Best Food Memories 2015

Best Food Memories 2015

To celebrate a fantastic year in food, we've asked our Burpple Tastemakers to share with us what their #BestFoodMemory2015 was. Check out this list of 10 places that left their mark, and here's to many delicious, unforgettable meals with our loved ones in 2016!
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Burpple Guides

There's only two items on the menu: Special Tendon ($13.90) and Vegetable Tendon ($12.90). The dishes are also served with Chawanmushi and Miso soup. Love the tempura which are lightly batter and doesn't taste oily. Plus there a surprise onsen egg in the rice bowl! #bestfoodmemory2015


Think Moonlight Hor Fun, Coffee Ribs, Salted Egg Yolk Sotong and my favourite the Prawn Rolls (Hei Zhor) and Har Cheong Gai. Table was quietly cleared within minutes, with occasion "fwah" and "this is... omnomnomnom so good" Definitely one of the best Zi Char around, finally one of the Zi Char place where everything is so darn good! Boneless Har Jeong Kai are the best invention everrrrrr! Especially shared with a good team of food lovers! #bestfoodmemory2015

One of the best new openings of 2015, in my opinion.
The seasonal pear tart is divine, with soft, thin slices of wine-poached pear fanning out across vanilla bean custard.


I succumbed to the temptation of my instagram and Burpple feed...
Sinful and rich, the bubbling pot of mee tai mak (silver needle noodles) is rather different from the usual stir-fried and soup version. The noodles were cooked well, slightly chewy but the highlight was of course the flavourful broth. How should you eat it? Mix in the egg with the thick savoury brown gravy then have it together with the cut vegetables and minced meat in every spoonful of noodles! It makes for a great comfort food any time!
Having to pick the ONE dish or meal that stood out this year is definitely no easy feat. 2015 has been a great year of feasting for me (especially having join Burpple) and to just pick one is nearly impossible but I can think of a dish that nicely summaries this year of over-eating. It is none other than 136 Hong Kong Street’s Claypot Mee Tai Mak! With the rising of hawkerhopping, there were some close fights but the dish wins hands down for its multiple appearances on my feed. Simple and comforting zi char is the way to go.


I somehow always forget to check out what block this is at BUT THIS IS MY FAVOURITE. Yes I haven't tried any of the popular ones like Eng Kee and Yan, but this works so well for me. Wings are crispy and so well seasoned, the bee boon and kway teow is what it means by 'simple is best'! They have quite a good range of ingredients to choose from luncheon meat, sausage, fish cake, etc. #bestfoodmemory2015


Till date, this is the most premium dish that I've ever had! And so I've heard about all that different grades of beef or how beautiful the marbling is - I finally get to translate all these into a real taste! Medium rare is definitely the way to go for this after trying my friend's medium. Grilled to a nice finish on the outer layer, the inner meat is still rare and tender. Upon my very first bite, it was so soft that I thought "Is this even steak?!" Indeed, the marbling of the beef which has the fats woven finely across the meat gives a smooth velvety texture. It was juicy and a delicate taste will linger on the palate. It might get slightly oily after awhile but to vary the taste, you can also dip it into the soy based sauce on the side that gives the meat a very nice savory finish. Definitely two thumbs up for this! #BestFoodMemory2015


Probably the only salad I wouldn't mind having everyday πŸ˜‚ Broccoli was never in my choice of greens but damn this is mindblowingly good.
A mess of goodness, try it and you'd know. πŸ™Š #bestfoodmemory2015


Basically the star dish of the night. This is a no-frills dish, and what you see is what you get - a humongous plate of calamari served freshly fried. While it may seem like a lot at first, it'll probably get wiped out in no time. The batter is really good - it remains crunchy and crispy, and is rather flaky. It doesn't turn soggy unlike the more common types we see. Really just a plate of sinful goodness. Excellent for sharing. This may not seem spectacular compared to other snazzy new places that have sprung up recently, but their many options and hearty local dishes really makes this a favourite hang out be it for dinner or supper. Really good discovery #bestfoodmemory2015

We are all living in such a high-paced society that makes us neglect all the simple things in life. From time to time, we should take a well-deserved break, drink some kopi, eat some kaya toast and just watch the day goes by. One such place that I will recommend to go for a traditional Singapore breakfast is the iconic Tong Ah Eating House.
Till today, they have preserved the art of making good coffee using the sock and stick with the practice of scrapping off burnt bits from their crispy thin toast using the sharp edges of the condensed milk tin can cover, a method which dates back decades ago. No need for fanciful cafe food which will easily set you back more than $20, a set of crispy thin toast or French toast with homemade kaya and butter, soft boiled eggs mixed with dark soya sauce and pepper, and a cup of kopi will get more bang for your buck. As they say old is gold, I truly believe Tong Ah has reached legendary status in my books. #bestfoodmemory2015

My boyfriend first introduced me to this place when I just got to know him though ironically, we had never dine here together. That aside, ever since then, this has been my to-go place for ramen and my fussy friends can totally understand why. As probably the most underrated Japanese ramen shop in Singapore, Bariuma has amazingly wow-ed me with its prompt service and top-notch quality of ramen. I can say with much confidence that this is easily the best ramen around. Its signature dish (Bariuma) boasts a rich pork broth with a slice of grilled char siew and just the ideal texture of noodle for me. Not to mention, my Scottish roommate eats ramen strictly from Bariuma only and my other friend who returned there a week after our meet up. Even with all those new ramen shops that I tried, Bariuma still triumph 'em all. Above all, fret not as this bowl of heavenly goodness will not make you feel robbed in the middle of the day. Till now, my boyfriend would always cockily credit himself for having introduced me to this place and I can't refute him at all. #BestFoodMemory2015


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