Duck Confit

Duck Confit

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My Food Story
My Food Story

You can already tell here how the glistening meat must be moist and the scratchy-looking skin, crispy. Just impeccable. And that rich sauce with mushrooms, caramelised onions and velvety mash – spot-on.

Price Update: SGD 22 nett as of 17 May 2016.

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My food blog is finally online!
After many duck confits, countless drafts, numerous web page revisions and one interview with the owner of @thebetterfield , the first 2 posts for My Food Story has debuted!
My Food Story is written in the form of a story book with Mr Good, Miss Teatime, Mr Bargain Hunter and Mr MRT as its main characters. I hope that you will like it! ☺️

The #maincourse of my #atas #setlunch (SGD 42++) at the Black Swan, the duck confit. If ordered #alacarte, this will set you back by SGD 36++. It's a pretty little duckling that came with a cute mini paper chef hat. Yes, note the word little. It's really one of the smaller duck confits I've encountered. Taste wise, it was well done; crispy skin, little fats, tender meat, not gamey, not overly salty and quite moist (some parts were slightly dry if I were to be picky). What set it apart was that it tasted a like a soya braised duck albeit with crispy skin. The accompanying bed of onion marmalade and fried grains were special and addictive too. Overall, a good rendition but not filling. Overpriced if you ask me. But you could be paying for the awesome ambience, convenient location and excellent service. Or perhaps the cute mini hat.

This duck confit by @madaboutsucre came with a delightful story from the server. What we are seeing on the plate came from an old duck hailing from France. An old duck was chosen because the star of the show, the confit of duck leg had to withstand long hours of cooking yet retain a meat texture that is fork tender but not mushy. And behold, the story is over as yet. Remember the rest of the duck? They were cooked until all were dissolved then infused with orange and red wine to become the sweet and savory sauce for the duck leg. Finally a piece of potato gratin and some vegetables were added to finally become the @madaboutsucre confit of duck. Could you sense their passion for food yet? And my review? First Impression - the duck leg is a little on the small side. Taste - the meat was flavorful and indeed fork tender but not mushy. Skin - the duck skin was not crispy but surprisingly good. It's kind of similar to a braised fried duck feet. Sides - the potato gratin was absolutely delicious. As for the sauce, I found it interesting and one of a kind though not the most ideal for duck confit. I prefer my duck confit sauce to be less complex in taste. Overall, an enjoyable duck confit but a little expensive.

Meet the Duck Confit from The French Table.
The beautifully charred duckling came resting on a bed of awesome tasting mash potato (better than KFC's). As expected from a charred duckling, the skin was spectacularly crispy and you could hear the crackling sound as you bite into it. A pity that this is where its awesomeness end. Firstly, there was also a little too much fats left on the skin. Then the meat was a little gamy and wasn't as tender and moist as I would have liked. The search for a good duck confit continues.


A very good duck confit with crispy skin, little fats and very tender meat that is flavorful and not gamey. Accompanying sauce and sides are also very good. My only complaint is that the duck is a little smaller than its competitors so I finished it too soon! The restaurant is smallish and laid back with a decor that makes you feel like you are dining in a French home. Lighting is dim and romantic. Nice place with great service! They will take care to serve course by course and to serve both diners' food at the same time. Yet, they do not charge for service or GST. I spent SGD 101 nett for 2 starters, 2 main courses, 1 dessert and 1 cappuccino. Iced water is provided without charge. Location is a little obscure, but if you are living in Pandan Valley Condo or nearby, definitely go visit them!


Meet the duck confit from P.Bistro. It came smelling awesome. The skin is very crispy and retains a layer of fat underneath which melts in the mouth. I know of some people who looks for this layer of fat in their duck confit but personally I prefer mine with less fats. The meat is sufficiently tender though I have tasted more tender ones. The duck is the star of this plate and the side of roasted potatoes make a great second lead while the accompanying sauces and salad though gave a mehhh performance. Not the best duck confit I have tasted but a pretty decent one. According to the boss, their ducks are imported from France because the French duck drumsticks are bigger. Ambience and service here (I visited the branch at Palais Renaissance) are good. So yes, I'll be back.

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