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I Makan SG

I Makan SG

Featuring The Hungry Caveman, Wrap & Roll (ION Orchard), Chow Fun Bar & Restaurant, Sky on 57, LeNu Chef Wai’s Noodle Bar (Bugis Junction), NôMAD Bagel by Gastronômad, Westlake (Farrer Road), Ho Rang I, Mr Prawnie Fried Hokkien Big Prawn Mee, Seoul Yummy (Jem)
I makan Sg
I makan Sg
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From Con Nam, this gorgeous Saigon Báhn Xèo was like a cross between Chinese pancake and a crepe. The pancake was thin and tasty on its own. From the options of BBQ pork slices and shrimps, lemongrass chicken, grilled seafood; we chose the first which was yummy and definitely a good match for the pancake.
On the other hand, our pick of their prawn noodles from Nam Nam turned out different from what we imagined it to be. Being reminded that this was a Vietnamese dish, its broth wasn’t the Chinese prawn broth that we initially thought to be. It was more of the usual Pho kinda broth topped with a big prawn. Overall still pretty flavourful although off track from our expectations.
Con Nam, Nam Nam or both; the idea of being able cross-order from both was a good one.

Listed in Michelin’s Guide 17 and 18, queue could still be seen at the stall. Take the claypot out and it would just be a decent bowl of laksa to us.
The gravy wasn’t the lemak type which was a minus point to us. Even so, it lacked the fragrance though the gravy was thick. The chilli didn’t help much either.
Flavour-wise, this didn’t work for us. Not sure how the claypot worked for others, but it wasn’t hot enough to keep the heat in the laksa. Strike-3 was a good enough conclusion for us.

We liked how attention was also given to details like the almond flakes that were individually placed.
Taste-wise, while the Oolong-fused pear was subtle, it was nicely balanced with a baked crust and seated on a dark chocolate pastry base. Overall, this was another pleasant creation of theirs.
Coffee fans might also be interested in their 小白兔 drink, Gachala arabica beans topped with White Rabbit candy marshmallow. Mixed together and it kinda reminded me of tiramisu. Good that it wasn’t too sweet as I anticipated from the candy.

Probably better remembered by its dishes at prices of $5/10/15, it offered Taiwan Tze Char dishes in smaller sharing portions.
For groups of 2/4, its set meals were a convenient choice to try some of the signatures on the menu. With a top-up of the Joey’s Lala, the 2-person set we took had some hits as well as misses.
We were impressed by its Lu Rou which was delicious. Similarly, the Joey’s Lala stood amongst the rest. The stars in the dish were the Taiwanese pesto and crispy pork lard that gave it the bold flavour and crunch.
From the plate of triple-cooked yam, burnt chilli chicken and fried pork chop, we preferred the succulent pork chop over the others but only wished its portion was more.
The set meal came with a cold Tofu with century egg which was decent though it didn’t wow us. Comparatively, the bowl of braised cabbage with bamboo shoots was more memorable with a nostalgic taste.
To end the set meal, we were served the Red tea jelly with (bubble tea) pearls. It was like a variation of bubble tea but in cream instead, not really our cup of tea tasting a little too jelak for us.
Overall, definitely some good flavours there though gotta be selective. The lunch bowls might be good alternatives to enjoy them at better values.

Being full house on a regular weekday night, it’s popularity was much evident.
We had their braised goose meat and the sauce was fabulous, perfect to go with a simple bowl of porridge. Added in goose web and wing too to enjoy some nice bites.
We had to try some of their highly raved dishes on our first visit, and their Cai Po Kueh Teow was definitely one. Agreed that it was no lacking in Wok Hei, and we liked the crunch from the Cai Po which fortunately didn’t add on extra saltiness to the dish. Hidden in the Kueh Teow were gems of aromatic crispy pork lard that we absolutely loved.
Lastly, the fried oyster omelette was recommended by their lady boss which impressed us too. Crispy yes, and the best part about it was the oysters within that were yummy without the least unpleasant taste that one would dread.
Three simple dishes and we were happily stuffed for the night, although the lavish spread of crabs and fishes on some other tables looked so enticing to us.

Not Katong Laksa though it’s similar. And at Queensway SC, this was obviously the more popular stall compared to the 328 Katong Laksa by its crowd.
The laksa was creamy and easy to drink, good we supposed compared to the latter, or even those we had along Katong itself. However, it was more like a comfort food kinda taste rather than anything spectacular. Worth the eat if you’re there and got enticed from the crowd.

