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PRICE: Red Myon $13.80++ (Spicy chicken version of jjajangmyeon)

WAITING TIME: Slightly more than 5 minutes

- Slightly overcooked and soggy
- Nice hint of spiciness

PRICE: Spicy Pork Japchae $12.80++

WAITING TIME: Slightly more than 5 min

- Used to be good but not this time
- The vermicelli tasted more like thick bee hoon. Missing the QQ chewiness of korean japchae
- Bland, can hardly taste the sesame oil
- Even the spicy pork missed the mark. It was dry and not well seasoned.

FREE WATER: Yes! (Infused with lemon too!) Prompt refills! đź‘Ť

Jjamppong $14++
Jjajangmyeon $12++ (Upsize noodles $2++)

WAITING TIME: Close to 10 minutes on a late Saturday night

- Free cold water
- They insist on sending the banchan (side dishes) together with all the food orders, instead of serving the banchan first
- Jjamppong is served in a much bigger bowl now
- Jjamppong wasn't as spicy as the previous times though. Still not spicy despite adding chilli powder myself.
- Very generous portions
- Maybe we will not order the jjamppong next time and try something else instead. This is after all our third time here ordering the same two items.

Seafood Pancake $11.90++
Jjajangmyeon $11.90++
Japchae $9.50++
(1-for-1 deal on main dishes, Tuesdays 6-8PM)
* Iced water is served F.O.C

Queued at 7.40pm, ordered at 7.55pm, all dishes arrived by 8.30pm

- Loved the Seafood Pancake
- Jjajangmyeon portion is huge but...seriously does not taste authentic. Could not finish and will not order again
- Japchae flavour was good but noodles were overcooked and lacked chewiness
- Banchan was served in little plastic disposable cups. Both the corn and kimchi smelled bad and tasted off, so we returned to the staff. The sesame seaweed Banchan was good. Mixed it into my Jjajangmyeon to try to mask its weird herby taste.

$12++ Jjajangmyeon
$14++ Jjamppong

QUEUE TIME: 10 min on a Thursday past 9PM

* Seriously taste like what we had in Korea (the jjamppong isn't as spicy as the one we had in Jeju, but still nice and full of seafood! Incl. 3 big prawns!)
* Best korean Jjajangmyeon And Jjamppong we had in Singapore
* Love all the banchan too

* Mainly korean staff!
* Free flask of water!
* Free roadside parking after 10PM!


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PRICE: $35.90++
Add $2 for ramyeon

* Not the watery, diluted kind of budae jijae
* Could do with more glass noodles
* The spam was unlike the usual luncheon meat we are used to (...not in a good way)
* No banchan was served though

$28 Small Budae Jijae (good for 2 pax)
$20 Cheesy Garlic Chicken
Free flask of corn tea

WAITING TIME: 10 min (almost packed on a weekday evening)

• Contains MSG, we got really thirsty during and after the meal
• Army stew portion is good
• Banchan were average,
• Fried chicken below average

WILL WE RETURN? Not really

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PRICE: Pat Bingsu $6.80 nett

WAITING TIME: Few seats available, and it's always full house. Takes about 5 minutes from ordering to receiving the order.

SIZE: Too much for 2 to share as a post-meal dessert. Ideal size for 3 to 4 pax.

VALUE: Goooooood value for money compared to many other bingsu shops that are easily above $10 per bowl


PRICE: $13.90nett for Choco Banana Bingsu

WAITING TIME: 10min on Sat evening (self-service)

SERVING SIZE: Good size as a post-dinner dessert for two to share

TASTE: Very fine ice. The scoop of ice cream is rather bland.

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