Japanese Cuisine

Japanese Cuisine

Featuring The Refinery, Nana's Green Tea (Plaza Singapura), Kanshoku Ramen Bar (orchardgateway), Sanpoutei Ramen (Holland Village), Yoshimaru Ramen Bar, Sushi Airways, Monster Curry (ION Orchard), Ippudo (Westgate), Nihon Mura Express (The Cathay), CoCoICHIBANYA (Westgate)
Jin Low
Jin Low

Ordered two bowls of Dons and I'm surprised that they are so so so filling! We couldn't finish what we had ordered.

Teriyaki Don: served with huge pieces of teriyaki chicken, with generous amount of teriyaki sauce. 👍
Gyuniku Donburi: beef is in very thin slices, but it's juicy and tasteful.👍
Mix that poached egg into the rice and there you have it!
Salted egg calamari rings: it's smells good but it gets too gelark after a few rings. They even serve additional Salted egg sauce!

I super love the ambience! But do make a reservation on peak days! Their lunch on a normal weekday was packed!

Miso based ramen; very thick soup but well, salty. This bowl of ramen is goodness. I love the cha shu - so soft and fat! However, today's egg is too solidified, could have been more watery.

Damage: $17.00++

The restaurant don't smell good, probably because of the dirty cloth used to clean the tables. However, I enjoy the warm service provided by the staffs. They are very proactive and friendly.


The broth for this bowl of tonkatsu ramen is really rich as compared to many other ramen that I have tried. Come on sunday to Thursday to enjoy student 10% rate, but only for ala carte menu. Otherwise, you can just get the ramen set for 17.90 / 19.90

Damage: $42.20 for two

Environment wise, not my favourite because the place is really squeezing. I can't really converse with my friend one on one and space between the tables are not wide enough.


The name is as simple as it sounds, truffle ramen. Oh, they have truffle ramen in broth too.

Damage: $19.80

First of all, it smells so so so good. The truffle! You see that soft boiled egg yolk there, pop it and mix well. It smoothens the ramen and it's so tasty slurping it. The cha shu, is a no miss. Cooked just right, delicious and the fatty part doesn't irk you. 👍

The place might be small, but able to accommodate quite a sum of people. Turnover rare should be rather high as I don't think people sit down for long. The place though, more suitable for 2 to 4 people at once.


Salmon will always be my first choice when it comes to Japanese cuisine. This bowl of salmon don is delicious!
The salmon pieces are fresh and portion is good for high tea. Also, this kicks in as a healthier option too!

I got myself the lunch set menu, comes with a drink. Drink variety is pretty varied, so fear not for not knowing what to choose from.

Damage: $13.90++

Keep it mind: Lunch promo ends at 2.30pm

It is a relatively quiet place, good for private dates. I can sit there and talk for hours with the right person! 👍


I love the soup! Makes me yearn for it a lot. Feels good to have this bowl on a rainy day ;) the egg is the best thing ever. 👍


Plate full of sashimi is heaven! Each slice of sashimi is thick and fresh, however it may not be the liking to everyone's. Also, it is pricey, arnd $30 - $38+.

The environment is good too. It feels like you'ee in a fine dining restaurant but it is really comfortable too. Layout of sushi airways will indeed make you feel like youre on a first class flight. Worth the try for a first timer :)


I love how the omelette is done! Smooth and wet on a just nice basis. Service is quick, probably faster than Monster curry. They have different level of spiciness too!


All food served was good. I recommend salmon sashimi instead of salmon belly. Salmon belly don't taste good at all. Highly recommend hotate mentai, salmon mentai! 🍣

Shiromaru Motoaji (bottom): opted for soft for the choice of ramen. Soup is good; in my preference, not too salty.
Bonito Tonkotsu (top): the soup taste of the bonito is strong, however it isn't to my liking.
In general, char siew is tasty, however it is slightly tough and thick. Gets a little tiring to chew after awhile.


A good portion for 2 to 3 people. Added omelette and cheese to this set and it fills our tummy to brim! Choice of spiciness: 2 flame!

Jin Low

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My utmost pleasure to bring you a step closer to new comfort food.

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