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Where Diets Don't Count And The Calories Don't Matter

Where Diets Don't Count And The Calories Don't Matter

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Need I say more?

Ok ok, I probably should. We tried their two Dester beers (both at $5/each!!!) and I preferred the quirkier Kwirk! It was floral, fruity without being too over-the-top. Very pleasant for a midday drink or with their rendand grilled cheese sandwich.


Grilled cheese sammies are something that Alter Ego has been knocking it out of the park with and this new rendang grilled cheese continues that trend! The moment I pulled the halves apart, the sheer weight of that rendang started stretching the cheese into this delicious web.

The rendang recipe was passed down from Alter Ego’s Head chef’s nenek and features the dry version of rendang, the spiciness of which goes great with the chewy cheese and crisp wich. It can get pretty heavy, but it comes with a delightfully zingy arh char on the side, and if that isn’t enough, go cray with their $5 beers!


Ask anyone at the table, none of us cared that the burger we were stuffing into our faces had no real meat cause it was THAT DARN DELICIOUS. The #ImpossibleBurger features a soy-based patty and made mainly with plant-based ingredients. Compared to the beef burger we had, the ‘meat’ of the Impossible burger is a little looser and had less of a bite, but it’s actually not easy to tell! The thing I loved about it was the way it absorbed sauces and just felt like it packed more flavour. Not to mention, @burgersandheads does some magic to it with that amazing crisped up surface that adds so many dimensions to it. A definitely must try experience (at least once). It ain’t cheap, but who says you can put a price on the impossible. 🙈


FRESSSSSSHHHHHH is all that went through my head as I slurped up these delish mussels! These are easily the best mussels I’ve had locally; plump, supple and brimming with a wonderfully briney flavour. That light curry is packed with flavour too, great for getting mopped up with the crisp mantou. Next time, I’m not sharing.


Pretty happy with our pick; the mentaiko pizza isn’t too salty and had a good amount of squid and prawns strewn about. If you ask me, cheese and mentaiko is always a killer combo! Don’t bother with the truffle and mushroom pasta though, it was kinda tasteless.


With their recent revamp, you’ll need to call in if you want a seat at GastroSmiths, and you might as well reserve this hen while you’re at it (only available with advanced booking).

Lightly seasoned, this free range hen has been dry aged, so you‘re really getting the flavours of the chook here. The skin is crisp (but don’t wait too long), and meat is tender, but we also really enjoyed the duck fat potatoes underneath.


If you’re expecting just ordinary burgers here, you might be just as pleasantly surprised as us! Newly opened in City Square Mall, we fell in love with both their fried chicken burgers and their juicy beef patty. The butter milk fried chicken comes dripping with a creamy, slightly sweet salted egg yolk sauce and was juicy, tender and not to mention huge! Personally preferred the spicy fried chicken a little more which kinda reminded me of the McSpicy (but better).

Don’t expect set meals or even fries, Ordinary Burgers only has one other add-on and that’s a baked Japanese Sweet Potato. Nice but Donki is right downstairs too. 😂


Joining the ranks of 25 Degrees’ bangin’ burgers is Number 5; a stacked tower of Swiss cheese, pastrami, crispy fried onion rings and their signature beef patty. Both this and their bestselling Number 1 ($14) burger made it to our list of favourites here! Best to head down soon if you want to try this seasonal burger, it’s due to end its run here by the 28 Feb. #BurppleEatup


This month’s guest chef’s sammy is Le Bon Funk’s beaut of a beef tongue sandwich! Soft, crusty brioche hugging a heap of pillowy soft pastrami-style beef tongue with an amazing tartar sauce spiked with Dijon mustard. Simply put, this deserves the reputation it gets. Only available this Feb if you want to catch it at PBD, otherwise just head to Le Bon Funk themselves to try it out. Plan an early lunch, the ‘Sold Out’ sign was slapped on by 12:15pm.


Occupying a whole shop house, the stunning Kafe Utu is set to win the hearts among cafe hoppers in the Keong Siak area. A strong African theme runs through the whole cafe, but you’ll find the menu split between African and the more usual cafe nosh (probably to cater to a wider range of taste buds).

Of course, we went for the section labeled “From Mama Africa”, and this goat curry didn’t disappoint. Tender chunks of meat in a creamy, slightly funky curry that’s oh-so-good with rice. It’s got just a little bit of gaminess (the curry is enhanced with a goat broth) that’s just right for me. It isn’t particularly spicy too, so most should be able to handle this. Tasty for sure, but it comes at a pretty steep price.


This was super yummy! Soft dory in a light, crisp batter coated with a thicker mala sauce. This was fried really well and was easily one of the tables favourite dishes. Definitely a must-order!

*Portion size may vary, this was from a tasting


飘香麻辣 has opened its second outlet in the popular ION Orchard’s Food Opera! Catered to the local palate, the mala here has less salt and oil, but makes up for it with more flavour and fragrance. Besides the usual build-your-own-bowl, Head Chef 发哥 applies his experience as a zi char chef to great effect, creating unique dishes each with their own take on mala. This mala crab uses live crab and was extremely fresh, coated in a slick, numbing sauce that had a strong 干香 flavour.


Community dude at Burpple that loves food and exploring culinary escapades on our tiny island.

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