Food Life

Food Life

Featuring Ah Chew Desserts (Liang Seah Street), redpan, Spize (Bedok), Fish & Co. (The Glass House), Burgernomics (Pasir Ris Central Hawker Centre), Menya Musashi (Bugis Junction), Bistrokăi
Viola Chan
Viola Chan

Tried the Crispy Chicken burger, so darn good cause is a legit big piece of meat, the marination is damn unique & good. Just wow, loved it.
Deluxe burger, the beef patty with sauteed mushroom & truffle, just a tiny hint of truffle scent, yummy overall but I think the former burger is more unique and worth it. 😋

Both @ $6.50 each


Open till midnight, Liang Seah Street seems to always be my go-to for some cooling treats after weekends dinner. Didn't bothered me much that there was quite a queue cause at night the weather is still toleratable. Mango Sago is da best choice🍋 I wanted to top with ice cream but afraid might be too much for me so I settled with the pomelo version ✌


Small eatery in the heart of Chinatown. Limited seatings and long wait during lunch hours. Great variety of dishes, generous big portions. Almost everyone get served with a plate seems for the coal miners.

A nasi padang that scores a high pointer quantitatively and qualitatively.

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I like to cut my steak into small little cubes for easy chewing. And this particular slab of meat left me in love, falling in love. Every bite was pleasurable. If you ever pass by that area, do give it a try. 💯

Explored thru the wonderful 1 for 1 deals in The Entertainer App, and stumbled across this Bistro Kai (Hotel Kai) when we were just around the vicinity. We came back for a 2nd time because the steaks were really unforgettable. One of the better steaks I had within the mid price range.
So juicy, properly marinated, generous thick cut. It is the kind you will go to for your steak/meat cravings. Every bite is a pleasing wonder. It was darn good. For the price, I would return for a 3rd time. Surf & Turf

I have a phone which managed to capture the glossy shine of these fries. My number 1 lepak place my number 1 choice of snack. $6.50 is pretty steeply priced but share it with your kakis, less pain felt, more joy then!

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I gave this a try because of its creativity and also because I HEARTZ chinchalok. The 200g steak was well prepared, but too stingy on the chinchalok TBH. Seafood stalls serve tastier ones yo. A tint of surprise comes from the mashed potatoes, IKR?!

Steak cannot beat stingray. Never.


Not bad of a try. I chose the thin-noodles and I really liked it. The braised pork at the back ($19.90) was sinfully soft, and it was a biggie piece. The char siew ramen ($10.90) were good but not too much for a recommendation.

It was donkey years back when I last dined in Fish&Co, finally back and was pleasantly surprised (and confused) of the wide spread of choices in the menu.Decided to go ahead with a Combo because I had no confidence to have an entire fish meal.

The baked pumpkin side dish gave me a shock on my first bite.
WHAT?! So soft omggg. Thank God they gave me quite a lot, I can't have enough so yummy. My sky!

The chicken thigh chop was goodly juicy. I just wish the sauce can be a little more spicy.

Rice was just alright. Nothing fancy. Fish was fresh but had to put salt on it cause it was quite bland. If only it comes with a more flavourful sauce.

Overall, good experience and will come back to the Glass House soon.

P.S. Their buffalo drumlets were not bad too!

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I won't be impressed with Technology until I can download Food.

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