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Hawker Food

Hawker Food

Hawker food at various hawker centers, food court and small eateries in Singapore
Janice Yip
Janice Yip
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It's the only stall with a long queue when I went there. Judging from online reviews, they always have a queue. $5.90 for chicken chop with 2 sides really puts Wild Olives on the cheap and good list. This is especially so where Pasir Ris Central Hawker Center features a pricer menu of stalls.

The chicken chop itself is very tender. It's a joy to eat. I was recommended the mushroom sauce which went excellently with the meat. The sides on the other hand was pretty normal. For $5.90, I'm rather satisfied with my meal.

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A random work day took me to bedok south road and I ordered this $4 prawn noodles. The stall looks innocuously simple and little did I ever imagine it'll be a prawn mee I constantly think about. I find the noodles very generous and springly. I also like the sauce mixture of ketchup with chilli, it really hit all the right notes on the taste. Ingredients were fairly generous. It's a simple bowl of prawn mee which I cannot explain why I constantly crave for it, especially when I'm in bedok.

This is a dish I hardly order because I don't really enjoy the blend white chicken taste. Having said that I found the curry noodles broth to be really delicious. Having it with the broth, the blend chicken meat comes alive with flavour and goes very well with the fat yellow noodles. Definitely a nice dinner treat.

Ever since my favourite Bak Chor Mee near my house increased price I started to try other noodles from elsewhere. I felt that the signature noodles here are awesome with generous ingredients. I liked it that the noodles are well cooked and doesn't stick together. The sauce also managed to hit the right balance so it's generally a very satisfying coffeeshop meal!


Had this Thai Wonton Mee after my badminton session. It's really pretty good. Basically it taste like Sarawak Kolo Mee but resonates with me because of my love for this type of noodles. It's not exactly the healthiest choice because of the huge reliance on lard oil but it's not a bad idea for an occasional indulgence. Super long queue though, be prepared to wait!


One of the best Bak Chor Mee I've tried in serangoon. Cheap with generous portions is such a rarity it's almost like a hidden gem. I like the mix of sauce, reminds me of my childhood in jurong where I ate this Bak Chor Mee that only had ketchup but tasted really awesome.

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Tried the most expensive Big Prawn Noodles I have eaten and found this bowl to be really cholesterol rich. The clams and Prawn broth taste extremely flavourful and you can definitely appreciate the longs hours of prawn shells simmered in the soup. The ingredients are really generous, justifying the $8 I paid for it. I think it's the best soup base Prawn noodles I have tried!

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Tender juicy chicken cooked to perfection with gentle marriage of the succulent lup chong and dark soya sauce. But the most important part of the claypot is the awesome burnt rice! 😋😋 #tamjiakteo #tamjiakcouple #burpple

Highly recommended by @drchrislooi and @missylane, this Sarawak Kolo Mee really was every bit as good as they'd said it was.
The very fine, curly egg noodles were al dente and came cloaked in the invisible deliciousness of pork lard oil. Over the pile of springy strands were minced pork, slices of "char siew", fried shallots and spring onions. You need to give everything a proper toss to maximise the eating pleasure.
Their house-made sambal belachan is made with chilli padi, so do note it is rather lethal. I couldn't get enough of it myself, and had to ask for more.
You can find this stall at #01-33 inside Haig Road Hawker Centre (the same one that houses my fave "putu piring"). The lady boss told me their operating hours are from 10am to 9pm, and are closed on alternate Tuesdays.

Cheap and good lunch! The mee tai mak was piping hot, flavorful and not too oily. At $5 it's really a generous portion. Only drawback is location a little out of the way.

I live for the best experiences. Pursuing the most enjoyable food and sharing with everyone.

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