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The fried crispy egg was da bomb. Done right in every way and amazing that it wasn’t oily.
The Mee Mama salad caught our eyes while flipping through their menu, and we were so glad we ordered it. Served warm and with a squeeze of lime; it was so light, refreshing and satisfying.
We lamented before at other places when they toned down the taste of Thai dishes locally. But their Tom Yum soup here packed so much flavours and the fiery punch, it was such love-hate relationship when we couldn’t stop taking the soup but it was hot to handle.
Grilled pork tongue was the first for us, apart from the usual pork jowl or collar other places would offer. We enjoyed the chewy texture as a starter to the meal.
While the prices here were generally higher than some of the other Thai restaurants nearby; we noticed that their portions were also larger and ingredients were generous. Hence, it will be good to visit with a group of 4 or more to try more dishes.

While it was pretty fun trying of some their specialty beer; we didn’t find their food as memorable.
The Cajun roasted chicken leg was probably the most widely shared dish when we looked up their IG. While the meat was tender good, the flavour didn’t come through whatever it was supposed to be like.
The chilli crab linguine was more on the tomato and sweeter side so it too didn’t work for us. Half a soft shell crab didn’t feel sufficient when it was supposed to be a chilli crab pasta.
For desserts, we quite like their sticky date & toffee pudding which was enjoyable without being overly sweet. Their “Dirty” Mantou with condensed milk and Milo powder combination worked us.
However, 3 pieces of the Mantou for $6 felt rather ex for us. Interestingly, our sticky date dessert came with half a pudding instead of a complete one like we saw on other’s serving. Anything to do with the #BurppleBeyond deal that we used? We wondered.

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We didn’t find any of the overwhelming crowd we expected since it opened not too long ago.
Besides Korean chicken wings which we quite enjoyed, their burgers were obviously the key selling item by virtue of the name. We tried their truffle burger which was layered with shaved truffles and truffle mayo to deliver all that truffliciousness expected. Pretty tasty though the patty could be more juicy.
Not a big fan of their sides shrimps nor their Korean garlic cheese fries. But those fries should still appeal to many.
For some softserve, their Wooyu Jollypong was quite enjoyable with those puffed rice crisps.
Not sure how soon we will return and if it’ll be for the burgers or more of their wings that we favoured. Perhaps if there’ll be something new to entice us.

Their BBQ meats were as good as some others we have eaten at. The free-flow egg around the BBQ plate was a nice touch. Their menu also offered a pretty good variety of Korean dishes (but not my favourite Jajangmyeon).
Undisputedly, the star of the meal was their Korean pancake served in a straw basket. Larger than any of our faces, it was alluringly golden brown and amazingly tasty. The best pancake we had in SG by far. The order allowed half-half combination for kimchi and seafood which was great for trying both flavours. So yes, their pancakes would be the reason for us to visit this over other Korean BBQ places.

Their photo of the spicy fragrance egg noodles (Mala) caught our attention at the doorstop and we never regretted our pick to try it.
Not a fan of Mala, but this was at the right level that was acceptable for us, tasty with a little kick of numbness. Also loved the deep fried fish belly for the crunch, and the roasted peanuts and flavourful mushrooms in the noodles.
Their tagliatelle in Thai red curry, on the other hand, would be our pick if we were to recommend a fusion pasta with an Asian twist. The sauce was absolutely on point, just the right amount and consistency of an Italian pasta but the Thai curry taste that delivered the spicy punch.
Both noodles were memorable with distinct flavours. Most importantly, the delicious egg noodles and tagliatelle were handmade. Springy egg noodles and pasta absolutely al dente and good. More than that, almost every item on their menu (less nuggets) was made in-house.
With a bar menu, customers get to complete their meals with beer, cocktails, wine, sake, etc. That’s a pretty good place to eat and drink, and chill at their rooftop too.

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More than the usual chilled lobster chunks with mayo and diced fruits at some places; this was big chunky lobster meat with yummy cheese like that of our beloved cheeseburger.
Having bacon with cheese in the burger was just the perfect combination for us. The lobster meat was served warm in the burger, which also made it more satisfying for us.
Their ribeye with anchovy butter was also a huge serving of pleasure. To start the meal with, try their Old Fashioned Crab Cakes which were 2 crispy fried balls densely packed with refreshing crabmeat.
This NDP period, this will also be good good place to dine at, with a good view of the fireworks as the backdrop to their al fresco space.

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Good food = Good mood. Will say it's good only when it's good.

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