Breakfast & Brunch

Breakfast & Brunch

Start the day right by treating yourself better...
Connie K.
Connie K.

I'm impressed by this thick slice of goodness hidden within the bun! Rarely find any bakery selling luncheon meat bun with luncheon meat of that thickness.

It may be a simple bun you can easily get from any bakery. Over at Drips, it's different. It's served warm with a slight crisp, bread is soft and importantly the meat was not salty. Loving every bite of it.

It does comes at a little steep price of almost $5. But worthwhile.

A reasonable priced all day breakfast meal. Keeps you full and, possible a space for some desserrt.

Bun is nicely toasted, cripsy on the outside and soft inside.
Sausage was crunchy on the outside and juicy inside.
Scramble Egg.. Smooth in texture and quite milky. I finds it a little too milky.
Fresh and crunchy greens drizzled with sesame dressing.
Do check their counter of buns with fillings, cakes and tarts!

A retro-vintage cafe along Rangoon Road. One of the unique table was a mini cooper. It serves all day brunch till 6pm. They've other main course, appetizers, beverage and desserts.

My Deluxe Spanish Omelette is good, consist of ham, capsicum, cheese, mushrooms and tomatoes. 1st time having baked omelette, it is fluffy and everything tasted good when put together. The portion is generous and worth the price. The toast is good too, but it's not on sale though they've selection loaves of bread for sale.

The service staff is attentive and still in all smiles despite running floor operation alone. Having to take order, serves, clears, top up water and up-selling. It was quite busy when the lunch time crowd was there too. Well done!

Will return again for the main course and appetizers.


New revamped menu though with less item for selection. Smoked salmon egg benedict comes with yuzu hollandaise sauce. Egg is done perfectly. It tasted good but can add more greens on the side to reduce the gelared feeling from hollandaise sauce & runny yolk. Coffee is good, it's just nice not overly rich or mild.

A convenient location right above the MRT station. Upon entering was greeted by the staff and seated toour table. The next moment another came to served ice water without having to request. Generally, the staffs are smiley, friendly and attentive to service. Cosy ambience, a nice bar design. Furnitures can be better well maintained, the cushioned chairs leather are peeling off which doesn't looks appealing.

Well, will still return for the desserts selections of waffles!


Egg Souffle caught my attention. Fluffy & soft egg white. Sounds tasty!
Comes with 2 pretzel toast with sauté mushroom, chicken sausage and salad. Portion is just nice for a meal which leaves you some space for coffee & dessert.
The egg souffle was a bit disappointing as it was salty for my taste bud. All other item was good, love the pretzel toast. Crunchy on the sides and soft inside.
I love the ambience... I guess its the location which makes it tranquil on a Saturday noon. Those swing chair are so fun to swing with while having conversation over coffee or reading a book.


This is a common man full breakfast, not a common man portion and it keeps a common man full! The portion is huge, which partly explains the price tag.

Portobello Mushroom. Home made chrorizo baked bean is sooo nice with a slight crunch. Bacon. Pork Sausage. Vegetable rosti which i thought it tasted like coleslaw with mint sour cream. Two eggs in any style, i had scrambled eggs on toast. And, confit herb tomato! Such a big plate i can't decide where to start. It is sooo bad that every item on the plate tasted so good too!

Will be back to try different item on the menu. And, no doubt even if it's just for a good cup of coffee.

Brunch on a PH morning...

Scrambled egg, honey bake ham, salad & 2 slices of toast. Portion was huge. The toast were good too. Nice to go with butter and their jam too.


Popped into Chijmes during the day time.
An Egg Benny and Latte to start my day rolling.

I'm glad i get to choose between Ham or Bacon for my egg benny. 1 egg was done to perfection, the other was overcooked. But it doesn't matter. Sitting at the bar seat, looking at the water feature, greenery and soothing music playing sums up the ambience is relaxing and cosy.

Will always be back for some good quiet me time.


Interesting name for this dish. It was on their weekeday lunch special set menu.

Waffle slice with mesclun salad toassed with prawns and cashew nuts! Salad dressing coated almost every piece of crispy fresh greens. Prawns were fresh and succulent. And the cashew nuts added more crunch to it.

I find the price tag very worth it for lunch. Waffle and a cup of roasted hazelnut latte, after taxes & service charge is $20. A selected range of tea is part of their set lunch special too.


Brunch on a Monday to kick the blues away!
Dropped into Craft Bistro for their all-day breakfast. They've lunch menu and the pricing is very worthy, almost 50% off the original price for selected main course. A Grilled Cajun Chicken at $10 while usual is $18.
Back to my Egg Benedict. Well not a bacon fan but thought of giving bacon a chance again. I like the way the bacon is cooked. Not pan-fried till crunchy/dry. Both eggs were runny, toast is thick enough to absorb the runny yolks. The hollandaise sauce is very generous and was too much for me, had to scrap some off.
Ambience is ok, it will be nice if there's some music else it'll be too quiet if there's few diners at certain hours of the day.
Service can be improved, I was there at about 1145am and the lady barista spent a little too much attention on her mobile. Shall be it if it's work related matter.
Well, will be back to try their appetizer/mains with mentaiko sauce. Oh, and the cakes too.


Spicy? Yes, if you eat those chilies!
The eggs are done nicely, oozing yolks with hollandaise. Instead of the usual topping of bacon or salmon, it's sausages. What's more attractive? JALAPEÑO GUACAMOLE! The toast has thin spread of jalapeño guacamole, maybe can spread a bit more? Overall was great, portion is huge and very worth the price tag.

It is packed but tables are well spaced apart, no eavesdropping your neighbour conversation. A good place to dine/chill and be away from the bustling Orchard Road. Will be back for more!

Check out their Happy Hour 1-for-1 promotion. Before leaving, remember to get some of their bread loaves home.

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Earl Grey Lavender Tea & Louisiana Love-Chicken And Waffles; Fried dredged buttermilk chicken tossed with Thai mayo, rockees, red onions and cashew nuts served on whole wheat waffles, maple butter and red vegetable slaw!

Was excited when I saw chicken waffles on the menu. Chicken was piling high on top of the waffle, generous serving of cashew nuts for the extra crunch. It was well done and the Thai mayo gives it a tangy, sweet & spicy taste. The maple butter was interesting, has a silky smooth texture which makes me wanting to eat it on its own not with the waffles!

With that much of excitement, had to calm down by pairing it off with Earl Grey Lavender Tea served with 2 pieces of chocolate cookies. And, that made me excited again!


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