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Cafe Hopping

Cafe Hopping

Constantly hopping for better cuppa! ☕️
Victoria Hii
Victoria Hii

Very generous amount of smashed avocado to go with oozy organic jammy eggs and sourdough. Love the brilliant refreshing sweet cherry tomatoes & basil watermelon with fresh cream on the side.

Stoked to try the newly launched weekend brunch menu from @kiposgourmet ! Of course, they never disappoint. A bit thrown off to not get what I came for, the avo and smoked salmon. On hindsight, I’m glad this happened because it made me go all out and explore their menu. So I built my own brunch!

Waited a while (worth it) and to my surprise, my bowl came well platted which was a visual feast to my eyes before I even got started. My BYO brunch came with cauliflower waffles (the choice was obvious! Other options were sourdough and brioche) under the bread section. It was made with cauliflower florets and cheese. How ingenious. YUM.

Got the eggs Benedicts under toppings and for the protein it was a no brainer to choose the tempeh patty given their repeated success with the sambal tempeh (easily my fav tempeh in SG). Needless to say, it was amazing! In fact, it tasted a whole lot better than the sambal tempeh. Not sure if it was because it came HOT, freshly seared from the pan. The tempeh patty was insanely flavorful, thick and chunky though less compact in comparison but very moist, basically everything you’d expect from a patty. IM SOLD.

This should be included in their regular menu really. I’m not on a vegan diet but Kipos provides such extensive amazing options for vegans, i would happily be a convert (on days) 🤪 They are absolutely my go to for my occasional meatless Mondays. For the rest of my meal, I got the sautéed mushroom and sweet potato fries as well.

Love the soft fluffy brioche! Maybe just missing some guac! 😛

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Highly recommended for the variety and the quality of each masterfully executed component. Just look at that, you can barely see the plate. Comes with your choice of style for them eggs, maple bacon, vine tomatoes, roast mushrooms, baked beans, sidecar sausage and brioche toast😋


Comes with half free range & hormone free spring chicken, banana ketchup, buttermilk crispy pancakes, pink peppercorn maple syrup, burnt oranges. Looks a lot better than it tasted. Would not recommend this, one of the most bland tasting pancake batter, which is a deal breaker in itself. Fried chicken was alright, nothing to scream about. Perhaps the only uplifting discovery here was the peppercorn maple syrup which added a well appreciated touch of heat.

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Highly recommended by the staff is slate’s version avo toast - the quintessential avo. Served on an open sourdough, you’ll get smashed Australian avocado, ponzu cured smoked salmon and a poached egg. Disappointed that the avo was merely cubed and not seasoned. The saving grace would be the uniquely flavored smoked salmon. Would have preferred the salmon sliced though. Kinda weird having both avo and salon cubed, felt almost like a modified poke bowl.


Slate’s rendition of ham & cheese toastie. Playing up the usual version with a triple cheese sauce and black truffle paste for that extra oomph. Fluffy white bread used were coated in bread crumbs then deep fried to crispy golden perfection. Every bite comes with oozy goodness!!

Sideways Omelette - 110g handpicked blue swimmer crab meat, smoked crab fat, tobiko, snow pea shoots and carrot salad, lemon dressing. Pretty darn solid omelette, with generous amount of oozy crab meat filling, elevated by the smoked crab fat for maximum umami. Add on house made sourdough to complete the meal

Sink your teeth into this delicious, decadent and thick wagyu burger. The Umami comes with pickled daikon, teriyaki glaze, cheddar and tobiko mayo! Upgraded the default patty from the 100 days grain fed patty to the Wagyu patty (for $5). Highly recommended!! There is another patty option which is the organic fed patty (that’s a $3 top up) Though the composition is rather unconventional, i really enjoyed the myriad of flavors, the sweetness from the teriyaki and the pickled daikon cutting though the richness of the patty and mayo. It hits all the right spots with its combo of salty-sweet goodness. Kind of think this would work well with a slice of grilled pineapple too! 🤪 All burgers come with hand cut fries! 😋

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Unassuming avo toast! Check out the avocado tartine from @crownbakery A lot of flavor elevators here, we have the feta cheese (big chunks!), tomato salsa, pomegranate (for that pop of sweetness yaaaas!), topped with dukka (Egyptian and Middle Eastern condiment consisting of a mixture of herbs, nuts, and spices). All that yummy goodness on freshly baked Crown’s sourdough

Pimp your breakfast because you can! Love it when I get to pick everything I like on my plate. Started out a lot greedier but had some self restraint 😛Got me some wholemeal bread ($2) (comes with 2 slices for one serving), poached eggs ($6), smashed avocados ($6), smoked salmon slices ($8) and their house made dark roasted peanut butter ($1) (made from burnt peanuts). Prefer the smoked ocean trout they used to have on their menu to the current smoked salmon. The pimp my breakfast section became a lot smaller too!

Always counting down to the next meal 😋

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