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Kieffer Tay
Kieffer Tay

Salmon mentai bao: This bao is seasonal and will only be available till 11 Feb. I love anything mentaiko so this bao was a huge hit for me. Fulffy bun aside, the mentaiko was nicely charred and the salmon skin was crisp. The salmon fish was also fresh.

Salted egg chicken bao: This bao uses a black sesame bun instead of the usual mantou bun. I like the fragrance of the black sesame bun when paired with the salted egg sauce. The sauce was quite fragrant with a little bit spiciness which I loved. The chicken was tender and not overdone, and the skin was crispy too.


I am not even a fan of spicy food, but Tolido's rendition of the local favourite perennial dish just blew me away

I love the rich coconut aroma of the laksa sauce, and the spiciness was just right for me. Throw in 5 sizeable juicy prawns and you are good to go. Pasta was al dente too.

Enough said, just hop down and enjoy their weekday lunch promo and enjoy a drink on top of any mains & breakfast items for only $2-$6 depending on drinks ordered.


Black Truffle Risotto ($28) - Essentially oyster mushroom, de-boned chicken wing, parmesan chip and raw quail's egg yolk.

This dish was unanimously agreed on as the best dish at yesterday's tasting. The risotto was moist and yet packed a punch from the truffle flavour and seasoning of the risotto itself. The texture was enhanced with the crunchy oyster mushroom and the quails egg.

Just think of this dish as really appetising comfort food which you will eat and unconsciously smile to yourself. That knowing smile from satisfying your palate.


How do I begin to describe this dish? Lets see. For starters, the tiger prawns were fresh, nicely shelled, and had a crunchy bite. The chilli flakes on the pasta were slightly overwhelming for me as I have a low tolerance for heat. But it did make the pasta more fragrant.

My favourite is definitely the mentaiko sauce, nicely torched and had a nice char fragrance to it. The pasta was cooked al dente, so springy and had a good bite. I squeezed the lemon and lightly drizzled its juice for a slight tangy punch. After mixing all the ingredients together with pasta, the flavour come full circle.

Overall I enjoyed this dish probably more than I should as I wiped off the sauce completely the bowl.


Stateland Café has evolved from your evolved from your everyday café to a full fledged bistro serving outstanding fusion food.
Hainanese Chicken Rice Risotto - soy braised chicken, ginger risotto, sriracha vinaigrette, nai bai, fried shallots, chicken skin and spring onion.

This brilliant creation right here touches on what strikes us Singaporeans - chicken rice. There is not one element of this dish I did not love, well except the cabbage, but that is because I am not a veggie eater.

The risotto broth was flavourful and well balanced. The chicken chunks were sizeable and tender, and although I am not a fan of spiciness, the chilli vinaigrette tasted so much like the chicken rice chilli but only more empowering. I loved it so much. The crispy chicken skin added a good texture too.

Overall a must try for first timers at Stateland and also if you are a fan of quirky fusion creations that work.

**Another thing to love, a complimentary drink is given with every dish on the food menu ordered.


My first fusion dish at Monochrome.

Soft shell crab was used which i really did not fancy at all because I just detest shells in my mouth but this proved to be a different experience.

The spiciness level was just right for me for a non spicy food fan. Linguine was done al-dente and contained as much punch as the crab itself. Portion of the crab was rather decent and I found myseld polishing the sauce and pasta off the plate cleanly.


🍴Aspiring foodie 🍴Insta: @decipherkieffer

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