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Pre-order Goodies / Customised Treats

Pre-order Goodies / Customised Treats

A list of treats and goodies I got online as well as some of those that require advance order!
Vanessa Kou
Vanessa Kou
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My favourite buy from @dairyandcream to date and possibly the best matcha tart I had tried, “Waffy” from her latest summer menu was simply scrumptious. At $16 for 2 pieces, they were certainly worth every single penny. The French Aop Butter Pate sable was fragrant, slightly crumbly, and had a lovely snap as you cut into it. Filled with Black Sesame Feuilettine at the base and smooth Uji Matcha Ganache, the tart is for the intense matcha lovers. Nutty, earthy and bittersweet. A quality bake, the soft paw-shaped Uji Matcha Bavaroise sitting atop was also divine especially with the surprise Okinawan Black Sugar curd core - wonderful play of texture and flavours.

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Different from their pop-up booths, Aroma Truffle’s flagship store will not just offer direct purchase of their hand-cooked chips but features promotional activities as well. Expect giveaways, games and new product testing!
Opened daily from noon to 9pm at level one of Chinatown Point (Unit #01-20), drop by to experience the gourmet snack if you haven’t already done so. Sourced from the Italian suburbs, bits of the finest Black Summer Truffles is embedded into the crunchy ridges of each chip. Lovers of the rich, earthy and aromatic flavours will also enjoy the heady fragrance from the use of herbs and spices in their recipe. Hooked on this, I strongly recommend the original yet for those who likes an extra oomph the Parmesan Cheese proved to be immensely addictive too.

Congrats @aromatruffle and thanks for inviting me @growpublicrelations!


And my favourite snack of the moment is none other than Aroma Truffle & Co.’s Original Black Summer Truffle Potato Chips ($10). Bingeing on a pack way too quickly, I found the earthy artisanal gourmet chips to be intensely aromatic yet not too rich in taste (a good thing as you can still detect the natural flavours of the chips). Texture-wise, the crinkle-cut treats generously seasoned with bits of real truffle, also passed the crunch test as the thickness was just right. Say yes to atas-ness~

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At $7.50 each, Edith Patisserie pays homage by turning our local favourite obsession - Bubble Tea into a tart. For walk-in customers, the new offering is currently available for off-the-shelf purchase and made in limited quantities (Fri-Sun). Consisting of a milk tea custard and pearl toppings, the fun pastry was a tad sweet (even for me, a self-proclaimed sweet tooth). The black tea pastry cream was like a milk tea concentrate, more milk than tea in my opinion. The mound of house-made tapioca, on the other hand, was chewy and tasted unsweetened or perhaps overpowered by the cream. What I enjoyed most, surprisingly, was the firm yet crumbly almond pastry tart base.


Like a treasure trove of baked goodness, this bake box was snagged from the last bake sale. Filled with a double chocolate chip cookie, spelt chocolate chip cookie, classic chocolate chip cookie, spelt nutella-stuffed chocolate chip cookie, banana loaf, and a jar of salted caramel; they certainly didn’t disappoint.

Soft, gooey, chewy on the inside and crisp on the outside, these top-rated chocolate chip cookies had the perfect amount of luscious chocolate morsels. Best savored with a glass of cold milk, the cookies were even better after a quick pop into the oven. The classic banana loaf too, had a slightly crunchy exterior after toasting it for a couple of minutes and went superbly went with the thick, rich and salty-sweet caramel sauce.

Baking the perfect batch of cookies, is a tough job, but someone has to do it, right?! Well, it’s not gonna be me, so I definitely see myself ordering another box from the next bake sale!

All kinds of roasty, earthy-sweetness, it really doesn’t get any better than this!

Enveloped in a fluffy, pillowy-soft cocoa sponge, @dairyandcream’s latest creation pairs velvety hojicha cream and smooth nutty kinako chantilly with bits of hojicha jelly.

