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Udon in tasty miso broth with a good hit of spicness. Quick lunch/dinner fix. Very value for money considering it’s within Orchard area!



Apart from their outstanding Aburi Salmon Roll, this is the other "must order" item here. Crispy garlic chips with fragrant not-too-oily fried rice and shredded omelette. Splash of Japanese soy sauce always does the trick. Enjoy!


Been to the Sushi Bar in Far East Plaza countless times and never knew they had a counterpart in Ngee Ann City too. Favourite Aburi rolls in town are definitely by this franchise. Fat slices of salmon enrobing a California Maki + melt-on-your-palette torched meringue. Just my couple of cents: they seem to uphold better quality/standards here at The Sushi Bar Dining. Order their Amaebi Karaage (fried sweet shrimp) for starters, sure to please the whole table!


Best accompaniments to the fleshy slices of sashimi served here. Add an extra splash of soy sauce (provided tableside) if you loveeee salt like I do.


Beneath all that sauce and egg lies a mountainous pile of shredded crisp cabbage and chunks of roasted pork. Actually unsure of the name of this dish, so I fancied it one. Great item to be shared between 3-4 persons apart from having your personal bowl of ramen.

#japanese #marutama


Probably one of the best chicken broth ramen in Singapore! The kind that doesn't leave your lips feeling overly oily after. Springy thin strands of ramen, a single extremely tender slice of chasiu, seaweed and spring onions. The onsen egg was an additional add-on order, roasted garlic chips served on the table as a condiment (which you may or may not want to pile on, depending on who you're meeting after the meal). I, of course, gladly spooned in a couple of scoops into my broth, speak to me at your own risk 🙊

#FTrecommends #marutamaramen


Torched raw scallops and mentaiko mayonnaise, served along side chopped scallions and additional ebiko for extra pop! We wiped the plate sparkly.


#scallop #raw #mentaiko


Tucked within the depths of Far East Plaza, but still able to maintain a fully packed restaurant, owed largely (I believe) to their reasonable pricing and to their Aburi Rolls. This one's stuffed with fried Ebi tempura, rolled with cured salmon, finished with a large dollop of torched mentaiko. Say ahhhh..

16.9bucks/8 pieces

#aburi #thesushibar #mentaiko


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