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I Makan SG

I Makan SG

Featuring Portico Host (Alexandra), Sky on 57, LeNu Chef Wai’s Noodle Bar (Bugis Junction), Wrap & Roll (ION Orchard), STREAT, Japan, Seoul Yummy (Jem), Mido Cafe 美都餐室, Mr Prawnie Fried Hokkien Big Prawn Mee, Hill Street Coffee Shop (Marine Cove)
I makan Sg
I makan Sg

The Hazelnut Praline Choux was a memorable piece not just for its form but taste as well.
To our surprise, this was pretty big in size double that of a usual Choux. The perfectly baked crunchy pastry contrasted well with the smooth hazelnut cream in between.
Simple as it was, this would be the benchmark of what we want for a Choux dessert. Of cos, there were other appealing items in their dessert menu to pick too.

We tried their sour vegetables 酸菜 fish soup which delivered the sour kick with a light spiciness, like that of a Szechuan sour. The sliced fish was really fresh we liked that they added some flower petal (think so) which have some pleasant fragrance touch.
Other options included Mala or even Tom Yum soup with seafood or beef choices. Non-spicy alternatives were available too though their selling points seemed to be on the spicy dishes.
We loved that all their dishes were served in a hot iron bowl which retained the heat well especially for the spicy soup. Though just a foodcourt stall, the soup with a rice was a satisfying meal. With the portion, it was good for sharing for some too.

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With their menu largely unchanged, we were dismayed that the taste and how some of them were prepared were obviously different.
First indication was the Affogato that we always loved to order on every visit. Missing were the crunchy nuts that distincted theirs from others. The Affogato was still good but less the X-factor.
Their crispy crab cake was a major letdown, being our all-time favourite from this place. Crab cake itself was still delicious; but not everything else on the plate. The egg, bacon, avocado bread were poorly prepared. The little amount of crispy chips and salad sprinkled around the plate was miserable and no longer made sense.
Also from their breakfast platter it was visible that standard in preparation of their food had dropped. Whatever the reason was, hope it’ll improve while we’ll not be returning for sometime.

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We succumbed to our curiosity and was relieved that it wasn’t the dessert chocolatey taste that we feared for a savoury dish. Instead, the flavoured pasta complemented the braised beef in red wine jus for an earthy taste. It was comforting though there wasn’t any punchy taste to stand out.
Similarly, their Duck Confit Tagliatelle had a full-bodied kinda taste from the duck meat which was somewhat restrained. Perhaps it was the chef’s intent to keep their pasta down-to-earth.
Comparatively, to their starters had bolder and stronger flavours. The Squid Ink Bone Marrow was really memorable both visually and on the palate. A great contrast of textures between the marrow and crispy toasts. We were also delighted with the Honey Soy Crispy Chicken that would be a treat for everyone.
Besides the dishes interesting savoury dishes on their menu, their desserts were as attractive to end a meal with.


This too has been one of our places for a yummy congee style porridge for years. We enjoyed having the porridge along with deep fried crispy large intestines.
Do not fret that its tables are filled all around the coffeeshop as there are plenty of tables on its 2nd level.
Where is your go-to place for a tasty porridge?

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With the cold weather tonight, we made an impromptu decision to give it another try, at Jin Li in TPY Central which led to a twist.
Re-tried with just a Mild- spiciness, it kinda struck the right chord. Just kindly numbing to remind of Mala, we were happily savouring everything in the bowl.
We liked Mala again (although really mildly). We would return for more which was a good thing. And perhaps a step higher of Mala next time?

We liked that the mixed bowl had pork skin on top of the usual ribs and tail. The broth tasted of rich prawn but this wasn’t our favourite so far, whether for a light and sweet broth or rich one that didn’t have too much of the prawn head roe taste.
They also offered Ngor Hiang which was a good side to go along with.

With the Shake Stack, we had “both” the cheeseburger and Shroom portobello in 1 burger. The textures were great although we would rate this was a good fast food but not gourmet burger. The crinkle fries were good too with or without the cheese.
Those who like to end their meal with desserts would probably not miss the Shake Attack frozen custard, or simply a thicker soft serve as they’d explain. The chunky chocolate bites inside were a great joy.
Exclusively at Jewel, they also offered the Pandan milkshake which was so thick it tasted almost like another dessert. But it was pretty sweet even for 2 to share.
Of cos, with their 2nd outlet opening at Neil Road, many will not have to go all the way to airport for it.

We were immediately attracted by the dark and thick gravy on the YTF fried hot upon order. In fact, the gravy on the bowl of thick beehoon with some minced meat was already yummy on its own. With the YTF of our choices, it made a really simple and satisfying meal.

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Perhaps we weren’t used to the unfamiliar texture but the foamy white mixed with rice and raw minced tuna didn’t work for us. Actually, it looked kinda unappealing after mixing up even before we grappled with the uncomfortable foamy rice.
We ordered an octopus okonomiyaki style omelette which was good but could do with more octopus for the price. The Oyako Don turned out rather disappointing, both in look and taste, lacking in the running scrambled egg we were promised in the menu photo.
The whole menu offered a wide range of egg-oriented items, from starters to mains and desserts. They promised to use the freshest eggs imported directly from Okinawa. However, the dishes we had didn’t seem to do justice to the produce.

We were enticed by the ingredients and colours of their dry noodles which were indeed delicious. The dry noodles with century egg was a good mix of textures and flavours, and so was their dry dark sauce noodles. We would recommend the spicy version as the chilli added a good dimension to it.
From the many add-on choices, their bursting meatballs and fishballs were popular, and their crispy fried beancurd skin was really good.
Price might be on the higher side but a meal here is satisfying and filling, even with just the noodles. With the hype, the long queue during peak hours looks to stay for some time.

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I makan Sg

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