My other try of Mikey's Frozen Custard, and this time I get to try their bun for additional RM2. It was worth the money as I didn't expect how they would serve the frozen custard.

My set of frozen custard that I had was called Breakfast All Day (RM9.88), consisting of cornflakes with drizzles of teh tarik and espresso sauce. The frozen custard was placed in the middle of half hollow bread, the topped with cornflakes and drizzled with sauce. The bun later hot-pressed like an UFO shape, cut into half, and then added with a bit of powdered sugar.

Everything looks and feels nostalgic to me because this is the fancy version of my hometown's Medan Ice Cream. The taste was great! Love the subtle crispy bun with the creamy frozen custard combination. However the espresso taste beat the teh tarik flavor out so the espresso taste was the one that stood out. I really recommend this ice cream bun for a medium sized dessert session!


This is Green Tea Eggio which is one of Brewyard's latest dessert creations, combining ice cream and their so called bubble waffle which is the notorious Hong Kong egg waffle. This Eggio costs RM16 which is quite pricey with a medium sized paper cup.

Despite the size of the cup, it is filled full with the egg waffle itself and ice cream, topped again with lots of toppings. The green tea waffle is quite dense and crisp but still fluffy enough to be enjoyed. I love the tutti frutti ice cream! It reminds me a lot of those childhood ice cream sold when I was little. This cup will later be filled with really generous amount of red beans, green tea jelly, mini marshmallows, and then finished beautifully with green tea pocky sticks and whipped cream. This might be enjoyed so much by green tea fans because of the amount of green tea elements inside the cup.


First impression is this cafe has a cute logo. The cafe's interior was really simplistic with some couches that looks homey and comfortable. Unfortunately all of them are occupied when I visited the place.

I went to this place in a mission to get my hands on their Snoopy & Peanuts waffle to proclaim myself as a good Peanuts fan. I was super disappointed when I knew that they ran out of that choice of waffle when it was just 3PM. So, learning from my experience, you better come early to reserve your favorite choice of waffle before they ran out! Instead, I got myself Big Grey Wolf (RM19), charcoal waffle served with earl grey ice cream, almond praline and fresh strawberries. The waffle here is delightfully crispy on the outside, light on the inside, and smells fragrant. Earl grey tea ice cream was creamy, sweet and rich enough, making a perfect combination with the charcoal waffle. The almond praline was sweet and crunchy, the strawberry added subtle sweetness and acidity to the overall palette.

I also tried their unique lavender latte (RM10) which was very fragrant. I didn't have the heart to drink it, I just want to smell the lovely fusion scent of coffee and lavender.

On my next visit I would like to try the cute little cakes displayed on their cabinet.


I've been longing to try Mikey's for a long time and when I was finally there, I only have enough budget to buy either their pizza or frozen custard. It was a no brainer decision because dessert always comes first! The frozen custard came with several flavor and a seasonal flavor which was espresso at that time.

I chose the recommended vanilla flavor with Turtle creation (RM10). I was served with a cup of vanilla frozen custard topped with nuts and flooded with caramel and chocolate fudge sauce. The frozen custard was dense but soft and creamy! I love it so much! The chocolate sauce accomplished its job to mediate the sweetness between the frozen custard the caramel sauce, which add a different color of sweetness to the overall dish.

I heard that if you had a pizza in Mikey's, you can get a 20% discount for their frozen custard. Will definitely try the frozen custard again, but next time with bun!


This is a unique authentic fun dessert that I've ever had. Better Than Sex consists of pandan roti jala layered with melted mozarella cheese, served with creamy kaya toast ice cream and drizzled with melted gula melaka.

I didn't taste enough cheese from the roti jala, maybe it was overpowered by the ice cream? However, it is okay because the kaya toast ice cream won my heart. The creamy sweet ice cream with chunks of bread, adding somekind of crunchy texture to the gooey ice cream and the chewy roti jala texture, the cut up nuts and sliced strawberry adding crunchiness and acidity to the dish. The last drizzle of gula melaka successfully added the sweet local aftertaste.

It was a really amazing dish, and for me it was full of fun with all those varieties of texture and flavor combined into a harmonius local yet modern dessert! I might not know if this dish tastes better than sex, but what I know that it's the most fun dessert in case of flavor to me!


Another visit to Tsujiri and this time I finally get my hands on their parfait! I had a Chiffon Parfait with matcha ice cream (RM16).

The parfait has matcha ice cream, matcha chiffon cake, red bean paste, and cornflakes. The matcha ice cream is not sweet and perfect for people who's looking for very strong tea flavor. The chiffon cake was served warm, eaten together with the cold ice cream. The red bean paste added sweetness and texture because of the remaining red bean chunks.

