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Top 10 Dessert Places In Damansara Uptown PJ

Top 10 Dessert Places In Damansara Uptown PJ

Featuring Softsrve (Damansara Uptown), A Pie Thing (Damansara Uptown), Miru Dessert Cafe (Damansara Uptown), BingSu Cafe, Tsujiri (Damansara Uptown), dal.komm COFFEE (Damansara Uptown), Villa Ju Bakery (Mont Kiara), Aftermeal Desserts, Bacon & Brews, Cottle Coffee
Spicy Sharon
Spicy Sharon

Taglined as - serving happiness, one bowl at a time, Aftermeal Desserts pride themselves for their signature, soft and chewy, handcrafted Taro Mochi, made fresh, in house, everyday.  The Iron Lady Milk Tea Kakigori (RM22.00) was the most popular dessert here, made from a premium blend of tie guan yin and milk - not too milk nor too sweet.  If you like grass jelly, the Classic Grass Jelly (RM16.00) is a must try. For a hot dessert, choose the Bentong Ginger Soup with Black Sesame Glutinous Rice Ball (RM16.00). I thought they did a great job with all the mochi here - the rice balls were sticky, nicely done and had a good balance of sweet and slightly bitter flavors. The taro mochi was served with peanut brittles, giving it an even more toothsome texture. I'd easily choose this over the pearls. My favorite would be the Classic Calamansi Yokan (RM16). The dessert came beautifully layed with calamansi yokan, chewy white pearls, longan, and topped with a slice of lemon. Underneath, calamansi infused shaved ice with sea coconut. This was definitely a refreshing treat - sweet and ever so lightly sour. I like this - a lot.  

🍴 Lunch at the newly opened Bacon & Brew. I had the Banana Pancake (RM15.90), Bacon French Toast (RM19.90), Pearl Or Orient Tea (RM8.90) and Flat White (RM9.90). My favorite? Bacon French Toast 😊🍴

I love durian cakes - quintessential Malaysian like that. They call this Aroma Therapy (RM15), and it was delectable. The chiffon layers were fluffy and the durian cream was subtle but addictive. Definitely one of those cakes that will make you go back for seconds.

Not wanting to overwhelmed ourselves with too much ice, me and a few friends shared a friend-sized Fruits Bingsu (RM16.90), that came topped with a colorful assortment of fruits and shaved ice underneath. While this was an eye candy, it felt otherwise, taste wise. Apart from the watermelon and kiwi cuts, the rest of the fruits tasted meager. The texture of the shaved ice too felt inconsistent - some were fine, some were plain coarse.

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This massive bowl of Mango Cheese Bingsu (RM16.90) came nearly arranged with caramelised mangoes, cubes of nicely done cheesecake, raisins and a scoop of mango ice cream. What wow-ed me was probably the cleverly executed shaved ice texture. It had the perfect balance of flakiness and milkiness - definitely one of the best ones I've had.


Dal.Komm's signature Grapefruit Bingsu (RM12.90) is exactly the kind of dessert you'd crave for on a scorching day. Every spoonful felt incredibly refreshing and more sour than sweet. The Apple Crumble Bingsu (RM15.90) on the other hand, was sweeter and heavier compared to the former. It came with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and whipped cream toppings, enhanced with biscuit crumbles, which I thought added great textures to the overall dessert.

The S'mores Pie (RM10.50) is probably one of the most memorable dessert pies I've had at A Pie Thing. The dainty marshmallows was lightly toasted to a gooey perfection, plopped in a pool of warm and melted chocolate - best eaten on a rainy day of course.

I recently sampled one of the newest addition to Softsrve's menu, this After Dinner (RM17). It came with swirls of rich chocolate and salted caramel ice cream, raspberry crunch, chocolate brownies and other sweet condiments underneath. It also came with a caramel sauce loaded syringe, which gave the dessert an overall fun factor.

For first timers, I'd recommend the Original Shibuya Honey Toast (RM16). It came delectably coated with a thin layer of crusted butter and sugar, yet remains fluffy and soft in the middle, alongside vanilla ice cream and whipped cream for a frozen finish. Now, how am I suppose to miraculously stomach half a loaf of bread in a single seating?

Tsujiri is one of the newest dessert hotspots to hit Damansara Uptown, flaunting the trendy matcha and houjicha soft serve alongside an array of premium Japanese teas and desserts. For a good introduction to these flavour profiles, go for the Signature Tsujiri Parfait (RM16.50). While the red bean paste at the bottom could be creamier, the green tea flavour was intense and left a pleasantly luxurious bittersweet aftertaste with each mouthful.


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