. The thickly-cut beef was also really flavourful as the process seems to deepen as well as intensify the taste. And sharing his extensive knowledge with everyone, @anoxboxsg offers tasting sessions at his home so be sure to find out more if you are interested. Beef lovers unite!


It has been quite some time since I had Ngoh Hiang and even longer since I had a good, decent plate. Hence, offering a good variety of ngoh hiang ingredients, Zhong Zhong Fine Spice was exactly that - well-executed and not overtly oily or jelat. Having the usual and classic go-tos like you tiao (dough fritters), fried ngoh hiang (meat roll), sausage, fishball, tau kwa (beancurd), and crispy prawn fritter; my favourite was actually the battered fish which I thought was quite uncommon. And of course, dipping into their chilli sauce which made everything better, especially with a splash of crunchy ground toasted peanuts. The side of beehoon ($1/ $1.50) was also expertly fried and nicely seasoned.

[Do expect a long but fast moving queue during lunch. For prices, they start from $0.70 (fishballs) to $10 (fried sotong).]

📍51 Upper Bukit Timah Road, #02-149, Bukit Timah Market & Food Centre, S588215



Celebrated on the third day of the third month as samgyeopsal simply translates to ‘three-layered meat’, the day pays homage to its three distinct layered composure.

So why not join the festivities and go b-oinkers over Bornga’s premium cuts?! With 3 fantastic blend of flavours - Original, Soy and Spicy Sauce ($25/ 2 pcs per serving); the slabs of meat are grilled over charcoal which enhances and imparts a smokey aroma. Tender, juicy and glistening, the perfect ratio of lean meat to fat will also leave you wanting more. And my favourite was the soy marinated pork belly with the lightly charred edges, savoury-sweetness and melt-in-your-mouth goodness. Though a tad pricey, you are certainly paying for the quality cuts. Furthermore, be spoilt for choice with Bornga’s selection of well-executed mains and sides.

Many thanks to Ann and Serene for hosting us and the warm hospitality of Assistance Manager Kimmy, as well as Burpple for the invitation!


Presented with a generous plate of gravy soaked Satay Bee Hoon ($4.50 Medium Portion), I can only guess the effort put in to achieve that smooth, thick and nutty sauce.

My second ever attempt at having satay bee hoon cause of my low spice tolerance (mine is literally zero), the distinct gravy was surprisingly the highlight for me as the viscosity was just right - not too grainy and the pleasant earthy roasted-flavour in every mouthful.

In all its spicy-sweet glory, the ingredients smothered underneath are certainly worth a mention as well. The springy rice vermicelli and tau pok soaked up all the goodness while the kang kong as well as cuttlefish provided a crunchy bite. The prawns and (miniscule) cockles were also fresh. Giving it a good mix, be sure to coat everything nicely with their homemade peanut sauce.

📍Centre Satay Bee Hoon (#01-12) // 724 Ang Mo Kio Central Market & Food Centre, Singapore 560724


Yet another food option for those staying in Serangoon, Nene Chicken has opened its 8th outlet in NEX and this time with a whole new experience to offer. With several pairs of step-sitting positioned in the outlet, it aims to recreate how Koreans savour their meal on the steps overlooking the Han River in Seoul but replacing the view with the various music videos projected on their walls for fans to enjoy.

And not to forget, back on the menu is their signature Green Onion sauce that is now made available across all outlets! This time the flavour is relaunched with a quality Halal recipe for all to relish. Loaded with freshly shredded green, the well-rounded combination of soy sauce, mustard and lemon juice was amazing with the succulent meats so be sure to give it go if you have not tried it. At prices starting from $9.40 for a 2-piece Green Onion Chicken Meal, which consist of a side, one pack of CURLY FRIES and a drink.

For those who seek to set your tongue and lips on fire, the Classic ‘Freaking Hot’ is your answer as tested by the rest while I will just stick to their original and piquant Green Onion sauce.

Thank you Burpple for extending the invite, Jaime for hosting and Nene Chicken sg for feeding us! :)


As 2016 draws to a close, it is the season of the year to wind down and reflect on what to be thankful for. And among the many, it is definitely being a part of @Burpple. Together we try to solve the fundamental (first world) problem we all have and that is where to eat and what to eat when you get there! A big thank you to the team for the crazy night and so blessed to have my fellow tastemakers who share the same passion for food~

My sweet-tooth finally paid off, yay!



Once again, what a success Burpple ! Thank you for everything~ Warm fuzzy feelings going all around 🙆


With 2016 coming to a close, now arise the question of finding the perfect venue to host a cosy family gathering and usher in the new year. So why not feast on an array of mouthwatering Chinese homecooked style food with a lavish spread of seafood as the centerpiece?!

Set over a bed of hot sauna stones, Diamond Kitchen’s Diamond Sauna Treasures ($188++/$368++) is the bomb! Filled with Boston lobster, plump prawns, snow crab legs, scallops, black mussels, squid and flower clams; there is bound to be something for everyone. What’s more, the stones are not just used to create a dramatic steamy entrance but also maintains a nice warm bath for the premium ingredients with their secret stock poured all over. Just my kind of sauna! The treasure box was able to capture all the natural sweetness as well as moisture from the fresh gems too. Not forgetting to complement the seafood with their four distinct homemade dips (Hong Kong Steam Sauce, Garlic Chilli, Black Bean Chilli and their signature Gan Xian Sauce).

Despite the slightly inaccessible location, it is a place worth going back again and again for some comforting Chinese food. Available only at their Science Park Drive outlet, be sure to try this and other new dishes from now till 31st December 2016, to enjoy a 15% discount.


A wonderful feeling you get when you cut open a hot battered fish on a cold rainy day, and to reveal steam from the chunky white flesh. Tender, moist, flavourful and oh so addictive to have, CM-PB’s Crispy Fish Bites ($16) was simple yet well-executed. The thin tempura-like batter was just like a light and crisp cocoon to the succulent flaky fish inside. Great as a snack or small bite while having a cocktail or in my case a glass of tea mocktail made from Dilmah Tea.


Opened by the same folks behind The Coastal Settlement, Jubilee Coffee House and Bar, likewise, brings you down memory lane complete with a cosy old-school vibe. Falling in place with the area’s idyllic coastal setting, it is definitely a treat to look out into the lush greenery from the charming restored bungalow all while sipping on a warm cup of tea.

With flavours available exclusively at selected establishments, Jubilee Coffee House carries a lovely selection of aromatic Dilmah Teas but I especially enjoyed the Rose with French Vanilla and Lively Lime & Orange Fusion. Paired with savoury petite sandwiches and scones (available during booked events), the Lively Lime & Orange Fusion tea had a pleasant yet subtle citrus note that complemented the pastries and refresh the palate. The Rose with French Vanilla which was my favourite at the Dilmah trail, also gave a delicate and tantalizing fragrance as the gentle floral flavoured tea went surprisingly well with the sweet desserts.

This was a hosted meal. Thank you Burpple for the invite as well as Dilmah and Food Cult PR for the hospitality!


A tea-rrific day of quali-tea teas with beau-tea-ful people… And I can just go on and on with tea related puns. Utterly impressed with the tea pairing sessions at today’s exclusive Dilmah Trail, I have a new appreciation for teas and understanding of how to brew a good cup of tea.

Big thank you to Burpple for extending the invite, Food Cult PR for organising, DilmahSG and the participating eateries for the warm hospitality.

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