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My Body Is Here, But My Soul's In Japan

My Body Is Here, But My Soul's In Japan

Featuring Kogane Yama (Bugis Junction), Tendon Kohaku (Suntec City), Seiwaa Okonomiyaki & Teppanyaki Restaurant, Don.档, OMU (Suntec City), Katsudon Hanakatsu, Don Meijin, Tsukada Nojo (Plaza Singapura), Shirokane Tori-Tama, Yuki Onna (Far East Square)
Dex Neo
Dex Neo

Charcoal-Grill & Salad Bar was out of cod the last time I visited, so here I am to finally have a go at this delicate fish that comes highly recommended by Veronica! Tender, oily and seductively smokey, this and the Atka mackerel are easily my favourite is on their menu.

Of course, we’re mainly here for their yummy salad bar too (my picks: potato salad, shredded cabbage with sesame sauce and the dan dan mian).Then end off the meal like me by gorging yourself with their coffee jelly and cream. 🙈


None of that sandwich nonsense where middle is deceptively stuffed, leaving you with only bread towards the end, this stacked sandwich is the real deal.

It’s a tasty sandwich, with big chucks of egg in a well seasoned egg mayo mix. Quite pricy though, so more of an occasional indulgence if you’re feeling it.


Yujin has some pretty good izakaya vibes for the right prices! This beef tataki was tender, tasty and refreshing thanks to the bright, citrusy ponzu onion sauce it lay in. Great for sharing and to go with their yummy cocktails.


Who needs cake anyway with Sumo Bar Happy’s birthday promotion; FREE sashimi slices = your age! Came down for a family celebration and got 60 slices of thick, firm salmon.

You’ll have to make a reservation within seven days before/after the actual birthday with a minimum of four pax and each diner needs to order a main, but the food’s good anyway, so no issues there. 👅Time to check your calendars for upcoming birthdays!


A new mazesoba is available at Ramen Champion Bugis+’s Teppan no Hoshi stall! Doesn’t break the mold, but this is one solid bowl of thick noods with great chew. Chef Horikawa gives this an awesome hit of spice with his chilli paste and original sauce blend. Heavy flavours, but oh so tasty.


If the selection of oden is too overwhelming, maybe the Oden Mori is for you. Pre-selected, this set gives you bigger bang for your buck with six items: konbu ($2), daikon ($2), konyaku ($3), chikuwa ($3), fried tofu ($5) & the oh-so-tender beef tendon ($5). The broth it comes served in is really light but that doesn’t compromise on flavour. Everything also comes slicked in this slimey but tasty coating too, sounds gross but I enjoyed it. 😂

Not sure if the items in the set change but it’s a pretty good option if it’s your first time here.


Stream angler liver with soy vinegar was the description. For those who haven’t had ankimo before, it’s smooth and actually doesn’t taste of much, just a very light, livery flavour. Paired wonderfully with the bright ponzu sauce and crunchy slivers of kelp.


New sister concept from Nobu-Ya, Yama-Ya is a oden-centric spot serving up great izakaya style food and rice bowls (also, they don’t have the drink requirement of their more grown up counterpart).

Can I take a second to talk about this salmon ikura bowl? 8 slices of salmon. A sea of ikura on a bed of rice topped off with furikake. $16.80. Sheer bliss... The oden was good, but this is what I’ll be back for. They also have a mini kaisen don at the same price, but that’s a lot smaller (unless you splurge for the $24.80 bowl).


Konjiki Hototogisu‘s new outlet in Great World City shines the spotlight on another mollusc; the oyster. You won’t find whole ones in the ramen, but it’s worked into the broth itself for a unique briney flavour that I loved. Try the clear broth before mixing in the stronger flavoured oyster paste.

The ramen itself has a wonderfully good bite to it, attributed to the whole grain flour from Hokkaido that’s used to make it. While our non-oyster fanatics at the table still did enjoy this too, I’d say if you actively don’t enjoy oysters, this probably isn’t for you. But the good news is that they have really tasty tonkotsu ramens available too!


The new Donki at City Square Mall has a pretty awesome food hall and you can get a pretty good chirashi bowl from Bonta Bonta. It might not look like much, but we enjoyed the fresh mix of raw tuna, salmon and roe on a bed or vinegared rice. It even comes with a small side of edamame and miso soup. Nothing groundbreaking but a satisfying fix for your chirashi cravings.


Another place ticked off the wishlist! Knew I had to try them when I heard they use a clam/pork broth – no MSG added at all. I’d definitely recommend the shio over the shoryu; it tasted a lot cleaner and you get more clarity from the soup base. They also add white truffle oil over the black truffle in the shoryu ramen, which tasted a lot more distinct. Even the ramen itself is tasty! They use a special “hara-ru-koi” whole grain flour that is healthier and gives it a nice bite. A bowl of comfort I won’t mind returning to. 🍜


Had a quick dinner at the new Menya Kokoro at Eat At Seven. I love Kajiken’s maze soba, so I’ve been really keen on trying this newcomer’s rendition.

Kinda like bak chor mee, mix everything up well and give it a taste before adjusting with the chilli flakes and kombu vinegar. Theirs is intensely flavoured; the meaty chilli sauce is quite salty but almost balanced out by the minced garlic, spring onion, chives and seaweed. You’ll find the noodles here thick and chewy too, making for a really nice bite. Overall though, still prefer Kajiken as this did feel a tad overwhelming.


Dex Neo

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