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Brunch Anytime

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Wen Miin  Tan
Wen Miin Tan

The dish was pretty single dimensional. Most components- the matcha lava, azuki paste, candied zest and crumble were all sweet which made the whole dish jelak. Wished there were salty (sea salt in place of icing sugar) or bitter (in the lava) elements to create more contrasting flavors. Despite the flaws, I enjoyed the crispy edge of the fluffy pancake the most.


They have upped the price but so did the portion; 3 humongous slabs of fluffy egg-soaked toast with seared apples and loads of bacon (albeit slightly burnt). Truly satisfying!


The pancakes were warm, fluffy and went perfectly with the sautéed banana and ice cream. For the price, portion and quality, I think it was value for money!

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It took some courage for me to dine alone at this quaint restaurant with no customers but the quest for good crêpes overcame that uncertainty. And I wasn't wrong about this place. The buckwheat crêpe was done perfectly; crispy on outside while springy inside. The cheesy mushrooms filling was light and velvety. Their refreshing smoothie ($8.50+) was blended on the spot using banana, apple and a hint of salted butter caramel. Can't wait to go back for their sweet crêpes! 😄

Quaint café to spend a rare free afternoon. Their sweet set at $14 which is available only on weekdays is very value for money; the berries crêpe is already $14 plus hot latte at $5.50 😄 Wanna be back soon to try their savory crêpes.

I was surprised at the small space and limited indoor seating. The layout is either communal or individual window seating. There is outdoor seating as well. The place was kind of warm. I ordered a Spiced Apple Cake ($8) and Latte ($5.50 nett). The apple cake is actually an apple cinnamon pastry with crispy pastry on top and chunky, softened apples underneath. The cinnamon taste was not overpowering unlike typical cinnamon pastries. The latte is slightly more expensive than other places but it was also stronger. The communal seating is great for connecting with people and making new friends.

The Lokal Lobster Roll ($22++) & Latte ($5++). Finally got to try the lobster roll which is only available on weekdays brunch time. It was a hugh portion. I'd wished the bun was buttered and toasted. The roll was lacking a sauce and I didn't notice there was supposed to be lemon mayo. Was it a dressing for the slaw or slipper lobster? Nonetheless, the slipper lobster was succulent. The slaw and gherkin were fresh and crunchy. Fries were done crispy outside and fluffy inside. Washed down with a full bodied latte :)

The toast was served warm and topped with a dollop of fresh cream. Caramel drizzle was not as much and thick as shown in the menu but I thought it might have been too sweet. The French toast was great; some pieces were more caramelised while some were soaked up with eggs and fluffy. Would love to try the soufflés next time.


Need I say more about this signature dessert? The French toast was perfectly done; crisp on the outside with oozy PB on the inside. The vanilla ice cream and berry compote complemented the dish very well. Can't wait to go back for the other dishes.


The Breakfast Butter Croissant @ $15 nett is my all time favorite brunch item. It came with scrambled eggs, ham, honey bacon and cheese. The scrambled eggs didn't taste milky and wasn't too runny or rubbery. Love the hint of sweetness in the tender honey bacon and the buttery croissant that remained crispy to the last bite.

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