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Deserts that are as good as it looks😍
Joslyn Koh
Joslyn Koh

HeyTea's Boba Ice Cream is really one of my new favourite ice creams ever!!✌🏻💯 Prices are $3.90 and $4.90 but I got the small one shown in the pic. Would highly recommend as it is super good (especially to boba lovers, this is the bomb🤪)

Ratings 9/10!!!! Would get it whenever I pass by orchard🤣

Phase 2 just started so HURRAY ice cream time😝 (Please stay safe still!!)

Ordered a waffle with hazelnut and butterscotch icecream! Wanted to try the speculoos but it was not on display that day😪 Total spent was $11.60 and I would say it instantly became one of my fav ice cream shops!😋

Ice cream quality 👍🏻🤪💯 Do try it for yourself if you are around Yishun Area!!

Went to oblong for a sweet late night treat yesterday😋

Bought the combo which consists of Red Velvet Waffles, Salted Caramel Pistachio + Brownie Vanilla Ice Cream and one minutemaid orange juice. ($14.40 total)

I think their ice cream in general is decent and is worth trying, if youre passing by the area☺️ Third time here and it still does not disappoint! Ratings 8/10!!😇

Went to Salted Caramel to satisfy my ice cream cravings!!😋

Honestly, I really like the flavours at Salted Caramel. I bought Lemon Cheesecake Ice Cream($3.80 single scoop) and had also bought Vanilla and Strawberry Sorbet for my family members.

I also had a taste of their speculoos and I liked it too!! Haha took a few mins to decide but I went with the refreshing Lemon Cheesecake ice cream instead!

Ratings 9/10 and id definitely drop by again sometime soon🤣

Went to Udders for ice cream 2 nights ago!

Ordered cookies and cream + salted speculoos for $6.80😋 I honestly find the ice cream decent but not fantastic (maybe because the icecream melted so fast and it had a slightly weird aftertaste)...

Not the best ice cream cafe i have been to but cant say its the worst, because my previous udders ice cream experiences were decent as well.😅

Ordered 2 cookie butter soft serves($6 each) and it was soooo good😍💯 came here 2 years ago and the quality of this softserve is still as good and tasty as ever☺️👍🏻 Definitely would recommend people to try this!!!!

Personal preference but I really like their vanilla brownie flavour😍💯 The teh tarik flavour is okay, but i prefer to fully indulge in the teh tarik drink instead😅

Total was $13.80 for 2 scoops of icecream + 1 base + 1 sauce + 1 drink so all in all i find it quite affordable☺️

Went to The Acai Craft for dessert one day☺️ Bought different toppings to go with the acai and some were banana, strawberry, almond, cookie butter sauce(their new flavour) and more!

I felt that it is nice to choose ur own toppings and no matter which toppings you choose, the price would be standard. However, the portion size would be a little more worth it if there were more😅

Bought the peach rose flavour with a cone($5.70)☺️ I tried the other flavours but was not really intrigued by the flavours displayed. Some were too unusual for my liking😕 However, it is something new and the flavours are never before seen in other restaurants! Thus, if you would like to experience new flavours, do check the stall out!!😄

Went there for lunch and tried a few of their famous items! Bought their ham & cheese croissant, apple kouign amann(worth a try!!) , lemon tart and teh tarik😋

Food is affordable but drinks were a little pricey($7) judging by the whole bakery itself😕 However, I had fun exploring around the bakery and the staff were very nice☺️

Would visit again for the apple kouign amann omg😱 Overall ratings would be a 7/10!!

Went to Boufe Botique Cafe yesterday and the location was a little rural😳 However, the ambience of the place made it up for it as beautiful fairy lights are scattered across the ceiling and the white themed cafe is just gorgeous😍

Food rating time!
Mini unicorn cake was $9 and it was a 7/10😂 The cake sure is pretty, however im not to sold on the taste😅

Milky way cake was $8 and it was an 8/10😄 I personally liked this cake more as it has yoghurt in it and it tastes good with mango filling too!

We also ordered a mini mushroom melts for $10 and it was a 8.5/10☺️ It was like a mushroom cheese pizza that melts in ur mouth and its delicious😋

Would come back again for the lovely decorations and the brunch/dinner menu if i have the time☺️

First visit here and was quite delighted at the options available☺️ Theres some interesting flavours such as the Speculous, Horlics, Acai Sorbet, Baileys and more!!😍

Ordered the Speculous and Acai Sorbet in a cup($6.80) and added Almond Flakes as toppings(+$0.50). They also have options to put it in a waffle cone, waffles or on a brownie and theres different prices for 1-3 scoops etc😄

Overall the different flavours were not bad and prices were comparable to other icecream shops😅 However, its the first time ive seen Acai Sorbet etc which was quite unique to me!! Would head down again if im craving for some speculous😛

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Can I say that Cafehopping around SG is my hobby?🤣 Leaving personalized reviews everywhere I go😇

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