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Featuring The Benjamins, Sum Yi Tai, Wrap & Roll (ION Orchard), 999.99 - FIVE NINES, Riverside Grilled Fish 江边城外, Sanpoutei Ramen (Shaw House), Makansutra Gluttons Bay, Paris Baguette (Jem), The Larder Cafe, Fatboy's The Burger Bar (Dhoby Ghaut)
Babette Dear
Babette Dear
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We were well and happily fooled until we took a bite. But with its natural bounce, and the sweet sauce, this is arguably better than the original.

The escalopes were so thick they actually got a bit hard to chew, but the deep fried cheesy crust is lovely. As you'd expect.

Leave some rice after finishing the fish - just to mop up that light, aromatic, smoky fish oil left on the plate. It's that good.

Really can't pick a Favourite: brisket is fall apart tender, ribs full of smoke and oink, and those brisket spring rolls bring just a little dark, malty sweetness to the mix. It was so nice we ordered it twice.

Ordered the sausages as an add on, and it's been a while since I've had such squirty juicy bangers. Okay that sounded slightly wrong.

But snappy sausages and a tender salmon at Ambush is still nice. Don't really fancy the heavily sauced spaghetti though...

Now this one, despite a gentler cooking method, has almost no muddy flavour at all - just sweet and light and delicate.