Food Worth Screaming For More

Food Worth Screaming For More

Good food are worth sharing...
Connie K.
Connie K.

A simple and light soupy dish to warm yourself up on a cold day. The portion may looks small but it's not. Apart from the fish cake, the other fried items taste good too.

Service was prompt and fuss free.

Will be back for more.

Fan of truffle and carbonara will love this.
It's creamy rich! Plenty of bacon, some mushroom and topped with an onsen egg plus parmesan.

An Alice in the Wonderland theme dining venue. Selection on menu is not overwhelming, saves the headache of being spoilt for choices. But the cakes on display is a headache! All of it looks so delish!

Oh... Expect a little surprise while you're having a good conversation. It plays a wide genres of music, expect the unexpected as it's part of The CD Shop.

Enjoying every slices and the freshness of the sashimi. They serves a selection of yakitori sticks from meat to vegetables and a few types of don too.

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The combination and flavour is awesome!
Portion seems small but the unagi & foie gras comes in good size.
Yakitori stick can be better. The chicken & pork is quite bland. Would recommend it to be served on a flat plate. This allows the meat to be coated with sauce easily and not having to scoop sauce over it.

Enjoy their Omakase Meal at $80 for a dinner bowl, 8 chicken/pork yakitori stick, 1 green and 2 pints of beer. Add on another bowl at $18 or a little more for Unagi.
Worth to check out what's served for lunch too.

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Briyani served differently, covered and baked with a layer of naan on top.
Rice is tasty, Chicken is tender & filled with flavor, the layer of naan makes it stands out from the normal briyani.

A must try is the Chicken Tikka Masala, goes well with naan bread.

A place to go to on a weekend for some indian food away from the crowd.


Omu Souffle on Tomato Risotto with Shrimp & Broccoli. Very flavourful risotto but broccoli can be a little bit more.
Loves the egg so much. And i feel that having the egg on toast/pancake w melted cheese is also another good combination.

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Grilled Black Pork Cheek with Wafu Sauce.
Pork is juicy and melts in the mouth, great combination with the egg! The sauce goes very well with the rice, i wished there's a little more sauce on the rice.

A casual bistro bar at the corner of Orchard Central. Few tables seating too. Nice ambience. If you're indoor, you'll get to see the Chef grilling the food. While for outdoor, you'll get to people watch.

Not a lot of selection on menu like some Japanese restaurant. This is something i like as they're focused on the few signatures items. Love to be back for more.


Japanese-Western mixed. Don't be fooled by this looks small portion tonkatsu sandwich. It's filling! And, yummy! Juicy and tender.

Remember to try their selection of dessert cakes too.

Sinful indulgence. It is so flavorful! After the first mouth, it makes you wants more! Get the taste of seafood freshness burst in your mouth with each bite. Lobster meat was fresh, juicy and crunchy.

Will return to prego whenever there's need for some good pasta.

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Had afternoon tea at Tea Lounge. At a glance the buffet area looks small but the spread was good! They've a corner for live station.

Need to highlight this King Prawn Porridge. The prawn taste is so rich that i need to go for a second serving! The prawn was succulent and fresh. Live station includes roasted wagyu beef, laksa, chili crab sauce with deep fried mantou and etc.

Dessert selection was overwhelming! Cakes, tarts, kuehs, sorbet, macaroons and etc... The lemon meringue was lovely. It doesn't comes with the usual tart case but its was a biscuit like crust.

It was nice to see the Chef going table to table to serve individually portioned hokkien noodles served on opeh leaf. That is an authentic way to serve it. It was a little too wasteful to give a lime, half of it will be more than enough for the portion size. Overall it was nice.

Ambience was relaxing, had the pianist playing his pieces. Service was prompt, my pot of tea never ran out of tea. Clearing of used plates was fast. Staffs were friendly too.

Will be back when i craves for a bit of everything to indulge in.


Serving modern Thai fusion cuisine. You can expect to see burger & pasta in thai flavors on the menu. Very much spoilt for choices!

Decided to go for something light... Yen Ta Foo. It is Thai noodles in savoury broth. Portion is good enough to keep one full, has 3 medium size prawns, lots of squids & greens. The broth is light in taste and slight purplish in color.

Will return to explore other food items on the menu. Even though service was just so-so.


Spoilt for choices deciding between the range of burger and other main course. Decided to go for fish & chips!

The filet used is fresh and portion is big too! It is fully covered with the batter and fried to crisp. Loves the fries! No issues on the food & service.

The only thing is they've expanded to the 2nd level but it has high ceiling so can be quite noisy when you've 2 or 3 big groups.

Will be back to try other mains and make space for desserts.


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