Everyone enjoys a good burger once in a while!
Yeung Kai Ho
Yeung Kai Ho

Jumping on the bandwagon...but without having to queue for three hours! The burger here is comparable to the ones in London - juicy patty, soft buttery buns, topped off with the creamy, tangy shake sauce. Also, really love that the cheese for the cheese fries does not have the excessively “nacho cheese” flavour and was a lot more mellow.

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The Alsdann burger comes with grilled pear, mild blue cheese and walnuts. The blue cheese really stood out and made the dish - it was really creamy, and not too intense, and complimented the beef really well. The pear added some sweetness which the walnuts gave it a nice crunchy texture. One of the more interesting options on their menu, and definitely worth trying!


The Hans Im Gluck burger comes with parmesan cheese, parma ham, rocket leaves, and a balsamic glaze. The sweetness from the glaze and savouriness from the other ingredients complimented each other really well. The patty was quite lean, but still very juicy and wasn’t overly seasoned which allowed the natural beef flavour to shine through. Their lunch specials (till 5pm) are pretty worth it - for $5, you can choose a side, and get a cold AND hot drink! It’s also worth noting that they have pretty great vegetarian and vegan options too!


Sin Lee's salted egg chicken burger came with a generous slab of chicken thigh meat with salted egg sauce drizzled all over. Sauce was not spectacular; after a while, it got a bit gelat, and would have preferred it if it had a stronger flavour (sweeter/saltier/creamier). Nevertheless, the quantity of chicken thigh meat was a really pleasant surprise - I didn't expect to get such a big piece at this price range. The chicken was tender, juicy, with the skin fried to a nice crisp. Also, (surprisingly) the side of tangy slaw helped to cut through the heavy dish and provided some much needed acidity.

The newly-introduced salted egg burger from The Quarters show you how it's supposed to be really done. The fried chicken patty is drenched in salted egg sauce, but remains crispy thanks to its oat batter. The sauce is smooth and creamy and compliments the chicken really well. It had us all wishing there was more so we could swipe the remainder with the fries. For now, go grab it while it's a promotional price of $14!


McDonald's should be commended for their effort to incorporate a popular local flavour into their burgers - but some things are just not meant to be. The sauce was generally lacking - consistency was too thick, didn't have much flavour, and tbh the burger would probably have been tastier without it. Chicken is essentially like their McSpicy patty, which would have been better if the sauce didn't make it wet and lose its crispness. Quite disappointing, and not really worth the hype. I would say you're better off with their regular McSpicy. P.s.: their banana pie is good though!


A pulled-pork burger done right by the folks at Burnt Ends. None of that dry stuff overly drenched in BBQ sauce - the pork here is fork tender with just the right amount of sauce. Creamy and packed-full of flavour. Such a steal at $20 a piece. Definitely a must-have when you come here.


Craving another Truffle Spam burger - the combination of flavours from the salty spam, fragrant truffle, and sweet and tangy pineapple would make for an awesome lunch! The soft potato buns really make this dish. This burger is rather simple, but packing in so much flavour. If you want something fuss-free but still satisfying, then this is for you.


Instead of your usual beef patty, this burger switches things up by having a prawn patty instead. The intense yet distinct Thai flavours coupled with the juicy prawn patty with chunks of fresh prawn made this one of the highlights of the meal. While the flavours from each component (lemongrass prawn patty, green curry mayo, mango red onion coleslaw) are really strong, they complimented each other brilliantly. And their homemade potato buns are really to die for - soft and fluffy, with a hint of sweetness from the potato, and toasted to perfection. I could probably eat a couple of these on my own!

This was a tasting courtesy of Montana. Many thanks to Burpple for the invite!


Beyond.Plate (located in Stirling Bar)
15 Cheong Chin Nam Road
Opening hours: Sat-Sun 10am to 5pm

Craving for the B.P burger with salted egg fries from Beyond.Plate. I was pleasantly surprised at how soft and juicy the patty was. The buns were nicely buttered and toasted. The delicious strips of maple bacon helped provide a little sweetness to the burger. One of the best burgers around. Oh, don't forget about their salted egg fries - as if things weren't already sinful enough. But trust me, the calories are worth it.


This was quite underwhelming. The sautéed mushrooms were a little too tough and chewy for my liking, and could have been saltier/more caramelised. The beef patty, while juicy, could have been more flavourful. The bun was alright, nothing to rave about. Overall, kind of meh.


First, I really liked their fries- crispy, fluffy, and not too oily. Although some time had passed before we devoured our meal (photo-taking takes a while), they remained crunchy and didn't turn soggy. As for the burger, we were lucky enough to have a taste of their new menu that will be introduced next week. This was their Ripper Classic; juicy beef patty, romaine lettuce, tomato and onion, topped off with their Jack's sauce and cheddar. Together, it makes for a really hearty burger that you can't stop eating. Their beef patty was cooked really well; soft, juicy, and not too heavily seasoned, which let the natural flavours of the beef shine. Priced at $16. This was a tasting courtesy of Jack Ripper. Thanks for the invite Burpple!


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