A personal advice, wait for the cornflakes to soften a bit and it's ready to be devoured!


Another trip to Melt'On after a week before my first visit! Yes, they are that good! This time the Baileys Oreo flavor was available so I ordered one with another scoop of Peanut Butter Nutella.

Sadly, they served me the wrong flavor. Instead of Baileys Oreo, I got Irish Coffee flavor. The peanut butter taste very peanuty and rough like crunchy peanut butter. Surprises of chunked peanut butter and nutella can be found amidst the ice cream! The Irish Coffee flavor is very strong and taste completely like creamy coffee without being overly too sweet.

Another round to share with some friends was waffle with a scoop of Rum Raisin and Baileys Oreo. The waffle was fluffy and fragrant with additional drizzle of chocolate sauce. Turned out the baileys' flavor was not as strong as I like my rum in the rum raisin flavor, but still, good.

When I visited this time, I sampled their new Strawberry Plum flavor that tasted really good too. Maybe I could try this flavor on my next visit?


Melt'on is located on the same row as Oregi, The Hungry Hog, and Oregi. You can easily spot this ice cream parlor from the giant cow bench in front of it. The place was dominated with wood and cement element and it has this glowy and warmy feel if you visit at night.

Normal flavor scoop costs RM8, and RM9 for the alcoholic ones. This place made alcoholic flavored ice cream their star, and they made it. First round was brownie with Chocolate Mudslide and White Tea (RM18). Brownie was ok, but I would prefer the crunchy baked one. The Chocolate Mudslide was amazing! The server said there's a dash of bourbon in it but I didn't taste any. The White Tea ice cream that I chose, did manage to suppress both chocolate elements to not overtake the overall flavor.

Second round was Rum & Raisin flavor, shared with a friend. It was overwhelmingly good. It was sweet with a strong after taste of rum, which I love! Will definitely come to this place again!


Taiyakie little stall is located right beside Starbucks near Asia Cafe food court. The stall is not designed as a place to hangout, so people would just have to take away their taiyakis.

The recommended fillings are read bean and ham with cheese and thus I picked the red bean. Unfortunately, the filling was not that good. It tasted quite bland and coarse. The pastry layers are actually okay if it was done right. The server didn't rest the taiyaki enough, leaving the pastry soggy and not crispy yet. Leave it to cool for 3-4 minutes and I think it'll be better.


When talking about ice cream (I'm sorry but) I tend to compare it to Inside Scoop's. When I finally visit this place I was quite anxious on how the ice cream will taste. The flavor range they serve is quite normal as they normally serve in any ice cream parlor. I tried a double scoop waffle with Belgian chocolate and hazelnut almond flavor.

A single waffle served with two ice cream and cuts of little bananas drizzled with caramel fudge sauce. I think the bananas are way too small by the way. The waffle was the crispy type. The crispy outer skin with a little fluff part in the inside. The waffle was good and not to sweet to prepare a place for the ice cream to shine. The ice cream itself was quite good. The only thing was it wasn't creamy enough for my expectation. The Belgian chocolate was quite good and the hazelnut almond flavor also lived to its name with balanced ratio of hazelnut and almond flavor.

Avoid visiting this place on weekend nights as the place was not big and it was hard for me to find a place to sit when I got there.


An impromptu trip to the bakery known for its salted egg croissant. Actually, I went there to hunt down their melty chocolate croissant but the only flavor left was the famous salted egg filling. I felt so ironic.

The pastry was warm after the server reheat the croissant. The golden brown color and crispy layered buttery skin will make crusty sound on your mouth. The golden yellow salted egg yolk filling running out of cracked open pastry. The filling is sweet but nothing really shines about everything else.

I hope to taste another flavor of croissant from this bakery after this salted egg yolk hype is over.

In this visit, I actually ordered two pies, savory and sweet pie. First I ordered the Chunky Steak Pie. At first, I doubt the pie would make me full, but I was wrong. When most pies are only full of gravy, this pie however is full of meat chunks. The beef was tender and tasty with some pieces of nicely cooked carrot.

The second pie was Peanut Butter Brownie. The pie is full of warm dark chocolate ganache which complements the peanut butter inside the pie. When I cut the the pie with my fork, the chocholate flowed over my paper plate! Bite size cuts of brownie and small nut chunks gives additional sweetness and texture to the all saucy filling of the pie. This pie easily joined the list of my top chocolate dessert list!

Now I know what to order for my next visit to this place!


when I'm tired of animating, I eat fancy

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