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Weeks with Sweets

Weeks with Sweets

Sugary spice and everything nice! Not suitable for diabetics.
Fiona Ting
Fiona Ting
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My go-to hideout to binge on top quality miniature cakes. Always been a fan of their Chocolate Delice, a decadent sweet treat I never fail to finish on my own.


Mild earthyness combined with a sweet creamy texture yet without the usual petroleum taste you typically get from synthetic truffle oil. Studded with specks of real truffle bits, this is one indulgent treat.


Newly launched today, available for collection only if you’ve preordered, Brother Bird’s new line of Mochi Croissants.
Their Chinese New Year Box includes:
- Original Mochi Croissant
- Hae Bee Hiam Mochi Croissant
- Pineapple Tart Mochi Croissant
- Nian Gao Mochi Croissant
- Original Sticky Bun
- Salted Egg Custard Sticky Bun

Think crusty mini croissants with a chewy dough filling, much denser than your everyday croissants, but worth a try!

20bucks for box above


White Chocolate with a hint of floral Cardamom swirled with fragrant Mango soft serve and dainty edible flowers to perk up this sweltering heat 💦
11bucks/double swirl


This crusty Cinnamon Croissant came highly recommended by Barista Ben; heeded his advice and my inner food-goddess did her celebratory dance after the first morsel. Numerous layers of buttery pastry flaking off endlessly, and that caramelized outer crust is ✨
I also proceeded to order a second serving that very afternoon.
Best complimented with their house-brewed coffee.


Though it was challenging having to select only a couple of mini entremets from Nesuto's entire showcase, their version of a BlackForest was the best tasting one from our loot.

Chocolate Marquise Sponge, 64% Valrhona Dark Chocolate Mousse, Vanilla Namelaka, Kirsh Cherry and Morello Cherry Compote. Four varying textures coming together harmoniously.
Pair this with their Peach Oolong tea [9bucks/pot] for a great afternoon treat.


Springy Pandan hotcake, slightly crispy on the edges, served with a luminous green Pandan Coconut Gelato, Sticky Gula Melaka sauce, knobs of Coconut Ricotta Cream and specks of Desiccated Coconut. Every mouthful capturing the essence of the traditional Malay Kueh its named after.
Thankyou Prashant for graciously hosting us and Burpple for the invitation x


Hats off to small establishments that don't conform to microwaving processed food and choosing to make your meals from scratch.
My love for citrus fruits are rampant, even more so when they still carry that zesty zing when made into a pastry product.

South Union Park's Lemon Tart has got me heading back to their restaurant consecutively three weeks in a row. Made with a combination of both short crust and cookie pastry, resulting in a crisp tart shell that doesn't turn soggy even if it sits in the chiller for a day. Soft curds of acidic baked lemon custard sitting below the thin crack of brûléed sugar; every forkful a sublime satisfaction.


Dense creamy Mascarpone between layers of spiked coffee soaked sponge, dusted generously with cacao. My dad would love this since it isn't too sweet. Pretty heavily spiked too, so not for the faint hearted!


Decadent chocolate brownie-cookie with a thick schmear of salted caramel Buttercream in between. Sure packs a Punch 🤓


Thin choux with a sugar crumble crust, injected with an outrageous amount of pastry cream, Coffee in this case. My go-to flavour; in my opinion, best from their selection. Coffee ftw!


Thin choux with a sugar crumble crust, injected with an outrageous amount of pastry cream, Matcha in this case. Indulge on.

Food only. For more daily snippets, look me up on Instagram: @fionatingx

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