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Tried And Tested_ Japanese

Tried And Tested_ Japanese

Featuring Man Man Japanese Unagi Restaurant (Keong Saik), Teppanyaki Hamburg Nihonbashi Keisuke Bettei, Ryo Sushi, Mo'mor Izakaya by W. Martin, Kajiken (Square 2), The Public Izakaya by Hachi, Shirokane Tori-Tama, Ginza Kuroson (Takashimaya), Hajime Tonkatsu & Ramen, Tonkatsu by Ma Maison (Mandarin Gallery)
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A very satisfying meal. I left feeling soo full, my stomach was going to explode.

Hamburg was juicy and delicious 😋 I liked the marinated beansprouts, pasta and mashed in the free flow salad bar. Scrambled egg was also surprisingly good. Wish I am a big eater at times like this.

Definitely a great choice for comfort food!

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Finally! Tried ryo sushi which was on my wish list for the longest time. The fish was fresh and good, I savoured every piece of nigiri and the crabmeat handroll was really delectable (not in the pic).

My only complaint is the reservation process.
1) It’s hard to get someone to pick up the phone
2) The guy was unhappy when I told them i had to change from 3 ppl to 2 ppl for my reservation as sth else cropped up. Only managed to resolved it after I mentioned that i’m getting the $98 omakase set.

Great experience if you are 100% sure nothing happens and u will be able to make it for your reservation.

There are 3 choices for lunch set and I went straight for the $23.80++ to try the sashimi. Slices of mekajiki and hamachi were thick and fresh. The negitoro in the sushi was also generous. Rice was a bit too mushy in the california roll but overall a decent lunch.

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Dry Ramen Style~ Kajiken’s noodle is the yellow ramen style whereas menya’s is closer to udon style (?). Kajiken is a tad spicier and comes with miso soup. But I miss menya’s extra last touch with the scope of rice.

Both are pretty good. i think i prefer menya kokoro 🤭

Skip the karaage chicken.

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Had the original mazesoba with gyoza, pork and chicken wings side!

The more accurate description should be dry thin udon in zha jiang mian style~ it’s not as jelat as I thought. Halfway through, I added the vinegar for a different flavour and I could finish the whole bowl comfortably. I prefer the original version as the spiciness from the spicy version seems to cover the taste of all the other ingredients.

The queue starts after 7pm so arrive early to beat the queue! Bonus! The staff were also really nice and friendly.


This is a truly satisfying lunch set. The chawanmushi has a nice, smooth texture and the saba was fresh and succulent! The salmon sashimi pales in comparison so order the sashimi lunch set ($24?) if you prefer sashimi.

The chef is really stern and no-nonsense type. so decide before you proceed to the cashier! 🤭


The toro Sabar sushi set comes with 2 pieces of grilled Saba sushi+2 pieces of marinade toro-saba sushi+2 pieces of matsumae style sushi+soup+pickles+tofu. If you like mackerel, you will not go wrong here! The marinade and matsumae style Saba goes really well with the ginger and rice. I could taste the unique saba fish with the fats and the sesame rice and everything goes so well together!

Plus! I ate this at 50%off as I dine on Saba day! 3/8/13/18/23/28/30/31 is shown as Saba day currently in the shop! I paid total of almost $15 after GST.

Tips: To celebrate Japan Food Town’s 2nd anniversary, they are also giving a whole day 38% off promo! Applies for the toro-saba sashimi, toro-saba sushi and the grilled toro-saba.

Definitely worth it with the promo! Time to try Sabar!!

Argh I’m hungry again now.

#solodiner #noawkwardness #slowservice #noqueue


Yes! It’s $10 or 10.80 to be exact for this whole bowl of tendon.

[+] Includes 1 prawn, mushroom, octopus, cherry tomatoes, 2 asparagus (I think the veggie changes?) AND an onsen egg. Yes, it’s very filling.
[+] The lowest priced tendon I’ve ever eaten
[+] plenty of crispy tempura bits on top of the rice
[+] Asparagus was good
[-] I feel that the egg doesn’t go very well with the whole tendon but this a personal preference
[-] Prawn and octopus were underwhelming.
[-] I felt very sinful after eating it cause so much fried food! Perhaps tendon is not my style..

Worth the price but not worth the calories
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[+] Set comes with rice, chawamushi and miso soup. I liked their chawamushi
[+] I was pleasantly surprised with the amount of fish I got. Hotate(!) Salmon, hamachi, swordfish, tuna and ikura!
[+] If you have a sashimi craving and you’re not very picky. The sashimi tasted fresh and decent.
[-] not worthy queueing for. There’s a Long queue during dinner time on weekends.
#tip #solodiner #goduringlunch #goodboothseat #noawkwardness #sashimi #nofilter

[+] The raw fish is wayy more than the rice!
[+] Good variety of sashimi given which includes hotate (my fav!), tuna, hamachi, tuna, salmon, ebi, steamed egg, ikura, sea urchin and aji (?)
[+] Fish were all fresh and tasted decent
[+] The set also came with miso soup and chawamushi
[+] pretty worthwhile for $28++
[-] can’t complain for this price!

This is my second visit and I think I will be back again!

#tip #comebefore7 #beatthequeue #hangoutwithfriends #nofilter

I had the premium pork loin and the pork was soft and tender. I did find it to be a little too oily so perhaps the pork filet will be a better choice for those who doesn’t like fats. Gyoza is decent. Skip the ramen.

#tip #comebefore7 #hangoutwithfriends #dinner #tonkatsu #nofilter

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The grilled iberico pork jowl tapas with the slight charcoal taste was great! We also thoroughly enjoyed the mains- oven baked cod filet, miso chicken, crab meat linguine. The modified ‘eggs Benedict’ - poached egg with Serrano ham and spinach served on muffin might be the best eggs Benedict I’ve ever eaten.

#tip #makeareservation #brunch bundle set menu is really worthwhile as it comes with 1 tapas+1 main + 1 desert for $25++ or 2 tapas+1main+ 1 desert for $35++. The menu is not on display (maybe it’s going to be phased out?) so you might have to ask for it from waitress.

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