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Best Of Italian

Best Of Italian

Created this list to feature the Italian dishes I like from cafes/restaurants in Singapore 😊
Victoria Hii
Victoria Hii

Probably the only buffet known of their wide array of cheeses 🧀 - blu di langa, pecorino Nero do pienza, taleggio DOP, ubriaco alla birra, pecorino stagionato nel fieno, puzzone di moena, piave mezzano with tons of condiments and none other than the magnificent grana padano!

Wanted to skip crappy carbs to make space for the pizzas and pastas but the bread was irresistible, especially the angelo’s squid ink bread and the mushroom & truffle bread. (Both available for sale at dolcetto at $10 & $11 respectively per loaf)

Glad I had the space to try the pastas. They have the following - taglioloni with seabass ragout, penne in tomato & pesto, Wagyu beef lagsane & conchiglioni with pork ragout. Specially enjoyed the taglioloni with seabass ragout and the penne! Very comforting, hearty and flavorful. They also had carving stations serving roasted turkey, lamb as well as chicken. For the roast meats, I really enjoyed the uncommon mustards like the chili mustard as well as the herb mustard.

Moving on to the deserts, ice cream selection was pretty decent - nougat, chocolate, berries sorbet, green apple sorbet, peach sorbet and good old vanilla (with vanilla pods, damn legit!). The usual suspects were also spotted- tiramisu, panna cotta, bread & butter pudding, apple crumble. Some items I particularly enjoyed were the pecan tart, pistachio choux, lemon & raspberry cake.

Overall, good value and selection for a buffet. Especially even more so if you love cheese! 😊

Homemade egg pasta, crabmeat, Italian tomatoes, cream, vodka, parmigiano reggiano.

Homemade egg pasta stuffed with pumpkin and parmigiano reggiano, cashew curcuma creme, pumpkin carpaccio, pecorino, brown butter, sage. Yummy parcels with sweet pumpkin filling! Didn’t quite enjoy the cashew curcuma, which was lacking in flavors to balance the sweetness from the filling. An honest, simple sage brown butter would suffice really

Chef’s selection of 8 cheeses, smoked date cream, truffle honey, cracked black pepper. First of all, legit crust - firm but soft and springy. And interestingly, you might never get the same pizza again as there is no fixed recipe for the selection of the cheeses. Boy, the smoked date cream was a real game changer. The sweetness really balanced well with the cheeses. Also loved the punch of spicy piquancy from the dollops of blue cheese, that comforting moist and slightly crumbly texture.

Loving the concept of Da Paolo’s latest venture - a 5,000sqf restaurant and retail emporium at the heart of singapore situated at Dempsey. Charming set up hearty freshly made pastas, italian gelatos, cheese bar and sourdough based pizzas from wood fired oven. Warm chickpea musabaha, sourdough toast. Hummus is on the gritty side, just perfect with the toasted sourdough! Or the crust of the pizza!

Al dente tagliatelle with a very rich and flavorful sauce! Comes with generous amount of Wagyu & foie cubes. Very decadent, but well worth the splurge and calories😋


Typical sardinian pasta that is shaped like a little shell made from semolina and water only. Served with a thick tomato sauce with generous amount of Italian sausage. Very homey and comforting dish! Love how chewy these little shells are. And boy aren’t they pretty

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Super rich and creamy scrambled eggs (looked and tasted like polenta, but smooth and not chunky at all) with chunks of crab meat and 2g of shaved white truffle


Baked sea bass fillet rolled with grilled eggplant. Served with fresh tomatoes, salad and sun dried tomato sauce. Love the visuals and the cook on the fish certainly did not disappoint.

Tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, prawns, squid, black olives, fresh tomatoes, garlic & a drizzle of pesto sauce. Homemade organic dough used. Pretty decent wood fired dough consistency. Got to love how fluffy, light and airy the crust is!

Little pockets of dough, rolled out thinly and stuffed with filling made of a blend of truffle, cream and cheese.

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Always counting down to the next meal 😋

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