Kota Damansara Eats

Kota Damansara Eats

Featuring Terracotta Cafe & Boutique, Two Pesos (Kota Damansara)
Christal Foo
Christal Foo

This is a cafe that I will highly recommend to people who loves natural lighting , good ambiance , and good food! Ultraman spaghetti is just delicious is a must try item! Other than that, their famous blue tea which will changed colour when you put some lemon juice into it. Really loved their water mochi as well! Per person here will range from RM20-40

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If you are craving for some awesome steamboat, this will be the place. Two pesos have their second branch here in KD finally without any que at all and still serve the same awesome steamboat ! Various types your could choose and the price is affordable !! One small pot is around RM15-19.90 and the things inside the pots are not those cheap only carbs but they include pork bacon / seafood / meat as well ! Their choices of soup will jus made you go bananas, there are so many - malat / lemon sour / the traditional Chinese herbs / tomato / BBQ / sukiyaki / normal clear soup and etc . And as upon request, you could ask the waiter to help you cook .. How good is that ! You could also take away !!! How does one take away steamboat ?? But this they help you to cook the steamboat and you could just eat in the take away box ! So convenient 😏


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