Oug / Bukit Jalil Eats/ Seri Petaling

Oug / Bukit Jalil Eats/ Seri Petaling

Featuring 103 Coffee Workshop (Sri Petaling), The HUB, The Hound, Munching Mob Cafe, Wayne's Cafe, Peek-a-boo Coffe.e., Go-Getter Cafe, Chaplang Kafe
Christal Foo
Christal Foo

A new cafe spotted in OUG which previous were the Butter and beans, now this new cafe is selling hot food and wide range of drinks to choose from. Tried their seafood tomyam with penne , pizzas and their waffle with homemade ice cream and everything is so good! The Gula Melaka latte was a huge hit too 😋


104 coffee workshop is a cafe which are serving good Japanese fusion food and western food as well, from beef teriyaki don to Japanese style piZza they are all so delicious ! Even their desserts are also very yummy, I personally love their mushi Melow which is waffle with lavender ice cream !!! It's jus so good. Note also they are giving away free coffee whenever you have done their survey. As for Monday they have 20% discount on all coffee! Something to look forward to on a Monday blue


I was being driven away by their cute little tea cups with a panda inside it XD. Which is my reason to visit this place at the first place. Working in Bukit Jalil has nothing much to munch around here and cafe food are expensive however munching mob so provide set lunch on the weekdays at RM 15 for a main dish (Nasi lemak or spaghetti) and a drink. Which is quite reasonable. Very cozy place to be at. Although do avoid coming here in the afternoon lunch time, parking are hard to find and office ppl will be filling up this place.

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Wayne's cafe is another new addition to the family of cafes in Sri petaling. This cafe is unique in its own way, they serves pork ! Cannot get over with their roasted pork which is so flavorful and delicious ! They also serve delicious dessert which is quite surprising for me ! The place is also quite cozy and very homely feeling. Prices are okay however parking is the only issue here :( sadly. Tip ! Avoid weekend lunch time if possible because it's packed with people's for their roasted pork, they only fire a batch in the morning till sold out and another batch at night till it's sold out.

The hound cafe is located in OUG, their main mascot is their pet beagle ! He looks damn charming but his a bit shy, you also can bring along your pet to this cafe! They serve food such as sandwiches and coffee too ... A pet friendly cafe why not !!

This cafe is located next to the famous owls cafe, which people prefer going to instead of exploring this cafe. Go getter cafe serve various kind of food which include waffles too however there are a twist on their waffles.. Gold salted egg waffle with very flavorful aroma and the waffles are damn crispy. Even their food oso are really good and prices are very reasonable.


This cafe is located in Bukit Jalil, this cafe is special where their theme is mainly of Totoro the Japanese anime character which is so famous among youngster lately. There are a lot of Totoro plushee for u to hug ! Car park is a bit of a problem on weekdays as there are a lot of offices around that area. They are serving waffles and spaghetti ... Waffle with a choice of savory or dessert kind which will fulfilled your tummy ! Although a cup of coffee cost u around rm9/10 but their serving are quite small for coffee. 😞

If you are craving for spaghetti or some soups this is a definite place for you ! This place serve really good spaghetti which offers a decent price . Ordered seafood pasta @RM29 sound expensive but they are generous with their serving and also fresh seafood ! Love the environment as well ! Because it's full of natural lightings. Their coffee are decent . And on top of that it's very cozy as well! Although not all food on the menu are available yet and parking is very hard to find but its worth a try.



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