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Brunch Places

Brunch Places

Wonderful brunch places I have been to and I feel is worth sharing
Janice Yip
Janice Yip

I ordered this expecting it to be exactly the same as the Atlas Coffeehouse one since they are run by the same owners. The Butterscotch Banana Pancake looks exactly the same. Taste wise though this one is more cakey. My preferred one is crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. I felt the fluffiness was overdone which undermined the nice vanilla ice cream. If you like fluffy cake-like pancakes which some people do, this might work for you.


The fresh bakes at Maison Kayser are really awesome. Every pastry without toasting the bread taste fluffy and soft. The flavour is also spot on and makes you want to make space in your tummy for more! I'll recommend sticking to the fresh bakes when you visit this bakery.

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This waffle and scrambled eggs dish really took me by surprise. Most cafe establishments in shopping malls exist because the food quality isn't that good and the location is what bring it business. Imagine my double take when the scrambled eggs tasted creamy and fluffy. The waffles also won my approval when it tasted crispy on the outside and a sponge-like softness on the inside. Goes excellently with maple syrup. Awesome brunch meal in a superbly convenient location. Thumbs up!


Had my lunch at .Elia on Deepavali and the food is great. I liked it that the chef got the flavours accurately right and it's amazing that they can make such wonderful flat white. The coffee is adequately creamy and sweetness well balanced without me adding sugar. Really awesome!

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Freshly made pasta with brown butter sauce and generous chunks of Italian bacon, this is one very addictive bowl of pasta. Its flavourful, rich in taste and definitely draws the attention of your taste buds. .Elia certainly has pretty good culinary skills but service speed needs loads of improvement. You can head down for some good affordable food provided you have a lazy afternoon to spend there...


This dish is awesome for eggs lovers! The oven baked eggs with melted cheese goes really well together and it makes you dig in for more. I also liked it that there's smoked salmon, avocado as sides because it creates a healthy balance from an otherwise cholesterol rich dish.

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Honestly this is by far the most adventurous menu I have eaten. The food here is awesome despite the unique ingredients used. I would particularly want to highlight trying their vegetarian burger, scrambled avocado roti and the ginger flower banana cake! Oh and be sure to take a walk around the place while you are there. It's a good break away from the buzz of city life.


The sweet potato hash is really a surprising discovering. At first sight, my thoughts were oh crap, we ordered some miserly dish of meat, sweet potato, some veggie and a egg smack in the middle... after a bite, how wrong I was.. the tastiness in the dish made the simple ingredients spring larger than life. Yes you can cook all these at home, but can you cook them just as well?


It's my first time trying anything similar to this creamy mushroom with sourdough bread. Personally it's not my kind of food. I felt the dish itself taste wise is a very safe choice for breakfast and definitely executed well. Perhaps the mushroom and cream sauce could be slightly sweeter. The fried egg we added made the entire meal more nutritious. You can't go wrong with this if you can't decide what to order

I rarely journey to the west but this Hei Rice at Paddy Hills is constantly tempting me to go back. The fried chicken that comes with the dish is fried till crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. The mentaiko sauce goes very well with the squid ink fried rice which also has a wok hei taste to it. Awesome stuff!

I found this green eggs with flatbread to be addictive and very generous. It can probably be shared if you have a small stomach. The mushrooms, greens and green eggs goes well together. It's also a healthy mix of fiber. I liked the flat bread and it would be great if Refuel Cafe offered sharper knifes to cut through it because it's a tad hard.


Had a weekend brunch at Crackerjack. Brunch ingredients are often common but I enjoyed the rendition offered by Crackerjack as I found them appealing to the eyes and taste buds. Another key highlight is the coffee which is definitely among the more stand out ones I've tried. It's great the food is affordable and crowd isn't too stifling at the moment.


I live for the best experiences. Pursuing the most enjoyable food and sharing with everyone.

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