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Local Food!

Local Food!

Anything Singaporean but not found at a kopitiam/hawker center comes in here
Shaun Sim
Shaun Sim
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The fish soup here is really sweet and I love that every bowl comes with many slices of fish in it. A little pricey if you compare it to kopitiams but definitely value for money if you ask me. And I can’t resist fried eggs in my fish soup! .
Really craving for a comforting bowl of fish soup after a long week at work and stuck with sub-par canteen food. Probably my only pet peeve about teaching is that lunch time is no longer exciting now. Unless we order delivery that is 😂

Have you tried this famous prawn noodles stall yet? The girlfriend opened my eyes to this place because she had a bad craving for it. For a person who don’t like the taste of prawn, I found the prawn noodles soup here to be very comforting. The broth that the noodles came in wasn’t overwhelmingly prawny as well.

I found the pork ribs noodles to be one of the best ones that I had as the chunks of pork ribs here are fall-off-bone kind of tender and was very flavourful as well. I also love how each bowl of noodles comes brimming with ingredients. The accompanying bowl of soup with the dry pork ribs noodles was too concentrated with prawn stock though, too overwhelming for my liking.

Lastly, the Five Spices here are a welcome addition to your noodles! I love the beancurd skin with fish paste here ◡̈

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Crispy puff indeed! Was pleasantly surprised when I sunk my teeth into one of these after boxing class last night, the crust was so crispy but flakey.

The fillings inside were substantial but on a sweeter than spicy side with the generous amount of onions stuffed within. But I do feel that this masked the flavour of the sardines.

Fun fact; this place is opened 24 hours! They have also have quirky flavours like pizza and lemon tuna curry puff! Have you tried these before?

Stumbled here with my girlfriend’s family although I have seen this place on Instagram so many times. Don’t know if we caught them on an off day or what because I haven’t seen anyone mention that the noodles here are super spicy. The girlfriend’s brother had to wash the noodles in the soup which promptly turned bright orange after his endeavours.

Apart from being really spicy, the noodles are quite springy, as are the fishballs but the wait is a tad too long. Would wanna come back again, just to see if we caught them on an off day or if we are gonna eat chilli noodles all the time instead of BCM. Let me know your thoughts about this place ◡̈


Came here on a few occasions in the past but always didn’t get to try the food here but finally did so after we arrived here before the opening hours.
Although the place is famed for its roasted and bbq pork, I find that it is the roasted duck that I’m most impressed by. It was tender and well flavoured and I also like that it is not as fatty as most roast ducks tend to be.

I can also understand why the bbq pork and roasted pork here is so famous. They managed to nail the fats to meat ratio perfectly for both!
Come here early if you want to try as the crowd started forming 5, 10 minutes into the shop’s operating hours.


At $5.50 a bowl, I expect my laksa to taste good, if not exceptional but sadly this was just a waste of money... Shall try our luck at Janggut next time, hopefully it’s open when we visit 😅

The stall first caught my attention when a bro told me about it and the ever present queues (at least during meal times) pique my interest.

The noodles here are springy and cooked nicely and costs up the sauce base very well. I like that the noodles comes with plentiful ingredients as well. What makes the dish special is that it comes with mock goose (素鹅) bits as well as a flavourful Fuzhou fishball.

You can have this as a set at $4.50 or without the drink at $3.50. There are other offerings at the stall too, including BCM with abalone slices at $4.50!


One of the go-to places when I want no-frills, comfort food. The club sandwich here reminds me of a homely taste but is a tad bit expensive though 😅

Established since 2004, Currywok serves up heartening and homely dishes! We had their Curry Chicken ($11), Sambal Kangkong ($10), Sambal Sotong ($13) and some Coconut Agar Agar ($4) and Fresh Lime Juice ($2.50) to end of the meal. The lady boss was also kind enough to serve us an additional dish of their signature Nonya Chap Chye ($10), all of which I love very much!

Ever since my grandma stopped cooking, I have been longing after delicious home cooked meals and the dishes at Currywok definitely help with it. The lady boss also shared with us that their food are cook-to-order and are not laden with MSG.
I especially love the Curry Chicken as every piece is tender and the gravy is light yet flavourful. The Sambal Sotong was the crowd favourite; every piece is cooked to perfection and soaked in sambal. Special mentions for the agar agar as well which is the old school kind that is firm to the bite ◡̈ .

So, come on down to Currywok for a nice, satisfying meal with a homely touch.

Thanks to @ninetyfoursg for the invite and Cat from @currywok_sg for the hospitality and meal. Will be back again soon ◡̈

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Have always wanted to try the traditional steamed cakes here after it was raved about by @foodkingnoc! The radish cake here was a delight to have as it is stuffed with bits of radish, Chinese sausage and dried shrimp, making every bite different from the previous one. The cake is also topped with lots of fried shallots that added crunch to each bite. Top it off with the sambal if you want an extra kick; the sambal packs a punch!

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Look at that glorious bowl of noodles brimming with ingredients! This is definitely value for money, taste and ingredients wise. The noodles were springy and came with a generous amount of sauce for you to toss your noodles in.
The soy sauce chicken was tender with every bite while the char siew slices were a fine balance of fats and meat. The roasted pork had the same proportion and was topped with a crispy skin ◡̈ The additional side of chicken liver was a great decision as it was hands down the best I have had; every slice was cooked to perfection.


Date nights in town need not be expensive! Almost everyone in the restaurant did the same as us, order 2x set meals, which gets you a choice of either chicken/roast or bbq pork with a side of either dumpling soup or oyster veg. We got the steamed chicken and roasted pork for our mains and went for both the vegetables and soup ◡̈ we also ordered additional sides of glizzards, liver and egg. All these for only $16! Besides, the food was tasty as well ◡̈ well, maybe apart from the vegetables which was a little bitter


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