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Korean Cuisine

Korean Cuisine

Always on the look out for good Korean BBQ places with fresh meat, good side dishes and most importantly, great environment.
Zi Heng Tay
Zi Heng Tay
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They have burgers and korean fried chicken here at an affordable price! Got the Super Tongsal Chicken Burger ($5.50) which has a good, garlicky piece of fried chicken with tartar sauce. The Bulgogi Beef Burger ($4.90) is average, the sauce being a bit too sweet for my liking. I think everyone will come for the Creamy Yangpa Onion Chicken ($10). The batter is thick, crunchy, savoury, very garlicky, and it is not oily at all! Most of the meat is from the chicken thigh and it is tender and well seasoned. The creamy sauce tastes like a sweetened version of mayonnaise and the potent raw onions will give you a heavy breath for the rest of your day.


Large pot of army stew to be shared among 2-3 friends! The soup is a nice blend of spicy, sweet and sour, super comforting on a rainy day. Service here is good, the staff will help to cut the ingredients on the spot before cooking and add the ramyeon noodles. Free flow of sides, I liked the sliced hard boiled eggs best! Only regret was not adding cheese in the army stew. $33.90++ but they a promo now where this goes for half price.


Soy sauce fried chicken was super good! The savoury sweet soya sauce was perfect with the lightly battered chicken. The chicken meat itself was fresh and tender, one of the better Korean fried chicken around! This 4 piece chicken cost $20++.


Wasn't expecting much, but was super impressed with the freshness and quality of the chicken wings! You can tell when the bones of the chicken look very white and the meat comes off easily. Preferred the more savoury soy garlic to the cheese (sprinkled with garlic powder). Don't miss out on the wings if you are here!


Moist, succulent meat, with a batter that was too thick and plain for my liking. I ended up desperately moping up the mustard sauce.


Umami packed seafood soup with beautifully charred onion lending a wok hei taste to the soup. My friend commented that it tasted like spicy hor fun soup. Felt a bit cheated with empty mussel shells and only one whole prawn.


$9 bingsu featuring a small slice of cheesecake and a scoop of mango ice cream. This was definitely better than the injeolmi bingsu! I say, skip the chicken and just come here for their bingsu.


$7 bingsu that is served in a takeaway bowl on a cup for you to hold which I thought was ingenious. Portion is smaller (thus cheaper) than what most bingsu shops are offering. Ice was finely shaven, but the injeolmi powder was lacking in flavour and depth. All the sweetened milk got collected at the bottom of the cup so if you want to mix it, make sure you reach right to the bottom of the cup.


$30 for a whole chicken! You get to choose 4 flavours, so maybe you're paying for the variety? Chicken was run-of-the-mill, well fried but lacks the wow factor of Chir Chir (which serves free water and is cheaper). The crispy flavour had very under seasoned meat (bland), garlic flavour was more black pepper. The best was definitely the honey soy. Finger gloves are available so do remember to ask for them.


Shaved ice mango with a mixture of sweet and sour mango cubes. The scoop of thick creamy ice cream helps to balance the sourness and the small mango sphere balls makes each mouthful pop. Tastes a bit like non carbonated ice cream soda after a while. Best to share this! Priced at $12.90.


Small shop space that was half opened (?) on a Sunday afternoon. I was quite surprised by the quality of the bingsu. Fine shaven ice, aromatic green tea ice cream, fragrant black sesame powder and roasted almond shavings. Very comparable to Nunsongyee's. The ice didn't seem to melt, resulting in a rather dry-ish feel. Price wise also very steep, this was $16.90.


Not a fan of red bean but gave this a try. Still don't like red bean. But the milk and the finely shaven ice is so shiok! Especially after a few hours of shopping at Bugis Junction.


I cook too. Check out my instagram @zihtay

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