Preferring this over the previous fuwa fuwa rolls, I really enjoyed the added texture from the jelly as well as the refined and well-rounded taste of the tea flavoured cream. The design too was kept simple and cute, making it such a joy to consume. So can’t wait to get my hands on another roll in the next launch! And it was so good that even my picky parents inhaled their slices in minutes and gave their stamp of approval.

If only you can get a whiff of these awesome cheesy delights...

In order to satisfy my curiosity for @Missgoob 's Baked Cheese Pão I went on ahead with a bulk order (minimum of 30 pieces) thinking that I may have a hard time finishing them but boy was I wrong. Their take on the classic Brazilian Cheese Buns (Pão de Queijo) taste like a delicious cross between a French baguette and mochi; with its slight crusty exterior and chewy-soft center. Subtly sweet and salty, the added fragrance from the sprinkle of herbs coupled with the already-additive aroma of cheese was uhhh-mazing too.

Price: $6/5 pieces

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The foul weather really put a damper on my plans yesterday. But all was good as I was able to secure a stash of Brotherbird Milk & Croissants' delectable baked goods!

Spending the day away with a box of assorted mochi croissants and cruffins at the comforts of my own home; the two croissant-muffin hybrids were easy favourites. Crusty, chewy, flaky and absolutely toothsome, the oriental element of the Chrysanthemum Tea Mochi Cruffin ($4) worked surprisingly well with the pastry. A taste of spring, the cream was both flowery and refreshing with the right balance of sweetness. Rolled in sugar, the smooth filling was light yet managed to shine with the vibrant tea flavour. And for something a bit more tangy
 filled with lemon cheesecake cream, the Lemon Meringue Cheesecake Mochi Cruffin ($4) tasted simply exceptional. The small dollop of lemon curd and soft torched meringue also added a nice touch to the slightly tart, custard-like cheesecake cream.

The more premium of the four, the Kinder Bueno Twice-Baked Mochi Croissant ($5) incites just as much joy as the childhood wafer bar using the foolproof combination of praline cream and chocolate. Nutty and chocolatey, the pastry had a great play of textures too with the thin white chocolate shards and crunchy hazelnuts. And for those who enjoy a classic butter croissant, the Original Mochi Croissant ($3) offers a pleasant twist to the French viennoiserie with a tad more springy and chewy bite in the middle accompanied by the familiar buttery fragrance


Exceptionally soft and pillowy swiss rolls that were too cute to eat, dairyandcream 's Fuwa Fuwa and Toto Rolls were also too good to resist. Starting with the original Fuwa Fuwa Roll, the vanilla custard cream core was the bomb with tiny specks of Madagascar vanilla visible in the flowy custard and double the fun was the airy Hokkaido milk cream. Mmmm
. pleasant hit of milkiness and sweetness in every forkful.

And for em’ matcha lovers, the Toto Roll (not available now, but patiently awaiting their comeback) was yum-mehhh! The luscious bittersweet cream paired with the fluffy matcha sponge was 10/10. Great individually, the elements were even better together in a toothsome roll! Oh and of course, loving the chocolate drawn faces for the aesthetics and taste~

Chocolate Peanut Butter JackOLantern, Flower Salt Caramel Ghost, Strawberry Pistachio Frankenstein & Salted Egg Mummy Macarons

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Take decadent, fudgy chocolate brownies to the next level with a flakes of sea salt and dark chocolate chunks added into the mix. Though a subtle sweet-salt contrast, Lucia Cakes' Salted Dark Chocolate Brownie was such a treat. Thick, chocolatey and gooey goodness at $35 per box (25 pieces). What’s more, a quick microwave and throw in a scoop of vanilla ice cream to double the indulgence.

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(From Baker j_patissier)
Though I had a fairly good experience with the baker (no cancelled order but waited close to an hour for pick-up from the prearranged time), I have noted that she is known to cancel orders and go missing in action. So please order with care!


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