Japanese Food🍱

Japanese Food🍱

Japanese food that is worth a try!!
Joslyn Koh
Joslyn Koh

Went to Omurice Keisuki to have dinner two nights ago☺️

Honest ratings 9/10 because i have mad cravings for omurice that day and it really satisfied my appetite😋

The egg was perfectly cooked and there are 4 different sauces to choose from. I ordered the regular omurice set with chilli tomato sauce and added a hamburg steak. Total bill was $15++ aft gst and svc charge(the omurice + hamburg is $12.90)👍🏻

There is also a complimentary salad choice and free side dish at each table (seasoned beansprouts)🤪

The only downsides of this restaurant is the small sitting area and the variety of dishes(only omurice/ pasta with 4 diff sides and 2 desserts). But i rather a restaurant focus on a specific dish but is cooked to perfection😂 Definitely would visit again👍🏻💯

Went to Tanuki Raw for dinner today and ordered:
- Instagram this Maki($14.90)
- 6 slices of sashimi(4 salmon, 1 tuna, 1 yellowtail) 🍣($1/slice during happy hr, but must purchase a drink)
- 2 fresh oysters($4)
- Dry Strawberry non-alcoholic drink?($10)🍸
- Foie Gras Truffle Yakiniku ($23)🍱

Firstly, the instagrammable maki was worth it omg😍 it tastes damn good and for that portion, im amazed!

The sashimi is $1/slice which is pretty affordable, but happy hour is only between 5-8pm and a drink must be bought to order this side😄

Dry strawberry drink was a 😕 as it tastes more like sourplum than strawberry

Lastly Foie Gras Truffle Yakiniku was not bad, but portion wise was a little small and not filling for me😅

Overall would rate this an 8/10 for freshness, quality of the food and staff service☺️👍🏻

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Ordered the lunch set worth $12.90, exclusive of gst and svc charge. Total was about $15 for the meal and it comes with a bowl of ramen, a side dish and iced water/hot tea

Ordered the thin noodles, red soup base, and a side dish of chicken gyoza(not in pic)😋 very filling for a person and affordable lunch considering its the CBD area. The soup however gets a little salty towards the end but im fine with it since i like more salty kinds of foods haha.

Overall would rate it a 7.5/10 as the service is a little slower, due to the lack of staff maybe?

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Another day another shabusai☺️✨
Lunch is really worth it in my opinion! And now they are having a promo at causewaypoint from 1-31 october 2018, at 3-5pm, $12.90/pax👍🏻💯 sadly didnt get to go to the cwp outlet and visited westgate outlet instead!

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Oh yes LOTS OF FOOD!!😂💯
This restaurant is a little pricier compared to the other competitors around it eg Shabu Sai and Seoul Yummy, however, its worth to try☺️

Different price range sets for no. Of people, but we ordered the 3 pax menu starting from $76. Some of the items required an additional $1-2. Thus would say it is about $35 per person if is shared by 3 pax.

This set consists of 1 appetiser, 2 starters, 2 mains, 1 soup with the meat and broth of your choice with the choice of rice/udon noodles to go along with it😋 Very filling for 3 people and its definitely a pleasant experience overall👍🏻


Went to Ninja bowl again after craving for it HAHA😂 Ordered the Noka and it was goooddddd as usual☺️👌🏻Portion size was alright and pricing wise is alright as well(slightly below $20 after adding +$2 rice base) Definitely worth a try!!💯👍🏻

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Went to Ninja Bowl because I cant resist trying after looking at all the reviews😍 I must say, it looks as good as it tastes hehe. Ordered the Tontoro($14) and Ebisu($18) and it was not bad!! Most of their menu items are priced below $20 and the ambience, alongside the staff service, waiting time etc, it is really a great experience✨ Ratings overall would be an 8.5/10 and would definitely visit again!!👍🏻💯


Tried flaming don at bugis!! Bought flaming chicken bowl set?($9.90) and added a free flow drink + soup($2.90). Have free flow sauces as well!! Super affordable and a sufficient variety of food☺️ ramen and snacks are also on the menu👍🏻 Non-halal sadly☹️ Would give it a 7/10 as food is alright but its really affordable and the sauce on the rice is 😍💯🤤


Finally tried tanuki raw at somerset!!☺️ this salmon don was $16 and it was super delicious and fresh!! Portion size was just right too👍🏻 i didnt get to try other items as i was rushing off to somewhere else but the other items on the menu sounds great too! However, its a little pricey for some as items may go up to $30+ per bowl and the queue for it may be half an hour or longer if you come after 6:30pm☹️ do give this restaurant a try and judge for urself! But for me, ill rate the overall experience an 8/10☺️

Theres a range of sashimi, dons, drinks and sushi sets. Bought the breaded chicken bowl and a soup and sashimi set to complete my meat and also bought a onsen egg duck bowl! The total bill was about $36 and the food is not bad. I would suggest going there if u have a budget above $15. Overall i would rate it a 7.5/10 in terms of service, quality of food, waiting time and ambience☺


Hoho, this is the second time I had this. Bowl is very big but food is just enough for one person. Price ranged $9-30 per bowl. Mine is the Cheese Pork Katsu Curry. It is $14 which I think is quite affordable. Delicious and service was quick :) recommended to all !!

Shabu sai is a japanese hotpot which is quite affordable of prices starting from 14.99++ for lunch! Dinner would be more expensive of course😅 They have 3 main meat choices which are chicken pork or beef and other vegetables and all. There are also 2 soup bases to choose from and desserts such as yoghurt with toppings hehe. overall i would rate it an 8.5/10 , the meat and the soup quality is very good but the negative side of it is that the waiting time is long if there is a lot of people and u are given a limited time of about 80 mins to eat inside, other than that everything is affordable and delicious☺️


Can I say that Cafehopping around SG is my hobby?🤣 Leaving personalized reviews everywhere I go😇

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