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Jasmine Shen
Jasmine Shen

IG: Superfoodfreaks

Left to right:
Pandan gula melaka energy ball
Orange turmeric slice
Peanut butter carob ball

To my surprise, I found a liking to orange turmeric slice, faint hint of turmeric and the orangey taste has a kick to it, yums! 🍊🍊🍊🍊

Pandan gula melaka ball tasted like the name itself & peanut butter carob ball is like a healthier version of Reese if you are a Reese-fan.

Got it from @superfoodfreaks!

Interior, vibe: Muji
Price: $$
Pastries: 🥯🥯
Tea: Roji

The name of the cafe was just as it is. Light timber wood, concrete screed flooring, pendant lighting, a functional cake display, counter top & a small coffee machine, a kitchen. Wala! As simple as it can be. Comforting interior with nice indie music.

Located in the west coast, it could be out of the way.
The 15-20 seater shop situated in the mall, facing the main road so dont get lost wandering inside the mall, Like me.

Just a simple cafe 🏠

Interior, vibe: 3.5/5
Cakes: 3/5
Coffee: 4/5 (22 Martin)
Price: 2.5/5

Key lime meringue cake was sour. You can taste that substantial amount of cake & KEY LIME, totally screamed Key Lime. Have it with the meringue around it, and it will be balanced.

Coffee was good. 22 Martin, CMCR beans. Yums. Strong & nutty, paired well with milk.

Key lime meringue cake: $12
Coconut mochi bread: $5.50 (do not)
Latte: $6.50
Honey oat iced latte: $8.50

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White fungus sweet soup $3.50 & bobo charchar $3.50
Quality ingredients & nice place to chill, friendly staff. Long queues. Has 2nd loft area.


Best after dinner desserts you can find to pair with your pizzas. I came here specially for their desserts and they certainly did not disappoint!

Earl grey swirl icecream with a balance fragrance of earl grey & vanilla and a very dense, thick carrot cake.

I love the carrot cake density & its so flavorful at every bite omgosh, though its a tad too sweet for me.

Overall I enjoyed it very much. Will come back to try their pizzas!

Earl grey swirl: $8
Carrot cake: $12


Tangy, sweet, bite sized - contrast between the sourness of the passionfruit & sweetness of the meringue. Lemon curd in between the crusty tart & the meringue is oomppphss! Then again if you lemon tart lovers, will love it!

Theres gelato too! Mango & chocolate are the best! Smooth, thick enough but not gerlak and its unlimited because its a bufei! ($98++)

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Flatlay of Home’s favourite Charcoal Snowskin mooncake

Delicious durian flesh in thin charcoal snowskin, yums! I’ve been missing out on this for yearss! It’s by Home’s Favourite, got it from the event hall at Plaza Sing. Freeze it, thaw it for 15mins & you’re ready to devour it. ($69 for 4, after 10% disc)
Fun fact: Charcoal flavored snowskin deemed to be a healthier choice!

A very sweet breakfast with caramelised banana, walnuts, salted caramel sauce, berry coulis ($20)

To note: Huge portion, good to share


It is palm sized, considered huge for an egg tart! The crust texture & taste was similar to Prima Deli’s chicken pie crust, sweet. The center is too pudding like, and no egg taste? ($1.50)


My ideal egg tart with a soft not too over custardy center, not too flaky & hard crust, smells good ($1.30)

Custardy soft lemon tart, for lemon tart lovers, balanced flavor between sour, sweet & tardy ($7)

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