K - Cuisine

K - Cuisine

Featuring Nipong Naepong (Jem), Jinjja Chicken (Bugis Village), Patbingsoo Korean Dining House (Plaza Singapura), Manna Story (Plaza Singapura), Choo Choo Chicken (Bugis), I'm Kim Korean BBQ, Wonderful Bapsang, ICG Chicken & Burger (West Mall), Oppa! Choo Choo
Veeky Momo
Veeky Momo

Relatively new place along the “outer” units of Westmall facing the Bukit Batok MRT. The nice uncle was friendly and kept urging us to try the generous samples of fried chicken and hash-browns that he brought out when he spotted us scanning the menu.

I think he mentioned the brand was from Korea if i remember correctly cos I was kinda busy sampling 😄 I tried the Original flavour and it was really good but cos we already knew what it tasted like, the sister and I went for the sweet & spicy and garlic soy to share instead. I really like the garlic soy as well but felt the sweet & spicy version was a little drowning in the thick sauce. Was really surprised that the sides came in such big portion too. For $7-$8 per set, you get a bowl of huge chicken chunks (no bones! 👏🏻), generous serving of sides (we topped up $0.50 for the hash-browns) and a drink. Worth it! 👍🏻 There are rice options too if you want something more filling.

Happy to have spotted this and will definitely be back to try the other flavours 😋

Sis ordered this is & i stole a bite. We both love the slight smoky taste of the sweet & spicy sauce (kinda like the wok hei in zi char cooking).

Flashed the Burpple app for a 1-for-1 ppong promo! Yayyy😋👏🏻

I saw the description “tomato and cream sauces topped with flying fish roe & mozzarella cheese” and I’m sold😍 So in love with the chewy noodles too!

Flashed the Burpple app for a 1-for-1 ppong promo! Yayyy😋👏🏻

I really liked this sweet and spicy fried chicken, but perhaps it would be better for 2pax instead of 3. Although we had a spread of other dishes as well, i still felt like i didn’t quite have enough of this.

It came with tteokbokki and sweet potato fries and both were well coated in the delicious sauce. But I still can’t help but feel slightly cheated cos then i realised the chicken pieces were lesser than it seems. Perhaps i would return another day and dine without my Eatigo discount to see if the serving is the same 🤔


Tucked away at the back of a korean mart, this hidden place is quite a gem. The spread we had were delicious & pretty authentic. Only gripe would be it seemed a little pricey for the portions. (Not sure if it had anything to do with the 20% discount we got from making a reservation through Eatigo🤔)

The seafood pancake & pork gimbap were my personal favourite 👍🏻🤤 I would definitely return!


Unlike the House Special Ramyeon where i highly doubted the luncheon meat being used were real Spam, this one probably is.

I don't know if it has to do with the dish being torched but everything was quite tough to chew on by the time we ate this cos we were eating the ramyeon first. Perhaps don't wait too long to eat this if you do order. The torching didn't give that nice 'smoky' fragrance one would usually expect. And there was nothing dynamite about the sauce either.

Fascinating to watch and interesting presentation but not something I would return for. As with my thoughts about their ramyeon in the earlier post, I would rather go to Manna Story a few units away if I'm craving Korean food.

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I didn't think this was as good as the 'Best Seller' tag made it out to be. The soup was diluted and the kimchi was rather bland; definitely not the 'special spicy soup' i was looking forward to. Sis & I both agreed it tasted somewhat like Maggi curry noodle 😂.

I think the biggest disappointment was the luncheon meat. The menu said it was 'spam'. Previous reviews said the 'spam' was soaking up the flavourful soup. But in my honest opinion, i don't think it's spam at all and i think i eat enough of it at home to tell. It tasted like those cheap brands of luncheon meat my Mum always nag my Dad for buying.

Not a fan of bingsoo so I didn't order any desserts. Perhaps that's what they are known for (going by the name duh..) But honestly I would say head to Manna Story a few units away for really good Korean food. Then maybe come here for the desserts.


I like garlic. Sis like spicy.
So this half chicken where we can choose up to 2 flavours is just perfect👍🏼

Mini rice burgers - spam, spicy pork & tuna 😋
Aren't these just perfect for trying 3 different fillings in one sitting? or perhaps when you're just feeling indecisive 😆


Possibly my favourite place for Korean food. Just something "homely" about this place (although it's not likely my parents will be cooking Korean food at home).

Shared the dalk galbi (super tender & flavourful chicken & we added ramyeon!) & kimchi stew with Sis & we finished everything *burps*

Just perfect for the recent chilly weather :)))


Love the marinated meat & wide variety of cooked food. There was some card discount and our bill was $15 per pax. Totally value for money considering how much meat we had! Seems like there's ongoing promotion for students as well. The only bad thing (in my humble opinion), would be the smell that sticks to your hair & clothes, and possibly your entire being, after the meal. But seriously for this price, can lah, bring it on👍🏼

This was so good. Right from the decor when we walked in to the cute menu done like story books. When the food came, sizzling & simmering, I jus had to start digging in. I will gladly go back again and then maybe I will remember to take individual shots 😁 In the picture are the chicken & saba hotplate, kimchi soup(super generous chunks of pork belly) & a dry version of budae jjigae(I cant quite remember what it was but it had LOTS of spicy chicken sitting on a bed of shredded cabbage, enoki mushrooms & tang hoon). It was one of the most satisfying meal I've had in a while👍


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