I very much enjoy savoury over sweet options at breakfast and this fluffy scrambled egg & bacon burger definitely fit the bill. It’s sandwiched with not one, but two slices of cheese and that pretty much made my day. Im a strong believer that any burger should be served with two slices of cheese; extra cheese always makes an impact!

Also I love both @brawn_and_brains outlets, but there’s something about the spaciousness of this one that gives it a little more edge.

All good Burgers, must have cheese. Judging you if you say they don't 😏
The resident Cheeseburger at South Union Park has all the right things in all the right places. Butter seated housemade fluffy burger buns sandwiching a thick super juicy, well seasoned rosemary-thyme beef patty, aged cheddar, mayo and caramelized onions deglazed with a raspberry vinegar for a burst of sweetness and tang. The kinda burger that gets you approval with a single moan the moment you've devoured your first chunk off its mothership.
Resistance, is futile.
In line with #burppleburgermonth, review your favourite burger spots in the hood, tag 9 friends and stand a chance to win a burger party for all ten of you at one of my favourite Burger Houses, Three Buns @burgersandheads! Contest ends 31 May 2017.


String luncheon meat and truffle in the same sentence and I'm definitely down for it! The peeps behind @southbronxburger have stacked a couple of thick cut spam, house-smoked bacon strips, pineapple rings, spritz of white truffle oil and a fried egg between a pair of potato burger buns.
Sounds like something you're able to recreate at home? Then wait till you taste these buns; sweet pillowy, baked fresh daily! Thoughtful, fulfilling, effortlessly chic and downright delicious.
Special thanks to our hostess of the night, Shiying of @montanasingapore and @burpple for organizing dinner!



Hunk of dry-aged beef patty fried in sriracha, slice of Cheddar, a couple of sliced tempura sweet potatoes, kimchi and kewpie mayonnaise.
Ohhh how I've missed you 😘



Bouncy oversized chicken patty, spicy Thai basil relish, crushed fried chicken skins finished off with a fried egg. Come prepared to get your fingers slathered in sauce!
Most of you know my love for @butchersclubsg burgers so this collaboration between them and my bossman @bjornshen @birdbirdsg is definitely up my alley. Runs for 2 weeks starting 7pm tonight!
Chefs killing it on the grill: @bjornshen @nictkc @dickerous.crane.

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