Supper Places

Supper Places

Featuring 49 Seats (Kreta Ayer), Beach Road Scissor-Cut Curry Rice (Jalan Besar), OverEasy (One Fullerton), KPT (284 Bishan Street 22), Ponggol Nasi Lemak (Tanjong Katong), The Butchers Club Burger, ChaoZhou Porridge
Vanessa Tan
Vanessa Tan

Perfect midnight snack by the river, the fries are fried perfectly with it being crisp on the outside and soft on the inside. Seasoned lightly with Cajun powder, it's already great on its own. Topped with chilli beef and melted cheese, honestly can anyone says no to this? Especially after midnight, there is a 20% off.


My favourite supper haunt which opens till 2am from mon-thu and till a whopping 5.30am fri/sat. Great for late-nights. I havent tried their other 2 new outlets yet.

The old fashioned fish&chips that keeps its crisp perfected with a generous bowl of al scampi cream sauce with some shellfish. Never need to worry about not having enough sauce.

For something more awakening, u can count on the tomyum seafood pasta with that kick of chilli. Shiok ah!

The popular Butcher's Club Burger from Hong Kong has opened in Singapore.
The basic Burger ($20) I had was an unassuming-good one.

Under its pillow-soft buns lie a juicy 160-gram dry-aged Black Angus grain-fed beef patty cooked in a suitably-pinkish perfect medium.

But prices are higher than HK!
The local Double Happiness Burger with double patties is priced at a whooping $38.
Contrast this to Hong Kong’s HK$160 (which is about SGD$29.40).

I remember those times after a long mahjong game, we'd start to feel hungry in the middle of the night, craving for a bowl of hot broth with all parts of the pig. We'd just drive down to this coffee shop in the middle of Bishan. Best eaten on a cold, rainy night, this assortment of meat, egg and other ingredients warmed our hungry and growling stomachs. It's even open till 4am! #hawkerpedia

Why do sense and sensibility get thrown out the door when hunger pangs strike in the middle of the night? I, for one, crave the most unhealthy things around that time. More often than not, don't ask me why, it's Nasi Lemak that I long for. And it has to be the Ponggol one along Tanjong Katong Road.
Greedy loves company so I never venture there alone. Whether it is with my significant other or a group of friends, it's a no-holds-barred, storm-the-front event once we arrive at the brightly lit corner coffeeshop. Why have one fried chicken wing when we can have two? Heck, let's throw in an extra portion of rice while we pile on the other trimmings like fried egg, otak, luncheon meat, crispy ikan bilis and stir-fried lady's fingers! Happiness would be written in glistening grease all over our faces as we chomp on our calorie-laden supper, washed down by mugs of hot "teh-o siu dai" (plain tea with less sugar). At these proceedings, conversation tends to take a backseat because clearly, our attention is devoted to the food. When we're finally done, with our belts loosened and buttons released, we quietly roll away into the night... propelled by our happy burps.

This childhood favourite certainly calls for a surge of nostalgia. As a child, I would frequent this Scissors Cut Curry Rice stall with my parents, especially for supper since it is only a stone's throw away from where I live. It is not only my mum's favourite, my entire family loves it, even till today. I was told how my dad used to bring mummy on dates there, just because she once told him that she loves it, how unromantic! As a kid, I remember how the gooey mess on the plate totally did not appeal to me at first. But as time went by, I grew to love it! It may be a shame that I can no longer patronize the stall with both my parents again, but dining there with my boy today brings new meaning for me as I recall and share my fond childhood memories with him. #hawkerpedia

On a cool night, or after a long day, there are few things more comforting than sitting down on a table full of dishes and a warm bowl of Teochew porridge in hand. This eatery manages to retain the down-to-earth nature of this traditional food, while allowing you some air-conditioned comfort. The porridge ($0.70) is just the way you expect it to be, with a good amount of porridge water. Go straight for their delicately Steamed Mullet (market price), perfectly light and flaky and served with salted vegetables, a staple that will bring memories flooding back to any Teochew nang. There are also many other sides to choose from, like the Big Sotong ($6.90) — served chilled with a sweet, tangy home-made sauce. If you ever find yourself hungry at wee hours of the morning, you'll be glad to know this spot is open till 5am! Pro tip: Go for the Supper Buffet ($16.80/pax) from 11pm to 5am, entitling you to porridge over 30 dishes to choose from.

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