Featuring Kanshoku Ramen (The Metropolis)
Casey  Tan
Casey Tan

One of my biggest pet peeves is finding out a restaurant sells subpar food when it’s been so positively reviewed by food bloggers, unfortunately, one of these places were Kanshochu Ramen.

Displayed on the walls were glowing reviews from well known food bloggers. Some were saying how the portion was well sized while other were raving about how the onsen egg was arguably the best in Singapore.

Unfortunately, as I eagerly took a bite of the egg from their Signature Tonkatsu Ramen (13.90 + 2 for the egg), everything fell apart. The egg was cold and the servings were petite at best. The soup also was lukewarm and the stock was weak and quite watery. Perhaps it was because I went quite late, and they were running low on soup and had to top up with water? Hopefully thats not how it is on a consistent basis.

The charsiew was tender, however, that happy feeling was short lived because there was only two skinny slices :(

However, something that I enjoyed was the location. Because it is located in Metropolis, a crowded office location, as soon as the office crowd dissipates, Kanshoku becomes quiet and you can really have a good conversation with your dining partner.

Service was also prompt and the staff were friendly as well which made the dining experience less painful.

However, in my opinion, no amount of great service can take away the fact that the food was a letdown. Kanshoku ironically means ‘to finish eating every last bit of your food’ in Japanese and unless things get better, it will not live up to its namesake.


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