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Priska Rafel
Priska Rafel

Wakon is famous for their exquisite black truffle dishes. Aside from that, I was recommended to try their udon and meat skewers. Thus, I tried their handmade udon in tonkotsu soup (RM9) along with BBQ pork belly (RM7.3) and pork neck skewers (RM8.4).

Everything tastes very good! The udon tastes fresh and springy. The tonkotsu soup has clean but strong flavor of pork broth. There are corn kernels inside the soup which were a bit mushy. It could be a lot better if they were crunchy, adding texture to the dish. The pork belly and neck were amazing. Even though the pork belly came dry, but fortunately it was crunchy with some burnt bits, making it tastes a bit smoky. Love the pork neck too! The meat was springy and very juicy.

My tips if you visit this place is eat everythinf while they're still warm! The place was very cold, it tends to make the dishes cold quickly.


I finally had the chance to try the famous char siew wantan mee in SS2. Rumor said that this place is always full and people will have to queue. I came precisely at 6pm when the evening shift just started and it was still empty. Right after 15 minutes the place was swarmed with hungry diners.

The good news is the standard char siew wantan noodle costs RM6.50, which is quite the same with common wantan noodle found in most food courts.

The noodle was standard, but the char siew was to die for! The meat is tender with half and half ration of fat and meat. The dark caramelized outer layer is very delicate and sweet but savory at the same time! Be prepared to found some tiny bits of fried pork lard beneath the noodle! The wantans and broth was porky flavorsome with a dash of sesame oil flavor. I regret the fact that I didn't tapao some char siew when I went home and just craved for more!


Never underestimate an old-school-looking-kind-of place, for something wonderful usually comes out as a surprise. This time it come from an old dimsum restaurant located in SS2 called Loong Seng. Dining in this place is quite unique because the dimsums will come to you in a giant bamboo steamer and you can pick them out yourself.

For starter, I picked my obligatory dimsum menu which are siew mai, har gau, and char siew bao. The siew mai was okay and the shrimps inside the har gau had the crisp texture which means that they are fresh! The char siew bao for me was not really nice because the sauce was not sweet enough for my liking. Other dish that I had were beancurd rolls with sweet and sour sauce and another beancurd roll but with more pork and shrimp mixture and no sauce. Both of them taste good but I prefer the one with the sweet and sour sauce.

To close things up, I ordered a plate of dragon whisker and sesame ball. Those sweet dimsums surprisingly tasted the best! The dragon whisker here is a steamed banana, coated with red bean paste and then enveloped with crispy fried vermicelli. Unfortunately my dragon whisker was served cold so I couldn't taste the warm gooey paste more. The sesame balls were also great! The outer layer is crunchy but the green bean filling texture was soft and fluffy! Best eaten when they are warm.

Other uniqueness of this place is there isn't any dimsum menu and price list visible around the restaurant, only the beverage list. From what I heard, the prices are according to the color of the plates. For rough calculation, 5 small metal plates, 1 blue plate, 1 green plate, and a glass of iced Chinese tea cost me RM30.30.


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