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I Makan SG

I Makan SG

Featuring Wrap & Roll (ION Orchard), Chow Fun Bar & Restaurant, Sky on 57, NôMAD Bagel by Gastronômad, LeNu Chef Wai’s Noodle Bar (Bugis Junction), Westlake (Farrer Road), Ho Rang I, Mr Prawnie Fried Hokkien Big Prawn Mee, Seoul Yummy (Jem), Yunique Tea
I makan Sg
I makan Sg

And this comes in a bright red colour.
It certainly takes some skills to knock and then suck the marrow out while enjoying it with the sweet and lightly spicy sauce. Hands will do the best job since fork and spoon are useless, so be prepared to colour your fingers red.
Overcome all that, and this will be quite a fun dish to have, especially with friends to laugh and maybe have a drink over it. Even the late Anthony Bourdain tried this when he visited SG, so why not if you haven’t?

Interestingly, they weren’t as packed as some others although we felt they were as good, if not better than some.
We liked that their appetisers were priced reasonably and came in small portions so we could try more varied dishes. We enjoyed what we had, grilled prawn, crab croquettes and especially the grilled octopus that was on point.
We picked their spiced glazed pork belly which was spectacular and yummy good, flavourful and great meat-fats proportions that was pleasant to enjoy.
There were more appealing sounding items on their mains, pasta and risotto list for a sumptuous meal. Similarly for their appetisers that we liked. But we were glad we saved space for dessert as the red wine poached pear we had was really memorable to end with.
We would recommend to wine and dine here after having some of their cocktails and absolutely loving them. Have a little chat with Mr Star who may concoct some special mix in your drinks if you’re not going for the wine.
The interior of @mpiresingapore was chic and cosy, for a formal date or comfortable gathering. The final highlight: members of @burpplebeyond would be delighted to enjoy the incredible valuable deals here. So sharing this good find, hopefully not at the expense of being harder to get a table next time.

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Coupled that it was prawn mee, which was just irresistible to us.
We had their 3-treasure prawn mee with pork ribs and tail, a dry and a soup version, to find out which we would prefer. Unfortunately, we didn’t really enjoy both of them.
The soup was flavourful and rich with all that prawn stock one would desire; but it was a little salty for us. Our prawns were pretty big but we couldn’t find those umami roe in the heads that we loved, although the meat was still good. The pork ribs were disappointing. Not the tender juicy meat and they tasted separate from the prawn mee itself.
So we later learnt that Xing Ji relocated from Suntec. Not our favourite prawn mee, but guessed this would still be 1 place to share a popular local dish with those within the comfort of the shopping mall.

The sheer length of this set looked impressive.
It included their delicious braised pork belly and Mei Cai, sous vide Wagyu steak, burnt chilli chicken and fried chicken, Kao Rou, steamed prawns, mermaid fish with plum powder. And there was the braised cabbage with bamboo shoots that were really yummy. The meal would end with red tea jelly if there was still space in the stomach for it.
It was a very comprehensive set with lots of meat, seafood and vegetables. Perfect set to sample most of the popular dishes at @thesaltedplumsg except that they weren’t of sampling sizes. In fact, we felt that this set was even good to feed 4. In summary, it was of amazing value on top of the great flavours.

It specialised in curry and prata puff. And the curry was as hot as its bright red colour suggested, delivering some kick-ass spiciness. In the pot enough to feed 2, there were thoroughly cooked potatoes and a large portion of chicken.
Besides the usual rice, their freshly baked prata puff was a satisfying pairing with the curry. Think roti prata but this was like a puffed up pastry, crispy and non-oily, great to soak up the thick and tasty curry.
From the curry, prata puff, presentation and stall name; Midas was a non-conventional stall amidst the other offering traditional local dishes, worth checking out.

We avoided the peak-hour crowd and got to discover a number of their tasty dishes today.
Their Army stew mini-pot was small but packed with the familiar ingredients. Tasting good, we liked that it was sized for a single serving too.
Their Korean seafood pancake was a hit too. Crispy as desired and soft inside with lots of seafood. The fluffy steamed egg came looking awesome with piping hot steam. It certainly tasted great too with a distinct “Wok Hei”. For grilled meat, their Kalbi was flavourful and served with rice for a complete meal.
With a succinct menu featuring popular elements of Korean cuisines, we would return to satisfy our craving for Korean food.

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@goangsg from BKK actually offered pretty good chicken rice worthy of its Michelin Bib Gourmand awards.
The chicken and rice were both tasty like many good chicken rice we have locally, but their Thai style chilli sauce was what set them apart of others. They do have noodle alternative too.
But a meal here should not stop with just their chicken rice. And their Thai steamed fish would be a must-try, with that kick-ass sour and spicy sauce on a fresh sea bass that we had.
In addition, we had their Chai Po omelette, braised pork belly and curry Chap Chye which were also delicious and completed our satisfying meal. We just loved the various sauces that came with different dishes.
No doubt we do have good chicken rice places of our own, but this is also one good chicken rice worthy of mention. Located at 5 malls around the island, it will be one stop for a good and sumptuous Thai style chicken rice meal.

They too offered gourmet types of burger with similar concept. However, we missed getting our fingers messy with the former which was more satisfying.
Their truffle mushroom burger and signature cheese burger that we had were proper and decent but lacked a punch in flavour. Their thick cut fries, however, were good and tasted more substantial.


We checked it out when we saw the moment without a queue outside the entrance. Besides its popular cheese Hamburg steak, we also had its A4 Wagyu steak. Frankly, neither impressed us in ways we expected them to be.
The cheese Hamburg didn’t stand out in flavour even though it was filled with a cheese center. The thin slices of Wagyu were fatty but lacked the grill finishing which was a real pity.
Ironically, we enjoyed their salad bar and egg station more than the mains. The former offered quite a substantial range for salad mix. Their free-flow tamago was the best thing for the meal; but it wouldn’t make sense to come and pay to mainly enjoy that. Unfortunately, the tamago was the only thing we remembered after the meal.

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Similarly, the way they put together the Sticky Date Pancakes dessert was as serious as those beautiful ones we had down south.
We loved the mix of fluffiness with the crunches, ice cream cold with the pancake warmth; and the flavours that came together on the plate. And this was just perfect with my iced latte.
Not regrets with the extra calories on their coconut pineapple cake as the taste came through distinctly. The cake was also pleasantly soft and moist.
Another good weekend brunch place and we would return soon for their savoury items, and also for their interesting range of drinks.

Good food = Good mood. Will say it's good only when it's good.

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