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Featuring The Benjamins, Sum Yi Tai, Wrap & Roll (ION Orchard), 999.99 - FIVE NINES, Sanpoutei Ramen (Shaw House), Makansutra Gluttons Bay, Paris Baguette (Jem), Riverside Grilled Fish 江边城外, Fatboy's The Burger Bar (Dhoby Ghaut), Fried Chicken Master
Babette Dear
Babette Dear
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Creamy yet firm, rolling bitter notes, liquor aftertaste that lingers like a lovesick teenager. Worth every cent.

I'd say it's good but I'm biased - have been eating at this place regularly for decades.

We ordered tonkotsu and Yuzu collagen and then realised they're the same soup with one small addition. But at least our skin will be fabulous now I suppose.

A hit of spice on top; a lingering wave of umami in the grilled pork and rice.

This one from downstairs of my place is firm but still juicy, and the sambal packs enough punch. Though I'd have liked a bit more sambal.

Lots of disparate elements brought into a fresh, crisp harmony. Also I already miss the friend who dined with me come back soon!

The old wisdom of impoverished Korean housewives, in all its current overpriced glory.

German friend picked it clean, as well he should - this is exquisite.

Not sure if it was good or I was just really hungry... but it felt good, was for sure.

We were well and happily fooled until we took a bite. But with its natural bounce, and the sweet sauce, this is arguably better than the original.