Kway Chap

Kway Chap

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Sheryl Lyx
Sheryl Lyx

Coming down to this famous duck rice & Kwan chap store to see what their all about. I thoroughly enjoyed the meal, though the price tag threw me off slightly. At $8/head, the portion comes with the Kway & a mountain full of duck meat, pig intestines, taupok and fish cake. The sauce was flavorful and the meats were generous. I will definitely come back again but just not super often.


I was a little amused when I saw that this place labels itself as the authentic store. I've tried the 'non-authentic' store at Jalan Besar area, which tasted pretty decent, hence I was quite interested to find out how much better this authentic version tastes like.

The pig organ soup here comes in 2 sizes. $4 for small portion and $6 for the larger portion. We went for the $6 version that came with a sizable portion of pig stomach, lean meat, pig liver and pork balls. I must say, the pig liver here is absolutely delish. The texture is just right and I couldn't help but eat one too many slices of it. Soup wise - I find the authentic version to me sweeter and more 'porky' (for lack of a better word). I prefer the balance in flavors here. I thought the 'non-authentic' version could get a little too salty towards the end.

I also liked the braised taupok with peanuts ($3) though the sauce is a little oily. The braised sauce is so yummy, I literally drenched my rice in it.

Noticed that the other patrons here all had the braised pork rice ($1.80) alongside with their food. Mental note to try that next time!


Ah Heng's Duck Store is a typical 'looks damn good' store, from its rustic looking store. It's a mess in the food cabinet, you see duck stacked over pork belly, taupok beside taugua, but all the efforts are put into creating a good braised sauce. Super savory (even slightly leaning towards salty), the braised sauce also very fragrant. At $4/ portion, I'd say it's pretty worth it.


Bought mixed kway chap for 2 and passed the uncle $10 note, and got $5 back in return. $5 for 2?! What sorcery is this? And the whole meal was actually delicious. The innards were well-braised, without any 'funky' smell. I especially loved the pork belly, which was tender and reeking in braised sauce 😍


$8.60 for 2 person's portion of Kway Chap at Yi Ying. Below average price and above average value. Much love for the lightly creamy kway, braised lean pork belly and adequately salted preserved vegetables. Simple, comforting brunch. #ifindcomforthere


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