Take a break and have a sip...
Connie K.
Connie K.

If you loves mild coffee with lots of milk, this is a drink you'll enjoy.
Nice location for people watching while sipping your coffee away.

A cocktail served in a mini bathtub. Mixed with Lemongrass and Jasmine, Vodka, Ginger &, Honey.
Tasted good, a refreshing one. Those who doesn't fancy ginger may not like the taste of it.
One fun thing about this drink, they serve a small jar of magic popping candy to sprinkle it on top of your drink. After a sip, you'll feel the candy popping in your mouth.
Got to return to check out the other interesting selection of cocktails.

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Power up with a flat white and a sausage, cheddar and egg wrap!

The coffee is good, aromatic. Pair it off with a wrap. The wrap was a little cold though they did warm it up. It could be warmer.
It will be a plus if it is freshly made upon order. But do understand its more of a grab and go item. Unless those dining in they make it fresh. Overall, i enjoyed it.

Likes its morning ambience here. Relaxing, not to be bothered by the people even when alone. Service was prompt. Staff were friendly. When i ordered for flat white, the cashier didn't heard it but the other staff heard it and immediately went to act on it before the order is input to the system. Upon seated, my coffee came. That's very nice.

A place to go on a weekend morning alone when I'm around the vicinity.


A beautiful cup of flat white served. With the nice art on my cuppa, it made me feels happier.

A nice chill out place about 5 to 8 minutes walk away from Farrer Park station. Will be back for more. 😊


The name says it all, The Book Cafe. Many books to keep you occupied. Simple, relaxing ambience, has couch/sofa area too. Read a book or do some work. Power point are readily available around the table area to power up your laptop. There's alfresco seating too.
Wide selection of food from all day breakfast to sandwich/burger, pasta, shibuya thick toast and etc! Food was good, had a Egg Royale Benedict (Salmon). The smoked salmon portion is generous and come with rosti, unlike the usual salad.
Location may be a little off but it is quite crowded on a Monday morning.
A nice place to visit again and again...


I was wowed by the 1st sip. A cup of very aromatic coffee and has very rich taste.
Location may not be so convenient, but it is crowded on a Sunday at about 5pm. And, they closed at 6pm.
Definitely a nice place for good coffee. I love the bar look alike concept and their in-house coffee academy! If you're there alone, sit along the glass window and have a good read while sipping a good cuppa.

Will be back again!


Smooth & Rich Cocoa drink. The best you can have on a cold rainy day...

Decent selections of sandwich, wraps, pie and cakes too. Good for a quick bite or grab and go.


The best thing to try new thing is to go for their classic before proceed for an adventure.

Will be back to try their frozen margarita with beer.


Coffee Time!
Need some booster to kick in during a lazy afternoon? Well, have a cup of ice coffee at hoshino before continuing some serious work again.

The aroma & taste is good on its own. No sugar. No milk. Just black. If you need sugar/milk, at least take a sip before you add any of it. Have a taste the original.

If you're not into coffee, there's other selections of drinks. They have fruit tea too, cube sized fresh fruits served in your pot of tea. A refreshing drink.

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Tea Chapter is located somewhere along Neil Road. They serves light bite snacks and plenty of tea for selection. Good to buy tea leaves as a gift too.

A place you get to learn and understand more about tea. The cutlery used to water temperature and the timing take for each brew. The snacks selection are good, many items has tea in it. Must eat the tea-egg, 茶叶蛋. The egg is soaked/infused with thick tea aroma.

A good hangout place for big groups too. They've the old school games such as pick up stick, card games like snap, donkey, happy family and etc. Somewhere different to explore apart from the usual bar/restaurant/clubs.

Tacos/Nachos/Burritos can't go without a drink. Grab a CORONA-RITA to go with it!

Many time we want the best of both world at once but can only pick one. Fret not when it comes to this drink at Señor Taco. From the name, you might have guessed it. A bottle of corona & a glass of frozen lime margarita together! No doubt it is VERY REFRESHING! With that refreshing taste, it tends to opens up your appetite and you'll end up ordering a few more comfort food, tacos.

Oh well, with that drink you will tend to gain some attention from the passer-by too... hehe.

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