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Start The Meal Right

Start The Meal Right

My collection of the best of appetizers! 😋
Victoria Hii
Victoria Hii

A lighter appetizer option, perfect for sharing! The consistency of the hummus is thinner than usual, slightly more runny, still great nonetheless. The grilled vegetables include baby corn, zucchinis, mushroom and pumpkin. Nice finishing touch with the toasted almonds! Wiped the hummus all out with the bread 😏

Love the myriad of flavors and textures in this appetizer!! Punchy, bright flavors from the spicy mayo with a nice touch of sweetness to balance off from the pears! Scoop some of the salmon cubes and have it with the crispy seaweed and you’re good to go! What a great start to a meal

Hardly ever (or maybe not at all) catch a glimpse of hummus in an Italian restaurant. And it comes with tender and soft grilled octopus!

Wish the dish comes with some form of dough like pita or foccacia to enjoy the rest of the hummus with! Slightly gritty with specks of chickpea, but really rich & earthy. Instead, you only get toasted focaccia to go with if you ordered the hummus alone as a starter. [$14]


It’s hard to give it a miss whenever I see Brussel sprouts on the menu. Loved how well they are charred with those lightly crisp edges. The addition of pine nuts and raisins really made it more enjoyable with the additional texture and provided the sweet & nutty touch!


Can always count on plentyfull to bring out the sophistication of fresh produce and deliver that burst of flavors. Plum salted tomatoes were really plump and packs a punch when you bite into them! Along with the aged ponzu and crispies, the organic tofu is really a perfect palate cleanser or a refreshing side to have!

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Under small bites section in the dinner menu, these deep fried Brussels are extremely flavorful. Loved the slightly charred edges, the sweetness from the fish sauce caramel was really appetizing with a lovely crunch from the crispies.


Located on the 40th floor of CapitaGreen, Artemis presents an amazing repertoire of Mediterranean inspired flavors. You can also enjoy the view of the stunning Marina Bay cityscape!


Part of Executive Set Lunch:
Two courses - 45 / Three courses - 52

Loved the colours on this plate! Tuna chunks were fresh and beautifully seasoned with that bright citrus punch. The crunch from the radish, cucumber and peppers were really lovely too


Greek honey, toasted sesame seeds

Firm, creamy block of feta nicely coated with a thin crisp layer of fyllo. It was a little hard to get through without the Greek honey. I would have preferred the feta served in bite sized with more surface area in fyllo as compared to the entire block as the feta can be rather overwhelming. Perhaps the addition of some yoghurt or walnut for additional textures could be interesting or fun to exploit the versatility of the flavor profile of feta 😅


Not inclusive of pita (grilled flatbread w oregano) at $4/serving.

Dips include (from top to bottom)
1. Taramosata- cured cod roe, onions, lemons
2. Melizanosalata - smoked eggplants, roasted red peppers, walnuts
3. Tyrokafteri - feta, red peppers, chili, Greek yoghurt
4. Tzatziki - Greek yoghurt, cucumber, garlic, dill

Favorite dip would def be the Melizanosalata! It’s the only chunky dip. But the fun part of the platter is for the variety and alternating the dips. How love unique and refreshing the dips are. Especially the Tzatziki, which has little cubes of cucumber in it with a creamy tangy yoghurt base.


Kimme got its name from the nickname of its owner, Chef Sun Kim, who is also the South Korean chef behind one-Michelin-starred Meta Restaurant.

The three-storey shophouse space has a 14-seater communal table on the first floor, a bar on the second coupled with a few side tables, and a private dining area on the third. This is where you can expect inspiration and and techniques from all around East Asia, coupled with Western twists.

The Irish oysters are mainly on the smaller side of the spectrum in terms of size. The refreshing lemon ginger dressing, together with the roe for that tad of saltiness and at the same time enhancing the taste of the ocean, brought out the best in the creamy oysters without compromising on the nuances of oyster flavor.


Seared French duck liver, toasted homemade brioche, apple compote, assorted seasoning salts & organic black pepper.

Decadently rich with a distinct sweetness, foie gras was nicely seared and had the mandatory melt in your mouth texture! The richness of the foie is complemented by the sweet apple compote.


Always counting down to the next meal 😋

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