Japanese Food🍱

Japanese Food🍱

Japanese food that is worth a try!!
Joslyn Koh
Joslyn Koh

Got the Triple Cheese Prime Hamburg Steak Set ($20.80) and had their free flow salad and eggs😇

Would say that the food is decent but with the hype in place, its a bit overrated to me haha😅 But I would say its worth it if u like eggs and salad as its free flow + have a variety to choose from!!😇 Overall ratings are 7.5/10!🥰

Went to Ramen Keisuke and ordered the Spicy Miso Tonkotsu Ramen Spcial ($18.90)😄 Would say its decent but I love me some free flow eggs and beansprouts🤣 Would prefer the outlet at Bugis tho... Overall ratings 7/10 as it was nothing spectacular☹️

Went to Koh Grill & Sushi bar a few months back and enjoyed a filling lunch🤪 Got the Shiok Maki (of course🤣) ($16.80), Bento D ($15.90), Bento G ($14.90) and a Y17 Enoki Pork Belly Skewer ($4)!

Really enjoyed the bento set, but the shiok maki was a bit gelat towards the end (the sauce is v thick)😅 Overall would rate it an 8.5/10 and would definitely come back again for their lunch bento sets!!😇👍🏻

Ate the Summer Ramen Bowl ($17.90 before gst) which includes all ramen topics + spicy soup🤤

Good thing about Four Seasons is that there is 4 ramen soup types to choose from, but I still like Summer the most as I like to eat spicy food🤣

Honestly not a big fan of ramen but this is really my favourite ramen shop as it is good quality and also good quantity😍 Free flow eggs and beansprouts are always a plus points!

Service was standard but food is really hearty hehe overall ratings 9/10!!😇👍🏻

Went to try Tsuta Ramen earlier this year and tried the Mala Tonkotsu Soba ($15) 😇 Also ordered a Yaki Gyoza at the side ($7.50)!

I felt that this ramen store, even though tucked away at the corner of B1 in Vivo, is a decent ramen store with decent pricing and good quality food!!🥰 Portion size could be slightly more (when i compare to other ramen stores haha) but overall ratings 8.5/10!!😄

Craving for ramen so went to eat Ramen Keisuki at Cineleisure😇 Ordered the Spicy Crab Broth Ramen ($14.90) and would say it is decent. Portion is pretty filling and service was also decent!

I like how there is free flow eggs and beansprouts but I am not a huge fan of the crab soup base😅 I prefer the other Ramen Keisuke branches with the typical tonkotsu pork bone broths so ratings for this would be a 6.5/10🥺

Ordered quite a few items to celebrate a friend's birthday😄

- Una Furai Maki ($22)
- Toriyard Special Maki x2 ($36)
- Salmon Sashimi
- Fish Roe Sushi
- Momo Chicken Skewer
- Tempura Moriawase
- Gyu Don
- Green Tea Ice Cream with Red Bean
- Green Tea Cake

And some more small dishes (I cant really recall on all the prices and dishes im sorry😩)

Overall my friends and I paid about $210 for 4 pax after gst and service charge. Would say that price is a little steep but the food is decent and the ambience is a 💯 You really feel like youre in Japan for a moment because the garden is very peaceful even during dinner time😇

Overall ratings 8/10 would come again for special occasions👍🏻😁

Went to Sushiro and ordered some items like

- Fatty Tuna Sushi
- Salmon Sushi
- Tuna Salad Sushi
- Lobster Salad Sushi
- Unagi Sushi
- Sweet Beancurd Sheet sushi with Onsen Egg
- Chawanmushi

And more😋 I really like Sushiro's sushi because the quality is good for its price. Even though it is slight more expensive than Genki Sushi, I would definitely pay for this!! Only downfall is the long waiting time during peak hours (about 1 hr)🤧 Overall ratings would be a 9/10!! Would definitely go back again😍💯

Went to Rollie Olie and ordered a half Dos Amigos ($8) and a half Truffle Rainbow ($8) with a set of Unagi Egg Cup as well as Ice Lemon Tea ($6)

Felt that the food and price was decent but would not say its very special or unique. Portion is a little small though and restaurant size is also pretty small with about 10 seats?😅 Cant really recall but would eat again if I am indecisive and wanna order half sushi platters so that I can order 2 varieties instead🤣 Overall ratings 6/10🥺

Went to The Line Buffet about 3 months ago and ordered some items shown in the pic😇

- Wagyu Beef
- Sashimi
- Eggplant fries
- Dumplings
- Chawanmushi
- Roast pork and char siew selection
- tiramisu dessert

And also many other items thats not in the pic☺️ Has a huge variety to select from and it also depends on the day you go! I went on Tuesday in which they specialise more in Japanese cuisine⛩🍱

I would like to give recognition for good service!! (They helped me with a mini birthday celebration🤣 - I got a free cake as well as a polaroid picture as a complimentary gift!!😍)

Pricing is a little on the steep side as I paid about $200 for 2 pax after gst and service charge but food is decent and service was top notch👍🏻 Will definitely come back again for special occasions😇

Went to Yakiniku awhile back and was really in love with the place!!🤣 Felt really sinful because there's not much vegetables but the quality of meat for the price u pay is really good👍🏻💯

In addition, if ure hungry u can choose to get 300g of rice with ranges from 100g to 300g, as well as meat selections from 200g onwards😇

I personally got a 280g meat platter with 200g of rice at $20.80 and I was really satisfied with my portion size!! (If i was more hungry id definitely get a larger portion haha)🤣

Ratings would however be a 8/10 because waiting time is usually 45mins and above especially for peak hours and the dining in timing is only 40mins so you have to rush a little if u order a larger portion😅 Food is good though so do give it a try😋

Went to Keyaki to try out their bento sets and ordered a Unajyu Sashimi Gozen ($66) as well as a Gyusuki Gindara Saikyouzuke Gozen ($60).

I would give applaud to the service as well as the ambience. It is really lovely and you feel like youre in Japan for a moment😍 However food wise I would say is decent for quality and not really special in any way. Hence, would not really come back unless you would not mind paying the above prices before gst and service charge (sorry fine dining might just not be for me)😅

Ratings 7/10 for food but ambience and service is a 10/10😇👍🏻

Can I say that Cafehopping around SG is my hobby?🤣 Leaving personalized reviews everywhere I go😇

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