Looking for a refreshing sip in this humid Singaporean heat? These 3 bad boys will do the trick! At $10 each, the mocktails at kapok Tanuki Raw are thebombdotcom; Dempsey serves up a thirst-quenching mix of strawberry and basil shaken in Calpis, while the Watermelon Yuzu (as the name suggests) gives you that cooling hit of fresh watermelon juice and tangy Yuzu. Need something to whet your appetite? Their Calamansi Mint is a crowd pleaser.

I always go straight to this dish ($19+) when visiting Tanuki Raw! Sprucing up the Hawaiian staple, a chunk of indulgent foie gras is added alongside an onsen egg, and instead of a hamburger lathered in sweet terayaki sauce they use a homemade meatloaf grilled to perfection. They also serve these atop a bowl of Japanese rice for that added sticky texture, tossing it in a generous (and tasty) helping of furikake. The meatloaf could use a little flavour upgrade but all in all a delicious selection if you're feeling exceptionally famished. Pro tip: they also have this dish at their sister outlet, Sumo Bar Happy!

If you want indulgence on a plate, this Mediterranean Flat bread ($18+) from Paddy Hills is your go-to. The herb-heavy meatballs carry the main flavour of the dish, with the runny yolk from the sunny side up adding a layer of warmth that mellows down the zing from the tomato based sauce. The buns are worth a mention as well, toasted to perfection and soaking up all the flavours from the meatballs. If you take a closer look, curry leaves are baked into the buns too! Pair this dish with a cool refreshing drink (we recommend the Bubble Yuzu!) and you'll have a satisfying meal that lasts.

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Can’t see the rice in the photo? That’s how generous Koji is when it comes to the toppings in their Sashimi Bowl ($19). Thick cubes of fatty salmon, smooth tuna, scallop slices, and tender hamachi go into this treasure trove, complete with dollops of gleaming ikura & tobiko. Did we mention that there’s also a side of well-seasoned chuka kurage (jellyfish) too? You can even opt for a hit of fresh uni if you’ve got an extra $9 to spare. If heaven is a place on earth, you may just find it hiding right here.


These little mounds may not look like much but boy, do they come packed with flavour! Generously-flavoured duck meat is rendered fork-tender in its own fat, which is then piled onto a lovely toasted baguette, topped with melted camembert and a slice of sweet French pear. The result? A parcel so deliciously sinful, you can’t help but smile with every bite.


These red snapper pieces cured in lemon juice are just the perfect substitute when I miss “umai” (pickled fish) from home - and to think that I found it at an unlikely spot such as this French bistro! Tart and sweet with crunchy bits of onion slivers that help bring the flavours together, this platter is perfect for sharing, and trust us - you won’t be able to stop once you start tucking in.


Want the satisfaction of a good chirashi bowl without suffering from carbo-overload? The ones from Boru Boru easily hit the spot. While smaller in size as compared to those offered around Singapore (not to mention its $13.90 price tag!), the flavours of each bowl is anything but! Boru Boru also offers a variety of toppings, so you're sure to find something you like. What do you do when you have a bowl of Japanese rice blanketed over with fresh chunks of fish, a gleamingly golden onsen egg, and ikura roes bursting with flavour? You dig in, of course. #BurppleSushiMonth #burpple


I love how underrated Manzoku is, especially when it comes to their Chirashi Set! There's just something about the thick, fresh slices of salmon, tuna, swordfish, and amberjack sashimi laid out in abundance atop perfectly cooked Japanese rice that makes you want dig into it immediately! Bitting into the lightly-golden tamago bars are a welcoming respite from the ocean of flavours, and we haven't even gotten to the generous dollop of Ikura pearls yet! $25 may be a hefty price tag to many, but for this gargantuan bowl? Trust me - it's worth it. #BurppleSushiMonth #burpple

Resistance is futile with this one; the only reason not to order/like this is if you're lactose intolerant. The yogurt's beaten to a light and fluffy perfection that you won't be able to stop digging into over and over again. Choose 3 sides to go with but be warned - their extensive choices are a tough one to pick from! Whether you like it plain or with the sides, this little critter will have you forgetting store-bought yogurt for days.


There's nothing like a good brunch, and Pim Pam by FOC's brunch platter The Champion's Breakfast has everything you need! Packed full of flavour, this bad boy is enough to kick start the day, with the usual suspects like grilled peppers, sautéed beans, and fried egg giving an appearance. Three things worth highlighting are the Sourdough Toast with Tomatoes (simple but incredibly addictive), Spanish Sausage (savoury and undoubtedly satisfying), and the thick slices of pork belly (how can you resist all that fatty goodness!?). Filling and gratifying, it's impossible not to love!


Indulgence, indeed: this little bowl of spiced rice packs a flavourful punch that'll wake you right up in the mornings. The rice is cooked smooth, almost to a paste-like consistency, studded with vegetables for added texture. Don't forget: pour in the mini serving of ghee if you're feeling fancy! Have it with the accompanying raita (you'd be missing out of you don't) and dip in those fun little cumin papads while you're at it. A savoury little pick-me-up, order this if you feel like spicing up your morning routine!


While others sing praise for MTR 1925's renowned dosa, I find that their underrated vada ($2) deserves a worthier mention. The orgasmic crunch when you first sink your teeth into it is undeniably addictive; thereafter you're met with the soft, fluffiness within. Savoury, light, and incredibly satisfying, you wouldn't be able to resist ordering seconds (no, seriously, you'd HAVE to).

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