Salted Egg Anything

Salted Egg Anything

It's trending, so I might as well give it it's own category.
Nobelle Liew
Nobelle Liew

Apparently majority of their bakes are made exclusively by close friends and acquaintances; their croissants in particular come from a French baker! That definitely shows, cause this croissant is absolutely stunning, and definitely one of the better ones I've had. So flaky, so buttery, with that lovely yeasted flavour 😍 not a big fan of the salted egg filling that's much more sweet liu sha, with solid chunks of yolk in it, than a smooth salted egg custard. Plus cutting the croissant in half and spreading the custard just cheats me of the flowing lava experience πŸ˜…

Their signature salted egg muffins: pretty yummy, though unconventional. I like how generous the baker was with the salted egg filling! I could see it threatening to burst out of the muffin as it was served to my table; and at the slightest prod of my fork? 🌊🌊🌊 Totally not exaggerating. The custard's pretty sweet, more a "liu sha" kind, with bits of solid yolks - not the best, but tasty enough. What I would've liked, is a cakier muffin instead of the more crisp polo-like exterior it currently has.


The salted egg custard was more like our beloved liu sha, which I felt was a tad too sticky and creamy, but very delish. The toast, though fluffy and crisp in the middle, was way too hard and chewy on the edges - I felt like I was biting on tyres. And what was maple syrup doing on that? Way too jarring. Lots of promise here, and would be great with some tweaking.


Yes I know, it's another salted egg croissant πŸ™ŒπŸ» I just had to find out how the $1 BreadTalk ones fare! These mini ones are only about as long as my index. Really bready, with a filling that's more liu sha than salted egg. It's much sweeter and there's hardly anything salted egg about it, but really it's a buck. Can't expect too much.


Definitely way too savoury. I won't even say it's like tze char sauces cause even those are sweeter. Not only is the sauce too salty, the pastry itself was over-toasted, flat, and tasted straight outta the microwave. And did I mention the sauce separates?


Feeling a little split on their rendition. Not a fan of their croissant itself, which was too doughy, breads, and lack that beautifully paradoxical buttery lightness. It wasn't very fragrant or tasty either. Major points to the salted egg filling that was tasty (smooth, rich, nice balance of salty and sweet) and generous; however it was so unevenly piped some mouthfuls were purely filling, and others were just plain bread.


Everytime and anytime I'm craving some liu sha bao, Mouth Restaurant is my place first (prolly only) pick. The crust is polo-bao-like, sweet and blistered with a good crunch; but the bomb is what it encases. That silky smooth, rich and luscious salted egg custard is THE best I've had. It has that that sandy texture, and nails the balance between salty and sweet. And it's never too oily. I first tried this 4 years ago, and till now I haven't had anything better. #FindComfortHere

Glad my first taste of this trending salted egg croissant was at Antoinette! Croissant's flawless - flaky, buttery, crisp and moist at the right parts - and the luscious salted egg filling was both generous and delicious, nailing the balance between savoury and sweet. It may be a little too rich for some, but with a flavour that intense what else would you expect?


Crisp fluffy balls of fried dough, generously coated with coarse sugar, encasing a velvety luscious liu sha filling. I liked the salted egg custard filling that's the right balance of sweet and salty. While more filling's always welcomed, May May isn't stingy with theirs and I got to enjoy the delish custard with every bite of that stunning donut.

Spending all my time eating (and eating) cause what else is there to do in small 🌞🌞 Singapore?

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