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Local Food!

Local Food!

Anything Singaporean but not found at a kopitiam/hawker center comes in here
Shaun Sim
Shaun Sim

The Red Ruby Coconut Panna Cotta really suited my tastebuds and was not overly sweet like those that you usually find at Thai eateries.


Fresh, sweet and flavourful, this bowl of soup is so heartening that you wouldn’t want to share it!

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I also enjoyed the Lemon Chicken, a National Day special, which transported me to the times when I was a young kid.

I really enjoyed this Grandma Te Kah Bee hoon, which comes with a really homely feel and something that many chefs can't seem to master these days - wok hei.

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We ended off our dinner with a Yam and Sweet Potato dessert which the owner is very proud of. I’m a fan of neither of those but somehow this dessert made me crave for more!

The Pan-Fried Kway Teow was hands down the best dish of the night! It’s a different take from the usual char kway teow that we have and you can taste the wok hey in it!

The Steamed Promfret was really fresh and you could taste the sweetness of it with every bite.

Finally here at Song Kee after seeing it on my feed countless of the times for the past half a decade or more 😅 ironically, exercising brings me to places for... food 😂

I love that the noodles here soak up every bit of that tantalising sauce base and that the fishballs here are firm, springy without that dreadful fishy taste. The assorted five spices are worth a shout too if deep-fried food is your kind of thing 😬

🍛🍜 S-City Cafe, a locally owned family restaurant, offers a wide array of lunch & dinner options, with both Chinese and Western Cuisines available in the menu.

They are located strategically in the heart of the CBD at The Arcade Level 3 and have been in operations for over 20 years.

@qingxiangsqx had the daily combo set - Fish Cutlet & Chicken Chop ($15.90); which includes a drink of choice, a bowl of soup + garlic bread as well as some jelly for dessert. The chicken chop is well-grilled and the fish cutlet was well seasoned. The house-made coleslaw was a hit as well and the huge serving definitely made it a filling lunch.

Additionally, this item is also available on their catering menu too. S-City are flexible in meeting your catering request, and their centralised location makes it ideal for company mini buffet, etc. For enquiries on the catering services, you may email them at [email protected]

S-City Cafe would like to giveaway $15 worth of vouchers (For Dine-in) each to 2 of my lucky followers (based in Singapore)

3 Easy steps To Participate:
1) Like this Post. ❤️
2) Follow me & @qingxiangsqx
3) Tag at least 2 Friends in the comments below. (Multiple Entries Allowed!) 🎁Giveaway ends on 24th March, 2359Hrs

Located at The Arcade Level 3.

Opening Hours:
Mon-Fri - 10am to 8pm
Saturday - 9am to 5pm
Closed on Sunday.

Catering is available everyday.

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The fish soup here is really sweet and I love that every bowl comes with many slices of fish in it. A little pricey if you compare it to kopitiams but definitely value for money if you ask me. And I can’t resist fried eggs in my fish soup! .
Really craving for a comforting bowl of fish soup after a long week at work and stuck with sub-par canteen food. Probably my only pet peeve about teaching is that lunch time is no longer exciting now. Unless we order delivery that is 😂

Have you tried this famous prawn noodles stall yet? The girlfriend opened my eyes to this place because she had a bad craving for it. For a person who don’t like the taste of prawn, I found the prawn noodles soup here to be very comforting. The broth that the noodles came in wasn’t overwhelmingly prawny as well.

I found the pork ribs noodles to be one of the best ones that I had as the chunks of pork ribs here are fall-off-bone kind of tender and was very flavourful as well. I also love how each bowl of noodles comes brimming with ingredients. The accompanying bowl of soup with the dry pork ribs noodles was too concentrated with prawn stock though, too overwhelming for my liking.

Lastly, the Five Spices here are a welcome addition to your noodles! I love the beancurd skin with fish paste here ◡̈


Crispy puff indeed! Was pleasantly surprised when I sunk my teeth into one of these after boxing class last night, the crust was so crispy but flakey.

The fillings inside were substantial but on a sweeter than spicy side with the generous amount of onions stuffed within. But I do feel that this masked the flavour of the sardines.

Fun fact; this place is opened 24 hours! They have also have quirky flavours like pizza and lemon tuna curry puff! Have you tried these before?

Educator by day, sgfoodie by night

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