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Featuring K.COOK Korean BBQ Buffet (Orchard Central), Shang Pin Hot Pot (Rendezvous Gallery), Fatboy's The Burger Bar (Dhoby Ghaut), Hansang Korean Family Restaurant (Square 2), Thunder Tea Rice (Suntec City), 89.7 Supper Club (Changi), Astons Specialities (City Square Mall), Discovery Food Court (Universal Studios Singapore), Industry Beans, palsaik Samgyupsal 8色
Yvonne  Lo
Yvonne Lo

Perhaps it was still early, we were the only customers. We ordered the grilled baby squid that were tasty (but overpriced at $5.25), kangkong, beef curry ($6.50) and seafood fried rice ($6.50). The curry was soupy, and the taste reminiscent of Hong Kong curry beef, with a slight sweetness. The fried rice is passable -fragrant- but no wok hei. I still don’t really know what’s Khmer cuisine specialty - perhaps their beef.

It doesn’t have any heavy cream or butter or roux, and uses less cheese than the standard version hence easier on the pocket too. Do try out the recipe and let me if you do! And I’m lucky to have been sponsored some items from Alec Nero which has a real great range of organic products suited to any healthy lifestyle. And guess what? From now till 30 June, Purchase ANY 2 Alce Nero product and stand a chance to win a staycation at the Siloso Beach Eco Resort in Sentosa - two nights at the Roof Garden Suite worth $1,050! Alec Nero products can be found in FairPrice Finest and online.
Recipe for Tofu Mac & Cheese:
1. 250g Alec Nero Gluten Free pasta
2. 150g grated cheddar and mozzarella
3. 100g Red Leicester cheese (with black pepper or plain), grated
4. 1 box silken tofu
5. 250g milk
6. 3 cloves garlic, minced finely
7. 1 cup panko breadcrumbs (omit for gluten free version)
8. Bacon bits, toasted (optional)
9. Some mild olive oil, salt and pepper
1. Cook pasta in boiling salted water till al dente, set aside
2. Roast bacon and garlic (separately) in oven with some olive oil. Remove garlic before it turns black.
3. Add garlic to blender with silken tofu, blend till smooth.
4. In a pot, add tofu mixture, milk, grated cheeses, some salt and pepper. Seasons it saltier than you usually like- it will “even out” with the bland pasta. Keep stirring to prevent sticking, remove from heat once cheese has melted.
5. In a baking dish, combine pasta with cheese sauce. Baking is optional.
6. Sprinkle panko with bacon bits, add more cheese if you wish, and bake at 220degC for 20min. Serve warm.
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How did it take me so long to discover Chic-A-Boo by Aston’s? This 3-piece meal comes with two choices of sides and a small corn muffin that rivals the now-defunct Kenny Rogers. The fried chicken comes in two flavours - original and spicy and both are well-seasoned, crispy when served and juicy. The sides are great, this Tomato Cucumber Onion (TCO) salad is a great change from coleslaw and garden salads. Expect the same great inexpensive quality as Aston’s. This will be my go-to fried chicken place from now on!

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Prepare your stomach for many many Boston Lobster halves to recoup your investment. The other lobster dishes were delicious too - Lobster Thermidor, black pepper mini lobster, chilli crab style lobster, grilled lobster ... skip the watery bisque and fried rice and feast on the cooked food. Pro-tip: add Boston lobster meat to your DIY rojak and laksa and pretend you’re Bruce Wayne. Note to self: do not plate prawns and salmon sashimi on orange plates.

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I used an olive oil pound cake recipe and replaced some of the EVOO with a lemon infused oil. The lemony taste didn’t really come through, prolly need to add more lemon juice and zest.

I made two variations - just a lid on, and a smaller fully enclosed pie. The filling is relatively easy - onion, celery, carrots, mushrooms, cauliflower and chicken breast all cut to small pieces stir-fried in oil and a bit of chicken stock and Japanese curry roux. Thicken with a bit more flour and make sure to cool it down completely lest it turns the pastry soggy.

So for Mother’s Day, we trooped to Keisuke Charcoal Grill not knowing the queue situation. Fortunately we arrived at 11:20am and was the 2nd last to be admitted once the joint opened at 11:30am. I enjoyed the salad bar with its mist keeping items cold and fresh , the awesome potato salad and marinated beansprouts (that you can find at the Keisuke Ramen places). The fish I had was great too; the fish fresh and well-seasoned. Each set also comes with rice, an onsen egg, some pickled vegetables and miso soup. It was a filling yet seemingly healthy meal. Would be back! Suggest to queue up before opening hours.

I seasoned the beef with salt, pepper and dried thyme and cooked it in a mixture of vegetable oil, garlic infused olive oil and butter. I basted the beef and added garlic slices halfway in. I am so happy to have found the SteakMate app that cues me when to flip the steak based on the cut, thickness and doneness. I aimed for medium, but came out medium well which is entirely my fault because I rested it a little too long. I then drained the oil in the pan and threw in sliced mushrooms, gave it a good toss and splashed some balsamic vinegar in and cooked till soft. These are served atop washed baby spinach for a dressed up salad. This meal cost me about $7.

The bahn mi from this shop is really something to behold; the crust is crisp, the filling is well seasoned and delicious. It is well worth the queue and frankly well-priced (about 25000 vnd or ~S$2). Although translating the menu on Grab took some time, I would go out on a limb to say all the bahn mi on the menu are nice. And if you do get a willing rider (in Vietnam they place the order in person), please tip them well because the queue time means they take on fewer trips.

There is in fact not enough spicy food nor tangy flavours which I love. Hence we tracked down an Indian restaurant with great reviews (but dark interior). We ordered our staple of naan, palaak paneer, butter chicken, raita (skip) and a Malabar fish curry. The food was familiar and hits the spicy note to perk me up.

This is where I learn to eat Banh Xeo properly - swipe left for progress. Authentic banh Xeo should be served with rice paper wraps too. The food here is well-seasoned and very homely as well. I utterly enjoyed the beef stew, albeit a lot like Chinese 姜葱牛肉.

We chanced upon this place in the tourist night market and was attracted to its colourful facade. Boy the food is strange and strange in a way I’m not sure if it’s traditional Vietnamese or touristy Vietnamese. [1] Cao lầu : traditional lye rice noodles with greens and pork from Central Vietnam. The texture and taste is strange to me and the taste is slightly sweet. Could this be a Central Vietnam trait?
[2] fried wanton Hoi An style - topped with what seems to be frozen peas, carrots and corn in a tomato sauce, again, quite sweet? [3] staple Rice Rolls [4] lemongrass pork that is, you guessed it, sweet

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