J - Cuisine

J - Cuisine

Featuring Kanshoku Ramen Bar (orchardgateway), Ramen Dining Keisuke Tokyo (Suntec City), Marutama Ra-men (Liang Court), Sanpoutei Ramen (Shaw House), Ramen Bari-Uma (Tanglin), Hokkaido Marche, IPPUDO (Shaw Centre), Machida-Shoten (Japan Food Town), Menya Takeichi (Suntec City), Marugame Udon & Tempura (ION Orchard)
Veeky Momo
Veeky Momo

Ultimate comfort food👍🏻. The broth is light but very tasty. Noodles could be harder although it’s just my preference for firmer noodles. The char siu is so tender and flavourful. Favourite part is the egg. Well marinated on the outside and runny on the inside. Just look at the perfect golden yolk glistening 😍

All time favourite roasted char siu❤️
Haven’t had this in years but it’s still SO GOOD!
Perfect balance of fatty bits and tender meat, with the wonderfully charred edges. Simply melt in the mouth🤤!

This is a bowl of comforting goodness. Broth is thick and flavourful (but with plenty of bites of cabbage in between, i did not feel sick of it) Although there are So Many different ingredients, they all seemed to go well together. Lots of cabbage and mushrooms, slices of Japanese fishcake & fried fishcake, some black fungus, a crab stick, some pork belly, a quail egg, a prawn, a piece of squid, a clam, strips of onions... SO MUCH GOING ON.. the flavoured egg was added by me at an extra charge. But i just can’t say no flavoured eggs. 😍 below all that is yellow noodles that reminded me of yellow Hokkien mee noodles but in a good way. Flavour and texture of noodles are customisable and there are free flow bean sprouts & hard boiled eggs as with the other Keisuke outlets.

Left with my tummy and heart equally full ☺️❤️

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Ordered this simple bowl of goodness in regular size. I thought it looks small but turns out it was sufficient for most diners in my opinion, especially if you’re intending to grab some of the tempura as well. We had the vegetable tempura which was well battered and goes really well with the tempura sauce from the self serve condiments counter; chicken karaage was well marinated and while it wasn’t piping hot, at least it wasn’t soggy.

A fuss free and relatively wallet friendly place to dine in town👍🏻 Would definitely be back to try the rest of the flavours 😋


Came specially for this but left feeling somewhat mehhh. Perhaps it was the huge bunch of bean sprouts in it that i do not take. Hence the bad start. But the soup did not taste anything special as well(?). Couldn’t really taste the difference in the soup before and after mixing in the pieces of butter too. Chashu was rather bland despite having soaked the pieces in the broth for a while.

I liked the noodles though; it was firm & chewy. Wouldn’t return for this for $19 but my ramen-loving soul would still be game to try the other variations on the menu ~


This 'All Topping' version is so satisfying & filling. It comes with aburi belly chashu, chashu, black fungus, spring onion & ajitsuke tamago. The aburi chashu is so tender & flavourful; even the fatty parts are almost melt in your mouth. It was so good that it made the chashu pale slightly in comparison. The ajitsuke tamago was also perfectly done too - flavourful and oozing it's orangey yolk👍🏻😍

Ordered the gyoza and it was pretty good too. The gyoza skin was not too thick; the bottom has a nice crisp while the top part maintained a light chewy texture.

I love that I can customise my ramen; from flavour to noodle type and hardness. I love the complimentary beansprouts & corn. Overall, a place that I'm definitely adding to my list of favourite ramen joints in SG.


Finally get to try this place despite passing by all the time and staring at it longingly.

Everything about this place felt "so Jap", it was like being back in Tokyo again. Major love😍 (and we have not even started eating yet!) From the sliding door at the entrance to the welcome greetings being called out cheerily, to the little shop space furnished in dark colored wood. The chefs were busy in the open concept kitchen, dishing out bowls of ramen and plates of gyozas. The lady who took our order knelt by our table side (in total Jap-style no less!), attentively noting our choices on a little clipboard.

I had the Ajitama-uma ($14.90). The pork flavoured shoyu broth was thick and flavourful but strangely not too salty and did not leave me feeling thirsty. It was reminiscent of the ones I had in Tokyo. Their famous thick-cut chashu was grilled to smoky perfection and the huge ajitama was well seasoned and oozing golden yolk. Loved their generous toppings of the seasoned bamboo shoots (don't be deceived by the pic cos they were all hidden under that awesome thick broth) and spring onions too.

Definitely my one of my top favourite places for Japanese ramen in SG now. Can't wait to go back again😍!


These little touches made me so gleeful LOLLL. So cute right? Our table of 2 finished 3/4 of the bean sprouts. AND I DON'T EVEN LIKE BEAN SPROUTS ACTUALLY. But it was honestly addictive. Seasoned with sesame oil(i think?), some chilli thing and sesame seeds. Fragrant and very appetising! And omg free flow kewpie mayo guys😍 love how generous this place is! Oh and you can help yourself to free Japanese barley tea at the entrance while waiting in queue. Ahh bless the good people behind these ideas👍🏼


Chicken Stock Ramen With Flavoured Egg (Original) $13.50 -- Decided to try something different and went for the chicken stock base. The broth was light and sweet but still flavourful enough(i opted for strong flavour). Totally the kind of food to warm your tummy and soul on a rainy day👍🏼 But personally I still feel the tonkotsu kind are more to my liking.

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I opted for the 'Regular' for both the Flavour & Oil. On hindsight, I should have gone for the lightest. Specially since the menu did state this Yokohama-style ramen is cooked in "thick, rich & salty broth complemented with butter and garlic oil".

It was sooo good at first. The broth was thick and very flavourful just as expected. But halfway through I was gulping down iced water faster than I would have preferred.

On the plus side, I really love how generous they are. My bowl came with 3 THICK slices of cha shu and 6 huge pieces of seaweed. My noodles were made firm as i had opted which i really liked.

The place had a very authentic jap-vibe which i really liked as well. Probably cos we were seated at the counter seats facing their kitchen. I felt like I was back in Japan. ☺️ Would definitely be back for more (although I would adjust my ramen flavour & oil level to a lighter version) !

I felt like this was a diluted version of a similar truffle soup ramen at Menya Takechi at Suntec (cant remember if the name is right).

This broth is lighter and perhaps good for those who find the heavier type broth to be too jelak. But personally i like my ramen broth thick & full of flavour. Also, i was not able to choose the hardness of my noodles for this item due to the cooking process(not sure why). So my ramen was not as al dente as i like it to be.

Perhaps if I hadn't tried Menya Takechi, I would have found this to be good.

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Cheap and good ramen fix in a very Jap-like stall setting. Piping hot basic ramen on a rainy day is like the best combi ever👍🏼


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