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Best Of Italian

Best Of Italian

Created this list to feature the Italian dishes I like from cafes/restaurants in Singapore 😊
Victoria Hii
Victoria Hii

Rich, full-bodied meat sauce enhanced with wine and herbs to achieve that immensely flavorful beef ragu which goes amazingly well with the fresh, homemade tagliatelle! The choice of using this long, flat ribbons of pasta is ideal for this recipe because the shreds of beef cling to the pasta strands!


Don’t under estimate this vegetarian dish, the pesto is a mouthful of bright summer and it really packs a punch! Loved that the pastas here are all made fresh daily and Gemelli is a good choice for this thick pastey pesto as this pasta type consists of two short pasta strands that are twisted together into a spiral shape - perfect for the yummy pesto to be “trapped” in the ridges!


Decided on this as we did not want to get ahead of ourselves with the 330g burrata!

Susrprised at how the creamy buffalo milk is whipped until so light and fluffy. Infused with herbs then drizzled with honey. Great on its own. And even better when smothered on the toast but it’s full throttle potential comes through when paired with the aged balsamic!


Can’t go wrong with this classic risotto that pressed all the right buttons, with intense porcini mushrooms and plump Arborio rice. Well balanced sauce with the right amount of acidity & cream.

Not bad at all but can really do with a more intense earthy flavor, and more mushrooms pls! Perhaps the addition of portobellos, ceremis or even chanterelle could deeply enhance the flavor.

Truffle purée, porcini mushrooms, egg, buffalo mozzarella. Underwhelming experience with this one as I feel that the crust of the pizza was not well executed, lacking the soft chewy texture and that crisp exterior.

Tender little dough pillows coated in the luscious rich creamy walnut pesto. Love how soft and chewy the gnocchis tasted, with a silk smooth texture. So light and delicate, they practically melted in my mouth!

Blast from the past as we requested for a remake of this special from some time back.

Al dente pasta yes. But overall a let down as the sauce and the pasta did not feel cohesive enough as a whole. At such a steep price, I would have expected more

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One bite wonder. Love how the complex the flavor profile from this combination of smoked egg, aburi beef, sea urchin!

The smoked eggs are wrapped in thin layers of seared wagyu and topped with fresh uni. The smokiness from the egg is balanced perfectly well with the runny yolk, the seared wagyu and the briny uni- really creates that ‘pop’ in your mouth!


Love to watch them in action, sending pizzas into the Stefano Ferrara Neapolitan handmade brick oven!

Amazing pizza baked to order, served with mozzarella cheese, tomato sauce, squid, prawn, shellfish, basil & oregano.

Really appreciate how thin the base of the pizza is, yet thick enough to hold the fine ingredients on it. The crust had a perfect char, with a chewy yet crusty texture. So good you will not leave them on your plate and let it go to waste! And the generous amount of seafood on the rich tomato paste. C’est bon!


Delicious freshly made cavatelli pasta (resembles miniature hot dog buns) with grilled octopus and pork trotter in a rich tomato blend, topped with pine nuts. Would rather have more of the tender soft grilled octopus and skip the pork trotter. Got to say the al denté texture of the pasta was spot on and loved how the sauce gets trapped in the “little hollows”!


Great place to dine with a view here- overlooking esplanade and the merloin. They have a weekly rotating lunch menu at forlino with rather extensive options for each course. Love that the chef has this outlet to get creative and come up with new innovative items! :)

First course - Terrina di Fegato Grasso: Foie Gras Terrine, Apple Confit, Marsala Reduction (Supplement $10)
Very delicate, love the combination of the aged reduction and the terrible. Wished I had more of that homemade walnut toast to finish up the terrine!

Second Course - Ventresca di Tonno: Pan-Seared Tuna Belly, Capsicum Peperonata, Sundried Tomatoes, Capers
Rarely take a risk with the fish selection as I am often disappointed but this time, i am glad i went with my guts and took a chance. Was really impressed with the plating here! And boy, they are generous aren’t they? Loved the cook of the tuna belly and that soft yet firm texture. The peperonata and capers worked so well I alternated each segment of tuna with either and at the end succumbed to having it altogether!

Third course - Basilico: Basil Gelato, Cocoa Crumble, Lemon Cream, Italian Meringue
Looks impressive but I got to admit I’m not always a fan of deconstructing a classic like lemon meringue tart. The Basil gelato is a great palate cleanser though. Love that punchy pesto! Would have been better if it was a sorbet! (Just saying)


Was really excited when I found out about this place, especially so because the mozarella are made in house! So you can expect fresh ones here ^^

Stringy, springy and supple texture yet at the same time soft and moist with a rich milky flavor.

I rarely ever order mozzarella but this time chose this over burrata because I like the condiments from this dish best- Fresh Italian Tomatoes and Basil Pesto. Oh, the tomatoes were so juicy and sweet!! And more pesto please!!!

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Always counting down to the next meal 😋

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